Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

Bonne Annee
A Play

We do not understand why they do not think this a good market.

We do understand our pleasure. Our pleasure is to do every day the work of that day, to cut our hair and not want blue eyes and to be reasonable and obedient. To obey and not split hairs. This is our duty and our pleasure.

Every day we get up and say we are awake today. By this we mean that we are up early and we are up late. We eat our breakfast and smoke a cigar. That is not so because we call it by another name. We like the country and we are pressed people. Do not be upset by anything. No I won't be. Dear one.

We have given you this.


I give you this.


You give me this.


Yes sir.

Why do I say yes sir. Because it pleases you.

What are the letters in my name.

O. and c and be and tea.

Leading a museum not a pearl there.

Take me to Sevres I do not despair.

This must not be put in a book.

Why not.

Because it mustn't.

Yes sir.

Please be rich.

I am.

So am I.

Of course you are my pretty.

Of course you are.

It isn't necessary for me to mention what a good baby.

Happy New Year.

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