Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

I Like it to Be a Play
A Play

I liked it to be a play and so cleverly spoken.

Americans are very clever.

So are others.

Yes indeed.

And all men are brave.

Scene I.


I like to satisfy them.

He likes purses.

You mean silver purses.

Yes gold purses.

Here they have other purses.

All of them are carried in a procession.

Every day.

Not all day.

The martyrs and red carnations.

You mean red geraniums.

No I mean red pinks.

Purses have that word.

Please me.

To please me.

Called me.

She expected a distress.


Or daughters.

The youngest as children

One's said.


We close.


Stables or motors.

Stables altogether.

Did we know anything about houses in Mallorca.

Scene II.

So you were pleased with me.

Scene III.

Able men. What do you intend to do today.

I have planned to telegraph for an answer,

Oh yes.

What have you said to them.

I said I was delighted with the photographs.

Scene IV.

Will you be sorry to leave Mallorca.

You mean the island.

The sun.

Or the people.

A great many people dislike the people.

Scene V.

Fifth Avenue in Spanish.

Fifth Avenue in Spanish.

Did you say water.

War water.

I have heard it said that a great many people expected another.

One another.

To be one another.

To be fought.

Do not say bright.

It is not a bright day.

Scene VI.

Have we gone so far indeed have we gone so far.

Scene VII.

Don't make a mistake and lose any leaves.


Memory classes.

Don't go so far and lose any leaves.

We were really pleased with the leaves. We were really not pleased with the leaves.

I was very pleased with the leaves.

Scene VIII.

You were astonished by me.

All of us complain.

You were astonished by me.

Don't you understand trying.

Don't you understand trying to stammer.

No indeed I do not.

Scene IX.

Were you surprised to see that we were so far long. You mean in stages. No of course not in selections. What have you selected. Very good sponges. But they are expensive. They are not necessarily cheap. We feel that they ask an extraordinary price here. You have every reason to suppose so. We were quite sure of it. It is easily understood they are accustomed to trading. You mean barter. No I don't mean that I mean metal worker. Metal workers have new clothes. In Palma. Yes in Palma. I did not mean to mention that name. Why do you dislike the town. Not at all.

The rest of the day was spent in visiting.

Scene X.

The end of that little plate.

You mean you didn't like the pottery. The brown one you mean. No the yellow. Yes I liked it very much at first. It was too big. This is not the way to say that you will come again. But we don't want it.

Scene XI.

What did she say. She said that she could read Spanish because all the words that were real words resemble french.

I don't mean to say that I am vexed.

Oh no indeed you are not to be blamed.

Not at all

We are very careful to move together. For pleasure. For our pleasure. Oh yes indeed. We need you. More than ever. I am glad we are not cold. Not here. Believe me. Believe in me. I do.

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