Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

If You had Three Husbands

If you had three husbands.

If you had three husbands.

If you had three husbands, well not exactly that.

If you had three husbands would you be willing to take everything and be satisfied to live in Belmont in a large house with a view and plenty of flowers and neighbors, neighbors who were cousins and some friends who did not say anything.

This is what happened.

She expressed everything.

She is worthy of signing a will.

And mentioning what she wished.

She was brought up by her mother. She had meaning and she was careful in reading. She read marvelously. She was pleased. She was aged thirty-nine. She was flavored by reason of much memory and recollection.

This is everything.


I cannot believe it.

I cannot realize it.

I cannot see it.

It is what happened.

First there was a wonder.

Really wonder.

Wonder by means of what.

Wonder by means of measures.

Measuring what.


How high.

A little.

This was not all.

There were well if you like there were wonderful spots such as were seen by a queen. This came to be a system. Really it was just by a treasure. What was a treasure. Apart from that.



In their beginning what was a delight. Not signing papers or anything or indeed in having a mother and two sisters. Not nearly enough were mentioned by telegraphing. It was a choice.

I ramble when I mention it.

Did she leave me any money.

I remember something.

I am not clear about what it was.

When did I settle that.

I settled it yesterday.

Early Life.

They were not miserably young they were older than another. She was gliding. It is by nearly weekly leaning that it comes to be exact. It never was in dispute.

They were gayly not gaily gorgeous. They were not gorgeous at all. They were obliging. If you think so. If you think so glow. If you believe in light boys. They were never another.

It came to be seen that any beam of three rooms was not showy. They were proud to sit at mother. Slowly walking makes walking quicker. They have toys and not that in deceiving. They do not deceive them. No one is willing. No one could be cool and mother and divided and necessary and climatical and of origin and beneath that mean and be a sun. It was strange in her cheek. Not strange to them or that.

A young one.

Not by mountains.

Not by oysters.

Not by hearing.

Not by round ways.

Not by circumference again.

Not by leaving luncheon.

Not by birth.

It doesn't make any difference when ten are born. Ten is never a number. Neither is six. Neither is four.

I will not mention it again.

Early days of shading.

Make a mouse in green.

Make a single piece of sun and make a violet bloom. Early piece of swimming makes a sun on time and makes it shine and warm today and sun and sun and not to stay and not to stay or away. Not to stay satin. Out from the whole wide world he chose her. Out from the whole wide world and that is what is said.


What is famine. It is plenty of another. What is famine. It is eating. What is famine. It is carving. Why is carving a wonderful thing. Because supper is over. This can happen again. Sums are seen.

Please be polite for mother. Lives of them. Call it shall it clothe it. Boil it. Why not color it black and never red or green. This is stubborn. I don't say so.

No opposition.

If you had a little likeness and hoped for more terror. If you had a refusal and were slender. If you had cuff-buttons and jackets and really astonishing kinds of fever would you stop talking. Would you not consider it necessary to talk over affairs.

It was a chance that made them never miss tea. They did not miss it because it was there. They did not mean to be particular. They invited their friends. They were not aching. It was noiseless and beside that they were clever. Who was clever. The way they had of seeing mother.

Mother was prepared.

They were caressing.

They had sound sense.

They were questioned.

They had likeness. Likeness to what. Likeness to loving. Who had likeness to loving. They had likeness to loving. Why did they have a likeness to loving. They had a likeness to loving because it was easily seen that they were immeasurable.

They were fixed by that, they were fixed, not licensed, they were seen, not treasured, they were announced, not restless, they were reasoning, not progressing. I do not wish to imply that there is any remedy for any defect.

I cannot state that anyone was disappointed. I cannot state that any one was ever disappointed by willingly heaping much confusion in particular places. No confusion is reasonable. Anybody can be nervous.

They were nervous again.

This is wishing.

Why is wishing related to a ridiculous pretence of changing opposition to analysis. The answer to this is that nearly any one can faint. I don't mean to say that they don't like tennis.

Please be capable of sounds and shoulders. Please be capable of careful words. Please be capable of meaning to measure further.

They measured there.

They were heroes.

Nobody believed papers.

Everybody believed colors.

I cannot exercise obligation.

I cannot believe cheating.

I cannot sober mother.

I cannot shut my heart.

I cannot cherish vice.

I cannot deceive all.

I cannot be odious.

I cannot see between.

Between what and most.

I cannot answer either.

Do be left over suddenly.

This is not advice.

No one knows so well what widening means. It means that yards are yards and so many of them are perfect. By that I mean I know.

This is not so.

I am not telling the story I am repeating what I have been reading.

What effects tenderness.

Not to remember the name.

Say it.

The time comes when it is natural to realize that solid advantages connect themselves with pages of extreme expression. This is never nervously pale. It is finely and authentically swollen by the time there is any rapid shouting.

I do not like the word shouting. I do not mean that it gives me any pleasure. On the contrary I see that individual annoyances are increased by it but nevertheless I am earnestly persuasive concerning it. Why soothe why soothe each other.

This is not at all what is being said.

It happened very simply that they were married. They were naturally married and really the place to see it was in the reflection every one had of not frightening not the least bit frightening enthusiasm. They were so exact and by nearly every one it was encouraged soothed and lamented. I do not say that they were interested.

Any years are early years and all years are occasions for recalling that she promised me something.

This is the way to write an address.

When they were engaged she said we are happy. When they were married she said we are happy. They talked about everything they talked about individual feeling. This is not what was said. They did not talk about disinterested obligation. They did not talk about pleasantness and circumstances. I do not mean to say that there was conversation. I do not organize a revision. I declare that there was no need of criticism. That there was no criticism. That there was breathing. By that I mean that lights have lanterns and are not huddled together when there is a low ceiling. By that I mean that it was separate. The ceiling was separated from the floor. Everywhere.

I could say that devotion was more merited than walking together. What do you mean. I mean that we all saw it.

When not by a beginning is there meadows and music, you can't call it that exactly, when not by a beginning, there is no beginning, I used to say there was a beginning, there is no beginning, when there is no beginning in a volume and there are parts, who can think.

This pencil was bought in Austria.

Length of time or times.

He agreed. He said I would have known by this time. I don't like to think about it. It would have led to so much. Not that I am disappointed I cannot be disappointed when I have so much to make me happy. I know all that I am to happiness, it is to be happy and I am happy. I am so completely happy that I mention it.

In writing now I find it more of a strain because now I write by sentences. I don't mean that I feel it above, I feel it here and by this time I mention it too. I do not feel the significance of this list.

Can you read a book.

By the time artificial flowers were made out of feathers no pride was left. Any one is proud if the name of their house is the name of a city.

I remember very well the time I was asked to come up and I said I did not want to. I said I did not want to but I was willing not quite to understand why after all there need be poison. Do not say more than a word.

No this is wrong.

Cousins and cousins, height is a brother. Are they careful to stay.

If you had three husbands I don't mean that it is a guess or a wish. I believe finally in what I saw in what I see. I believe finally in what I see, in where I satisfy my extreme shadow.

Believing in an extreme dream. This is so that she told her mother. I do not believe it can be mentioned. I do not believe it can be mentioned.

Astonishing leaves are found in their dread in their dread of that color. Astonishing leaves can be found in their dread not in their dread of that color. Astonishing leaves can be found in their dread in their dread of that color.

When it came to say I mean a whole day nobody meant a whole day. When it came not to say a whole day nobody meant a whole day. There never was a single day or a single murmur or a single word or a single circumstance or sweating. What is sweating. Not distilling. Distilling necessitates knowing. Knowing necessitates reasons and reasons do not necessitate flowers. States are flowers.

Brother to birthdays.

Twenty four days.

Not a beginning.

By politeness. It is not really polite to be unworthy. Unworthy of what unworthy of the house and of the property adjoining.

Let me describe the red room. A red room isn't cold or warm. A red room is not meant to be icy. A red room is worthy of articles.

He pleased she pleased everybody. He pleased her.

He pleased her to go. She was attracted by the time. I do not remember that there were any clocks.

I don't wish to begin counting.

All this was after it was necessary for us to be there all the time. Who were we. We were often enlivening. By way of what. By way of steps or the door. By way of steps. By way of steps or the door.

I remember very well the day he asked me if I were patient. Of course I was or of course I was patient enough, of course I was patient enough.

When it was easy to matter we were all frames not golden or printed, just finely or formerly flattered. It was so easy easy to be bell. Belle was her name. Belle or Bella. I don't mean relations or overwhelming. I don't even mean that we were fond of healthy trees. Trees aren't healthy by yesterday or by roots or by swelling. Trees are a sign of pleasure. It means that there is a country. A country give to me sweet land of liberty.

One can easily get tired of rolls and rows. Rows have one seat. Rolls are polite. In a way there is no difference between them. Rolls and rows have finished purses. Rows and rolls have finished purses.

It isn't easy to be restless.

If sitting is not developed.

If standing is not open.

If active action is represented by lying and if piles of tears are beside more delight, it is a rope.

By that we swim.

Capture sealing wax not in or color.


I like that dwelling.

All the same sound or bore.

Do it.

Try that.




Public speaking is sinister if cousins are brothers. We were a little pile.

Buy that.

There is no such sense.

Pleasant days.

So to speak.

Sand today.


Sight in there.



What forsooth.

Do be quiet.


I know it.

Shall we.

Let us go ten.

One must be willing.

If one loves one another by that means they do not perish. They frequent the same day and nearly that it was six months apart.

Three and three make two.

Two twenty.

I was not disappointed.

Do as you please, write the name, change it, declare that you are strong, be annoyed. All this is not foolish.

She was doubtless not old.

Pleasant days brother. I don't mean this thing. I don't mean calling aloud, I never did so, I was not plaintive. I was not even reached by coughing. I was splendid and sorrowful. I could catch my breath.

I don't feel that necessity.

They came home.

Why did they come home.

They come home beside.

All of it was strange, their daughter was strange, their excitement was strange and painfully sheltered. Quiet leaning is so puzzling. Certainly glasses makes cats a nuisance. We really have endured too much. Everybody says the same thing.

I do not see much necessity for believing that it would have occurred as it did occur if sun and September and the hope had not been mentioned. It was all foolish. Why not be determined. Why not oppose. Why not settle flowers. Settle on flowers, speak cryingly and be loath to detain her. I don't see how any one can speak.

I am not satisfied.

Present Homes.

There then.

Present ten.

Mother and sister apples, no not apples, they can't be apples, everything can't be apples, sounds can't be apples. Do be quiet and refrain from acceptances.

It was a great disappointment to me.

I can see that there is a balcony. There never was a sea or land, there never was a harbor or a snow storm, there never was excitement. Some said she couldn't love. I don't believe that anybody said that. I don't mean that anybody said that. We were all present. We could be devoted. It does make a different thing. And hair, hair should not be deceiving. Cause tears. Why tears, why not abscesses.

I will never mention an ugly skirt.

It pleased me to say that I was pretty.

Oh we are so pleased.

I don't say this at all.

Consequences are not frightful.

Pleasure in a home.

After lunch, why after lunch, no birds are eaten. Of course carving is special.

I don't say that for candor.

Please be prepared to stay.

I don't care for wishes.

This is not a success.

By this stream.

Streaming out.

I am relieved from draught. This is not the way to spell water.

I cannot believe in much.

I have courage.


And restraint.

After that.

For that end.

This is the title of a conclusion which was not anticipated

When I was last there I smiled behind the car. What car showed it.

By that time.

Believe her out.

Out where.

By that.

Buy that.

She pleased me for. Eye saw.

Do it.

For that over that.

We passed away. By that time servants were memorable. They came to praise.

Please do not.

A blemish.

They have spans.

I cannot consider that the right word.

By the time we are selfish, by that time we are selfish.

By that time we are selfish.

It is a wonderful sight,

It is a wonderful sight to see.


What are days.

They have hams.


Delicate hams.


Pounds where.

Pounds of.


Not butter dogs.

I establish souls.

Any spelling will do.

Beside that.

Any spelling will do beside that.

If you look at it.

That way.

I am going on.

In again.

I am going on again in in then.

What I feel.

What I do feel.

They said mirrors.

Undoubtedly they have that phrase.

I can see a hat.

I remember very well knowing largely.

Any shade, by that I do mean iron glass. Iron glass is so torn. By what. By the glare. Be that beside. Size shall be sensible. That size shall be sensible.


Fixing enough.

Fixing up.

By fixing down, that is softness, by fixing down there.

Their end.


Not by linen.

I don't wish to be recalled.

One, day, I do not wish to use the word, one day they asked to buy that.

I don't mean anything by threads. It was wholly unnecessary to do so. It was done and then a gun. By that stand. Wishes.

I do not see what I have to do with that.

Any one can help weeping.

By wise.

I am so indifferent.

Not a bite.

Call me handsome.

It was a nice fate.

Any one could see.

Any one could see.

Any one could see.

Buy that etching.

Do be black.

I do not mean to say etching. Why should I be very sensitive. Why should I matter. Why need I be seen. Why not have politeness.

Why not have politeness.

In my hair.

I don't think it sounds at all like that.

Their end.

To end.

To be for that end.

To be that end.

I don't see what difference it makes

It does matter.

Why have they pots.


And china.

It isn't at all.

I have made every mistake.

Powder it.

Not put into boxes.

Not put into boxes.

Powder it.

I know that well.

She mentioned it as she was sleeping.

She liked bought cake best. No she didn't for that purpose.

I have utter confusion.

No two can be alike.

They are and they are not stubborn.

Please me.

I was mistaken.

Any way.

By that.

Do not refuse to be wild.

Do not refuse to be all.

We have decided not to withstand it.

We would not rather have the home.

This is to teach lessons of exchange endurance and resemblance and by that time it was turned.




I am going to continue humming.

This does not mean express wishes.

I am not so fanciful. I am beside that calculated to believe in whole pages. Oh do not annoy me.


I don't like to be fitted. She didn't say that. If it hadn't been as natural as all the rest you would have been as silly as all the rest.

It's not at all when it is right.

I wish for a cake.

She said she did.

She said she didn't.


There was no gloom.

Every room.

There was no room.

There was no room.

Buy that chance.

She didn't leave me any money.



I don't want to be visible or invisible.

I don't want a dog named Dick.

It has nothing to do with it.

I am obliged to end.


My uncle will.

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