Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

Work Again

Fasten it fat we say Aunt Pauline.

Not snow now nor that in between.

Now we are bold.

All the weights are measures.


Are they plateful.

Girls are.


Treasures in song.

I see a mountain wheeler

I see a capstan.

I see a straight.

I see a rattle.

All things are breathing.

Can you see me.

Hurrah for America.

A day's sun.

In this miss.

Yes indeed our mat.

We can thank you

We thank you.

Come together.

Come to me there now.

All of it is bit.


In the meaning of bright.

Bright not light.

Light to me.

Then say the essence.

Not a nightingale.

Wild animals are not fierce neither are sponges.

Can you see her dressed or him.

In this way we cough.

What can a mayor do.

In this new school. In this new school they are ladies. And now you mention gifts.

And lists.

Can you believe.

Then then.

All the leaves.

All the hotels.

All the boils.

Cooks cook.

We are so happy.

In the land.

You mean a lady.

Can we have imagination.

They ask have we a stocking.

Did he die to drink.

We have to.

It is not a joke.

A vicar is not a joke.

Did he die there because he was mortal and we leave Rivesaltes.

Be nice to me.

In the kiss.

Laps indeed.

Can you say lapse.

Then think about it.

I think kindly of that bother.

It is not a bother to be a soldier.

Indeed it is yet.

We are so pleased.

With the flag.

With the flag of sets.

Sets of color

Do you like flags.

Blue flags smell sweetly.

Blue flags in a whirl.

The wind blows

And the automobile goes.

Can you guess boards.


Can you guess hoops.


Can you guess girls.


Can you guess messages.

In deed.

Then there are meats to buy.

We like asparagus so.

This is an interview.

Soldiers like a fuss.

Give them their way.

Yes indeed we will.

We are not mighty

Nor merry.

We are happy.


In the morning.

We believe in the morning

Do we.

Please be an interview.

Please be an interview with dogs.

Please comfort me.

Please plan a game.

Please then and places.

In the meantime.

In the meantime we are useful.

That is what I mean to say.

In the meantime can you have beds.

Kindly call a brother.

What is a cure.

I speak french.

What are means.

I can call it in time.

By the way where are fish.

In that case are there any wonders.

Many wonders are women.

And men too

We smile.

In the way sentences.

He does not feel as we do.

But he did have the coat.

He blushed a little


In the tenth century chateau.

Who they are we do not know.

But we know they tell us so they tell us that in that way.

Why do we believe in Cook.

We do not hear from him.

In a Casino.

Waiting tomorrow yes yet.

And then we think.

We think often of pens.

Near silk.

In times of peace.

In times of peace

Prepare meals.

This is what was said to us

But we do not believe.

We wait.

We come.

In that way we feel.

And is it useless

It is not useless



In that case.

In that case what.

Are you satisfied.

Certainly with me.

Then we have the use of it.

Indeed yes.

We are agreed.

In the case of mothers.

Aunt Pauline.

How did you pronounce it.

It was in doubt.

In this way we mention this.

This is the story of it.

He was her uncle and nervous.

In their way they had a black police dog.

In his way he had neither relief nor expeditions.

In this thing he was not patient.

If they gave him the money to clean the gutters need they shut the tobacco shops.

You don't understand that

If they gave him money for the cleaning of city pipes need he have orders to close butchers.

We can understand the universal. This is universal.

What is the difference between one order and a reading. A great many read in a park.

Words question it bakeries threaten it but really hotels receive it. Do we hear about books. Do we. And catalogues. And catalogues. Farmers for speech. A great many vines are said to be sold. In France. And in wealthy homes too. We do not understand the weather. That astonishes me.

Can you think of me.

Confess it confess it weather burns and in that case there is plenty of sausage.

Can you think of me at.

In all cases keep afraid.

And then what happens.


Are you sure nothing.

Of course not.

You are not just saying it.

You know you have your wish.

Thank you in smiles.

Then we see

Very well.

You did not mean to say so.

No but I know I am right

You always are.

This is a paragraph.

Then it will be well

Yes and a fit.

You mean fitly.

Yes slowly.

And then no worry

Not at all

Thank you for saying that.

Many cases are fine.

In that way we wish.

We think.

We recover.

In that way we swim. Camelias finish when roses begin.

Let me tell you about this. We were disappointed in cards. And yet we need not be. We will have them.

In the beginning pinks you mean flowers yes smell.

And pansies too.

Sacred heart pansies.

These are the best.

Can we wonder about cookies. Not those that have no flour.

Sacred heart doughnuts.

Pansies I said.



I do not care to mention it again.

I do it.

How do I not.

It is astonishing that those who have fought so hard and so well should pick yellow irises and fish in a stream.

They have mistaken their doctor.

He was an oculist.

And then there were

And then they were

Please spell a dish.

I do not like called a flower,

Repeat cuckoo

She always makes a mistake

In french.

Castle anew.

And then the sister.

Can you feel a home.

When I see it.

See it with them.

And then a pansy.

I did not ask for it.

It smells.

A sweet smell

With Acacia

Call it locusts

Call it me.


In comparison what are horses.

Compared with that again what are bells.

You mean horns. No I mean noises.

In leaning can we encounter oil.

I meant this to be intelligible.

We were taking a trip. We found the roads not noisy but pleasurable and the shade there was pleasant. We found that the trees had been planted so as to make rows. This is almost universal.

In coming to a village we ask them can they come to see us we mean near enough to talk and then we ask them how do we go there.

This is not fanciful.

In advance we have spoken, of what, can you imagine obedience as a subject. It is. It is laughable when there is no need of any backing. Can you understand that in two ways.

We mean to be lean. Lean to me. And then what a girl. No girl and Emil. We like fresh cooking. So does anybody.

No everybody doesn't.

The right spirit. There are difficulties and they must be met in the right spirit.

This is an illustration of the difficulties we have in many ways.

Then we go on.

I have made up my mind not to be excited.

In speeding I speed.

In neglecting I do not offer anything.

In reason I reverse the car and in this way we are successful.

We have no worries.

What can you think of a bone.

It is useless to think.


In that way we do not prey.

We write of fish.

And then I have been careful.

It is all imagination.

Can you sing rightly.

A trunk locked up in Perpignan.

In this way we pass the hay.

I have reasoned.

I am convinced.

I do not argue.

Or play the piano.

As the daughters of the banker do.

This is now the book in which I write and receive.

Can you guess Beziers.

Was I right.

You are.

Indeed there are barrels.

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