Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

Not Sightly
A Play

Slightly painful and really more satisfactorily stinted and mentioned in long singling birthdays. Shall it seem strange.

Not wintered my dear.

Not wintered my dear.

Not wintered my dear.


Nine shall combine Straichy and purl wilt and borrowed moans. Why will sold meats have mints. They need it.

They need it yet.

They need it yet.

They need it yet they need it yet.

A longer pause.

When kinds of similar tens that is to say twenty suffering, when similar tens and perhaps fifty kneeling, when similar and jointed and prized and quilted quietly quilted tights quietly quilted tight minds when three innerly expensive shrugs meant more there was a strain and little meaning water spots came to remain. They saw to that.

A particular relief

In a particular relief.

Not nodding.

Explain looking. Explain looking again. Alice explain looking again.

Another fact.

Not indeed my dear.

Why should I say supper.

Not every running thing my dear. I am sorry to leave another.

Not then.

I have long bands.

I couldn't do it behind it. I couldn't do it behind it. I would never see Lena. I would mean to hoard separately. I would surely sponge what. I would surely sponge enough.


What does that mean.

There is no use in leaving out Friday. There is some sense in that.


Twenty three.


When there can be an arrest and I don't mean to go, by the time there had been water, plants are, in between them. Paul's. They came to say that another was faster. They come to specialize. They were in a year and old.

Now I mean to go on.

Stop it. Stop handling monkeys, stop handling birds stop leaning, stop leaning by a companion.

I came to grave gravely see winding and beat in that cautious outside which does make minor difference differences more either. That's the way to pronounce it cautiously.

Second Act.

I meant to wait and I was simple and I did say shelter god give him shelter. I did go away and I did not mutter I did not believe goats I was not delicate I was not careful to release more excellent tons of really sound apples. This was so painful. This was very painful. I meant to do the same yesterday.


Its really doing my hand a lot of good.

When I spoiled every day I made sashes.

I can understand where he did it.

Able corn.

One day any day not to search within the wounded operating sound of miserable stretches. What shall boats say. By this time.

Now I cannot sing.

Now I cannot sing.


Biting meant mining.

Shall he find it out.

There is much to say.

An opportunity in sizes.


I can scratch.

Not it.


She meant it again.

Now I can lose money.


There really is no reason to believe that.

What is your name.

As if he felt himself to be one.

I listened to Bertie.

I felt raining.

Rain is what is understood by singling out breathing.

In the rest of piles of candles.

It is not necessary that there is a table plentifully, it is not necessary that cloth is besieging it is neither necessary that obligations are finally strung together by meaning all pieces, it is beneath shining really beneath shining.

Then there is a pause. There really is more vacancy than ever. There really is horrible horrible horribly mismanagement. I am not pleased with it at all.

When I stood and measured distances when I stood and measured distances I bowed I bowed to the reasonable interpretation of plain stairs bent together and when I meant to go away I did not leave out of that, consideration. I did not leave out of that, consideration. I was speedily neglected on harmony and I was not beside that altered. I was not in altering changing recently. I was not changing recently. Not to act too. Not to act too much. Not to act too much in being horrified. Not to beckon in spaces. Not really to beckon in spaces. Not really to be beckoning in pointed spaces or pointed spaces. Leave as alone we must be right.

Act Three.

I spent I mentioned I spent that. I do reline most purses. I do so thoroughly. I do not please safer. This is in sailing. Don't be a silly. How can one sail.

Field equivalent.

I was so surprised to see that at the bottom of the sealskin.

Its really not very active.

That's not what I want to settle about. It really is not.

There'll be five acts.

Why do I say blows noses.

Alice why do I say blows noses. Alice I hear you.

You are between there. I shall state what I think and study. I study very much. This is not a request.

I changed my mind.

No there is no example in this. I meant to be cautious. I was restrained. I shall not come to stay. I believe in sermons. It is a fauning thing.

I do see a resemblance to Claire.

Why in the nature of pleasing where there can be many tall representative not meaning to be still lining.

Beside him.

Not in front.

It seems wrong not to answer anybody.


Really not.

A girdle needs stitches.

Not it.


Really not.


I must say I don't wish to go back.


Shall I feel it.

Its not possible to sing by way of songs, it is not possible to sing by way of songs.

Next time.

The next time that I wished to be taken away the next time I wished to be taken away, in that way the next time I wished to be taken or that way the next time I wished to be taken that way, or the next time. I meant to poison everybody I meant to poison everybody seriously, I meant it seriously I meant complaining seriously, I meant complaining seriously. In the way of peace in that way by a certain chiming of really mountains by a certain wearing heat, by really mounting cars, that is in abundance for abundantly separating heights, any one is tall in feet, that is a twinkling mother. Surely enough.

The longer to stay for but I don't send it.

Once when prints and letters and little violets of satin wood and spreading out centrally, once when upper leather was reaching reaching by far, once when lively older trees had learned restitution, I don't mean to blame anybody. I haven't said luxurious. I meant to believe my aunt. I mean countless pillows. I wish it was windy.


It is painful.

There is a kind of sunset, nobody mentions butter. They hate to be grave.

It really is very strange.

Not in cellars. Not in not cellars. Not wanting, not wanting it.

I spent stitching. I did it in again. I spent fastening. I saw likely. I saw very likely.

When sleeping is wild, Cora is not wild. Cora is not wild.

When sleeping is wild Cora is not wild. Mild pleasant breath.

It is very fine that is very fine.


Instinct or reason.

Instinct or reason.

Instinct or reason.

Round and about.




Pale enough.

Not so in satisfaction, in real satisfaction.

Not so much.

I meant to go home.

I meant to go home.

I meant to go what do I mean by white. I meant to change in it. More methodically. Yes purling. I don't know instances.

Act Four.

Not in the least pressing.

Two crowns and a half a crown. That's the way they would say it.

Seven one seven five.

Pleasing extras. I said I should wish to go, to go, I said I should wish to go I said I should wish to go.

No blaming, no such blaming, darling no such blaming.

When I mentioned still in mentioning I had to imagine that I did not estimate wild curses. I did not estimate wild curses. I don't like that name. I will not secrete more wishes. I will say I will exactly say that lands are coarse, that lands are chorused that lands are cursed. This comes to them after knitting. This comes to them after knitting.

This comes to them after special winding. This comes to them after winding.

Even new its pretty.

Do you mind selecting sashes. Do you mind selecting sashes in it. Do you mind selecting sashes by way of reminding, thanks. Do you mind reminding blinds. Do you mind. Edith do you mind.

Edith seems, Edith seems denied. Edith rests colored, not that colored much, not that colored by them.

When wean in. When wean in school scissors. Scissors are a count. I make it ahead.


Its no use mentioning that I killed many who were believed to be localized. Its no good to dictate that. What I do not determine is more recognizable, it is not in a politeness, it has a recent meaning.

Mr. Fairchild Resolute pure and clouded by night and more feelingly, Mr. Fairchild resolute to emperil the whole catastrophe does licence what he has to say.

A sudden peak a sudden peak of gleaming of gleaming hidden stones of gleaming hidden stones thoroughly.

Yes isn't it an example isn't it a wiser relief than was expected. Isn't it Flemish. I know that allusion it is an allusion to a reached heart.

Not in the least not in the least private not in the least privately. Not more than the sum not very granted. Not by that straining not by that merriment. Can one neglect it.

Two in seven

I meant eleven it's shorter.

Commence to sew.

How can eagerness meet it.

I don't indicate that and more nearly standing I don't realize voices.

They said that. I mean to bury please her. Like.

Finding immense glances.

I don't like to place holes real holes really hollow whites. I do not find long hoes.

That's a change. That is like water. That is plenty of all spots. There is plenty of all pints. There is plenty of another word.

I don't like being discouraged.

When the meaning was in the sofa when the meaning was in shouting when the meaning was found found and found. I speak of it.

Act Five.

In a way I don't in a way I don't.

In a way I don't.


Politeness requires

Neglecting plows.

Politeness requires neglecting plows.

Politeness requires neglecting plows.

God bless you.

I inquired into the exact celebration of visual memory. I met pleasing examples of amiable solicitude. I measured strength. I mean to go and stay. I shall certainly neglect sets. It is a complete wrinkling nation.

This was no strawberry meaning with colors and blacks black berry indigo shawls.

To begin to complain.

To begin to complain and straggle straggle with mouse stretches. To begin to straggle to begin to straggle and much any sealing any sealing without thimbles. Thimbles are so noisy. They do so suddenly expose spoons.

Splendidly more splendidly.

She saw mentioned birds.

I do not hesitate to understand myself and I do vainly think that pearls are silly. I have a chance to say I sew. I have a chance to say so.


To begin on again.

It was said and well said it was well said and avoiding, it was avoided by instantaneous crowning it was mounted by sullen points it was suddenly anticipated and nearly by a trinket. What is a trinket.

I was disappointed in eggs.

Sweet oh sweet oh sweet sweet sweet.


An amazing cow. Simply an amazing cow. Not in sobbing. Not in clenching. An amazing cow. So shot. When.


They've got so many soldiers. No they haven't my pudding.


How do I know.

I selected eating and it had to see what called houses.

I shall teach.

Continuation of an Act Five of the Act Five.


Business goes by favor.

Now count.

Forgive colds.

Be separated.

Have colds.



Compass for.


Have it essentially.

Have it island.

Have it for.

Only for it.

Have it within ices.

Have it by a case.


If you like likeness.

Read out by it.

Read out by it supper splendidly.

I met all sight.


I either.

Make it leaving.

Make it or believing.

Make it leaving.

She said choke night.
She meant it. She did
buy teams. Night it.

I saw a venture to be do be quiet and make the home a home. Do not see the limp when he is walking. Do not wonder if there is water. Leave it, sell more splendidly. Do kindly stay in a way. Like what is a little sensational. Do be all to be never. Never wet. Wretched creature. I do not dot what is a new tub. Do regret it. I will not satisfy many I will not satisfy many stitches. Why are corsets warm. They are an answer. Little pleasing noises, This is a sum. All of it astonishes. The Bruces have left.

Act Five.

I made a mistake.

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