Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein


Likely and more than evenly, unevenly and not unlikely, very much that and anyway more, this is the left over method. There is nothing left because if it were left it would be left over. This does not make music. The time to state that is in reading. There is a beginning in a lesson in smiling.

What is up is not down and what is down is not reversing and what is refused is not a section and what is silenced is not speaking. This does not make the rude ones murmur, this does not make a penny smaller, this does not make religion.

All the time there is a melodrama there is monopoly and all the time there is more there is no excuse.

A luck in breaths is more to be denied than music, much more. The only long string is that which is not twisted. All the same there is no excuse.

A sight is not a shadow and a whole rise in a cry is not more piercing than danger of being mixed into an affair where there are witnesses. If writing is in little pieces and little places and a little door is open, many little doors are not open and writing is not surreptitious, it is not even obliging.

To show the difference between an occasion and merit and a button it is necessary to recognise that an honor is not forced so that there is no question of taste. To exchange a single statue for a coat of silk and a coat of wool is not necessary as there are appliances. A somber day is one when there is no pleading.

Made in haste, not made in haste, made in darkness, not made in darkness, made in a place, made in a place. The whole stretched out is not part of the whole block, the whole stretched out is so arranged that there is not stumbling but what is just as remarkable, pushing. An easy expression of being willing, of being hunting, of being so stupid that there is no question of not selling, all these things cause more discussion than a resolution and this is so astonishing when there is nothing to do and an excellent reason for an exchange, and yet the practice of it makes such an example that any day is a season.

To be sure that the trees have winter and the plants have summer and the houses painting, to be sure of this engages some attention. The time to place this in the way is not what is expected from a diner. The whole thing that shows the result is the little way that the balls and the pieces that are with them which are not birds as they are older do not measure the distance between a cover and a calendar. This which is not a question is not reverse and the question which is a question is at noon.

To question a special date is not mercenary. To answer a single servant is not obligatory. To be afraid is not nearsighted. An exclamation does not connect more grass than there is with any more trees than have branches. The special scenery which makes the blameless see and the solitary resemble a conversation is not that which resembles that memory. There is no necessity for furthering the regulation of the understanding. One special absence does not make any place empty. The dampness which is not covered by a cloth is not mingled with color. And it comes. There is no astonishment nor width.

Education, education, apprenticeship, and all the meeting of nephews and trains and changing papers and remaining when there is no chance to go there, all this occupied a whole sentence. It is a shame that there is not such an only use for that, it is a shame and there is no indignation more indignant. Everything is an indication of the simple remedy that is applied when there is no refusal and no application. Every thing which shows that is not tied with a string or any little string. All the same there is not much of a remedy.

Alarm over the action of the one who when he sees the light rise and the sun set and the stars shine and the water flow alarm is the same alarm as any alarm.

In all the same ways that pieces are separated in all these ways there are those placed things which are not pieces. They are not pieces and there is reason, there is reason in it because the whole thing shows such dissociation that all doing it for that purpose and together there can be no question but that they succeed.

A tobacco habit is one that a leaf does not enlighten and yet carelessness is so extraordinary. Supposing that the arrangement had been made and that it was agreed that no separation between any one being one and being another one could be established, supposing this were agreed and there was no conversation, would this enlighten any one, if it would why is the result so ambiguous. It is not ambiguous because the authority which does not authorise washing does supply soap. This does not make any change.

It is sensible to be around it is very sensible, it is so sensible that there is every way of stopping a selection, and then there is selection, there is a respect for resignation, there is no disturbance in a disappointment. The question is is there more urging than satisfaction, is there more distribution than renewal. This is not a question, it is a relaxing. And then the time comes for more noise. Is there then more noise. There is then reestablishment. Does that mean return of a price which is plentiful. Nobody knows. All this shows something it shows that there can be suspicion.

There is no separation in majesty. Terms, lines, sections, extra packing, nothing shows that confidence. All the same there is news. The time to stay away is in vacation. Why is there no place chosen. The answer is simple it consists in explaining that there has been given the use of all that will be used. This does not show feeling.

A curtain is not crazy, it has no way of being crazy, it has hardly a way of enraging a resemblance, it has no resurrection. Indeed the chances are that when there is seen more astonishment than anything that is placed it is very likely that the whole system will be not so much estranged as devastated and yet supposing they do not mean that, supposing they do say that it will be a success, supposing they do say does that mean that oration is contradiction, it does not.

Just a word to show a kite that clouds are higher than a thing that is smaller, just that word and no single silence is closer.

Suggest that the passage is filled with feathers, suggest that there are all together, suggest that using boxes is heavy, suggest that there is no feather, suggest all these things and what is result the result is that everything gets put away.

All the silence is adequate to a rumble and all the silliness is adequate to a procession and all the recitation is equal to the hammer and all the paving is equal to summer. All the same the detaining most is the reason that there is a pillar and mostly what is shocking is a rooster. This is not so easily said. There is no occasion for a red result.

Laugh, to laugh, all the same the tittle is inclinable. What a change from any yesterday.

A period of singular results and no gloom such a period shows such a rapid approach that there is no search in silence and yet not a sound, not any sound is searching, no sound is an occasion.

A fine fan and a fine closet and a very fine handkerchief and quite a fine article all these together shows where there has been plenty of rebuke and plenty of expectation and plenty, plentifully reduction of suspension, and so the season is the same and there is every corner.

No chance shows the rapidity of exchange, no chance and this which means one is the same as any two halves and this is not outrageous, not a bit outrageous it is simply the sign of splendor.

All the tempting and the chewing and the cloth all of it shows no sign and no symbol it does not and that is no disgrace.

If standing is an illusion is it necessary to be pressed to bend in that direction is it necessary and if it is necessary is it polite and if it is polite is it urgent and if it is not urgent is it an impulse.

No question has so much disturbance as the principal reunion. This is not so distinguished when there are no ties in the window. This is completely changed, once there were none and now there are none. There are no rebukes. A privilege is not painful. A recurrence is not artificial.

It is not separating that which satisfies no finger, it is not fading. What was it that was not wished. The reason is that the section is there and no reflection makes abundance. The only tangle is when there is abundance and there is abundance when there is pulling and piling. Does this seem to scream, it does not there is not even clustering and yet not hampering not singling everything does not make sorrow, it makes no plant grander, it does make a plant slender, it does not make it so slender that there is every size. All privilege and all practice, all suspicion and grandeur, all the timber and a little wood all this makes silver, paper is chosen and gold is cheap, does this make a little salt, it does not, it makes copper.

Little frame if it is cheaper than a big one is a different size. There is no use disputing as memory is a reminder.

Not to pay for a conversation, not to pay anything for any conversation, not to throw away paying, not to pass paying, not to pay anything this is not being a victim. What is victory, victory is that which eschewing liberation and a girdle and gratitude and resignation and a choice display and more flavor shows a strange reluctance to have a maritime connection. This is victory.

A license, what is a license, what is a license.

An angry coat, a very angry coat shines.

Butter is not frozen, this does not mean that there is no bravery and no mistake. This does show a conclusion.

Difference is no excuse, grain is no excuse, even the remains of a pear is an excuse and yet is there graciousness, there is if there is generosity. There is so much fruit. This is kindly a mistake. No misunderstanding is insurmountable.

Cage no lion, not to cage a lion is not dirty, it is not even merciless, it is not malodorous, it is not virtue.

To surround a giraffe, what does that mean. To surround a mixture, that means something.

Solid, what is solid, is more solid than everything, it is not doubtful because there is no necessity.

Haughtiness, there is haughtiness when there is no tape and no billiard rooms and no need to be secured from wet. There is certainly some selected obstacles.

The certainty of a change in the parts that speak, this uncertainty does not show as it does not fashion speech. All union is in the widow and all menace is in the band.

Any way to bend the hat is the way to encourage vice. Virtue all virtue is resolved and some and any hat, every hat is identical. A shadow a white shadow is a mountain.

Kindness what is kindness, kindness is the necessity of preserving of really preserving all the parts of speech and teaching, not music so much as trimming and a costume, and sincerely most sincerely shoving regions together.

Notice a room, in noticing a room what is there to notice, the first thing to notice is the room and the windows and the door and the table and the place where there are divisions and the center of the room and the rest of the people. All this is necessary and then there is finance.

Heavy where heaviness is and no mistake plentifully, heavy where the breeze is and no darkness plentifully, heavy where there is a voice and a noise and singling out a company, heavy where there is a sale of accents and raisins and possibly more ways of not being heavy. Certainly there is no peril and yet think, think often, is daintiness and a collar heavy is it and what is the disturbance, is there not more registration.

So there is not coming anything. There certainly is no single space useful and betrothed and vulgar and not pretty. There is a sign in placing nothing. This changes from day to day any day. Surely no change is a blessing. All the search is in violation and yet a single search is a single search willing. It is cautious. There is riot.

The likelihood of dipping and drawing and digesting and drinking and dirtying not dirtying smoking, the likelihood of all this makes such an order that every discussion is simultaneous. A large increase in beer, any large increase is here, some large increase is clear, no large increase is dear. A lily a very lily lily is accurate and described and surrounded and so venturesome that there is risk and writing, there is even inlaying.

Darkness, there is no darkness in extremity and in mixing and in originating scattering religion. There is no darkness in designing.

A group a single group proceeding show the necessity of the distribution of the same organization as there is if there is, assuming that there is, if there is reorganization.

Flower, flower and water and even more even a gram of grain and a single little blister, very likely the chance is not perfect and the exquisite arrangement has lace, very likely there are no stains and more likely there are ruffles. In all of this there is no use in practicing medicine. Quinine any quinine is useful and more there is more, there can be more, there is an apartment.

A sign of saving consists in spending the late morning in the morning and in urging in certainly not urging a calculation. A sign of saving is so simple if there is enough handed about, and surely no pains in piling are more shown than when everything is in dishes. This does not happen in an asylum, it does not even happen in the hay and in the double shapes that shelter cooking.

A top a tiny little top that sits and spits and shows the courage calmly, this this is so soon an exasperation and a piece of lightning, it is so ordinarily just that occasion, it is so kindly dispiriting, it is so haughty if there is pushing. There is pushing, this is what makes it repetition.

A long, what is a log to do when it floats, it is to do nothing as it floats but certainly it would be best that it should adjust that to itself certainly. This alone does not make an explanation.

A degree of resorts and a shining wave all this together does not make a regulation and it does not make that irregular, it sustains mischief and an order and it even enforces the likelihood of the season and some color. So sustained is a paragraph that a sentence shows no staring and some noise. This is so simple in the size that is medium and is medium sized sentinel. There is no kilometer. That does not make a sample.

Keep the place that is not open, close the place that has one door, shut the place that has a cellar, suffer where all suffer more, argue, and shelter the understanding orphan, and silence that is silence is not sufficient there must even be sleep.

Puzzle is more than a speck and a soiled collar. A pound is more than oat meal and a new institution. A silence is no more than occasional. It respects understanding and salt and even a rope. It respects a news-stand and it also it very also respects desert. All the ice can descend together.

Was there freedom, was there enchaining, was there even a height rising from higher. If there was what is a coat worth and by whom was it made when.

A lining any lining is a trimming. More trimming is extra.

A sort of arranging, a kindling of paying a shilling, does that mean another extravagance and more candles, no more candles. It does not show.

A famous single candle has a chance to shine so that glaring meant that no more would be reversed by lightning. The safe lamp and the bright lamp and the dirty lamp and the long lamp were all not the lamps that were attending baptism. Why is the baptism patient, baptism is patient in the first place because there is no coarse cloth, in the second place because when there is nothing taken enough is left to give every reason. A practice which engaged more attention than the rest was that which shaved a tame stopper and did not even end that. Supposing crossing a street is necessary, supposing it is, does that show more of such occasion. It does and it does.

A lime is in labor, a lemon is cooler, a citron is larger, a currant is redder, a strawberry is more vexed, a banana is straighter.

A little thing is a little thing, a single point is bigger, a bigger thing is a bigger thing, an older thing is older, an older thing is an older thing, a station is a station, a station is a station and a station is a thing and stationary only that is a stationary thing.

A blind being blind and deaf and deaf being deaf and blind and blind and deaf and a coat with a cape and more use in all than in any shape all this makes a reason for criticising the use of machinery and paper and even a pen and even a stamp and even more flags than ever.

In the pin in the picking of a pin, in sewing a little feather and avoiding deserting a pin, in retaining the feather and arranging to rank the pin as a pin and to hold it there where if it is seen it is found and if it is found it is seen, to not mark a pin and select a pin all this is a reason for using that way of waiting.

A standard blessed is a standard that is blue if it is blue and blue and white when it is blue and white. Supposing there is no money, supposing there is no dress and no skirt, supposing there is no window and no bed, supposing there is no more distribution and not any more violence, supposing there is not even arithmetic and intelligence, supposing there is a light and a round hole, does that mean that there is no success suggested. It does not. A little bit of choice makes a color regular. A little bit of black makes dinner necessary.

If there is a shape a real shape prettily, if there is and there is no wonder does it happen all the time, if it does not is there a certainty that there is collusion. These interesting questions crowd the house, they crowd, they do not crowd everywhere. They crowd separately.

All there is of more chances is in a book, all there is of any more chances is in a list, all there is of chances is in an address, all there is is what is the best place not to remain sitting and suggesting that there is no title for relieving rising.

An excursion, what is an excursion, an excursion is a picnic if it is recurrent, it is a picnic if there is no absence, it is a picnic and not necessarily, it is a picnic.

Black horses, very black horses are not peculiar, very large horses are not peculiar, very splendid horses are not peculiar, horses are peculiar regularly and with an awake resemblance to the best the very best description and regret. The kindness of this is mentioned and very often quite often the same rebuke is outrageous.

Not allowed, not only allowed to eat, to ache, to resemble, to project, to make a motion, to study preaching, to stumble on anything, to stretch audibly.

Not allowed a prize or a couch or even what is not necessary a searching, not allowed more formerly, not allowed more entirely, not allowed a dispensary.

It is a custom, it is a custom when it is not undue, when it is not undue, when it is not. It is a custom. It is a custom when it is more due, when it is, when it is an angle, it is not a custom, it is a custom altogether.

In cross and across, in that show and wide there is the sensory statement that there is night rule and a winter rule and even the chamber is empty and watches why are watches lighted.

What a day to pay to stay, what a day. When the work is done too soon and there is a crossing of hands and even of heads entirely when there is and when the rest is so awake, is there any slept out sleeping, there is not gradually, there is more chance than there would be in a colored collection. There is more chance certainly.

What is the resolution between a cutlet and an ingredient. It is mentioned and made in paper and floating.

What is the example of a miner. A single example is in the best of cups and also in the rest of the places and also in the show that is there.

After a mixed cloud is there any use in a trimming, there is, there is. There is a trimming behind in. There in no use. There is the case.

Calm, a calm, that calm, along the calm. This which is in the ell is so much are so. When and when and when is there. When the rail is the passage to. Through and so and much orderly.

Beginning to twining and sudden girls what is mended in a street, what is a rut in finnish. What is it in a market.

A considerable engagement, a considerable engagement.

Excuse the point that makes a division between the right and left that which is in the middle in between. Surprise an engagement, surprise it so that an agreement is all the time.

This is a way, this is a trout, this is the succession.

To linger in the pale way and not to show spots to be greener to do this means that all the references are what they are.

A pedal a pedal is that which when examined is made and this is no mistake in regularity it is a splendid thing.

Covering in and covering, covering with inside covering. Covering a lion with the same shape as the bear and yet what is the best measure for a tiger, what is the measure steadily.

A half safe wife and a whole safe wife and a half safe wife and a half safe wife.

A bet and sugar and a bet and within, a bet and within and a bet in within.

Cut a slice to show a pear, cut a slice to show a row, cut a slice and there is visiting. An angel is in the exchange.

Suppose that there is a cost, suppose that there is a beggar, suppose that there is a powder and a powder suppose there is a real gold mine.

A curly fate and a household fact and a gloom too soon, and a couple of necessary pockets.

Explain, explain why there is a shell fish and an oyster.

A pleasant little spot to have gold. The same spot is used for silver. The gold is the best way to keep it. The silver is the way to keep silver.

A cloud of white and a chorus of all bright birds and a sweet a very sweet cherry and a thick miss, a thick and a dark and a clean clerk, a whole succession of mantle pieces.

Conceal a nose and climb, counsel a name and shudder, believe a glass and relate, cool a pound and put in that.

Wednesday is a day and a closed begging is reasonable, reasonable, is reasonable, reasonable is reasonable.

Piston and clothes, consider the wet sack, coal hack, hack a piece of gum.

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