Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

He Said it


In English.

Always spoken.

Between them.

Why do you say yesterday especially.

Why do you say by special appointment is it a mistake is it a great mistake. This I know. What are and beside all there is a desire for white handkerchiefs.

You shall have it.

This is what we give. We give it with a hat. Dear me. A great many people are precious. Are they. I do not ask the question.

This is my fright.

Oh dear Oh dear I thought the fire was out.

I consider it very healthy to eat sugared figs not pressed figs I do not care for pressed figs.

I consider it necessary to eat sugared prunes and an apple. I have felt it to be the only advice I could give. It has been successful. I really feel great satisfaction in the results. No one can say that short hair is unbecoming.

What are the obligations of maternity. Reading and sleeping. Also copying. Yes thank you.

Are you pleased.

I am not pleased.

I am delighted.

It has been a very fruitful evening.

It is not very likely she was pleased.

Pleasures of the chase. Do you like flags. I believe in painting them. I also inquire as to their origin. Are they simple in color or have they various designs. Nobody can be as pleased as I am can be more pleased than I am. I am further delighted with the social relation I have established with a great many acquaintances. I began by intending to change to change the method of branching. I do not find it distinguished. Then I found that by choosing and asking other people to supply I could be satisfied. This is history.

Did he see he would kill a rabbit. Many rabbits are troublesome. I do not care to eat the one he was to give us.

You do not care to eat rabbit.

Who is our well-wisher. I see clearly that you have made a mistake. You have answered me defiantly. I have not.

Large spaces of time are filled by my telling how to sing.

How do you sing.

Some sing so well they laugh.

Others sing so well that they are roses.

I was very pleased with embroidery very very pleased with embroidery.


Indeed I think alone.

And make lists.

And make lists.

I do not make lists.

It is no trouble to make lists.

I feel an infinite satisfaction in the thought that I have stopped worrying.

Indeed you never worry.

Who can be willing to leave an American boat.

No one.

This is what I said.

I said it to an Englishman.

Governed. Do be governed.

I speak of this very kindly. I do not tell him about darkness.

Or anybody.

Many people fear distraction and divert themselves with discussion. Not I.

I am singularly adaptable. I have no opinion. When I am asked I say it is distressing not to be right. It is not distressing to me. I accomodate myself to it. I am inclined to be talkative.

Are you.

Yes sir.

This is the way I say it. I ask any one to say a bowl of water. This is not difficult. Then roses in it. I prefer pansies. Do you. Or daisies. No we do not consider wild flowers. This is not the reason. The real reason is the odor. Some people like a strong odor like china lilies or almond flowers or even tube-roses. I like them very much. I like them all very much. Do you.

Yes I do.

The other day we saw a woman knitting she was doing it not so very quickly and then we understood the reason. She was knitting with cotton. That is quite the custom of the country.

Why do you wish to hear it.

I was very pleased with this and now I want to tell you how to do it. This is what to ask. Do you make decorations. Do you please yourself. Are you fanciful. Have you any use for color. Do you ask for strange resemblances. Have you all always been merry. Do you believe in history. Have you authority.

Do you expect to seem selfish. Do you. I wonder about that.

Why do you talk about stretches.

You mean a series.

Yes I mean that. Do you remember that I said that.

What do I feel today. I feel that I do know how to air a woman.

You mean that I make it too cold. Well to be sure I am selfish I sit before the fire. I really ought to give you the best place only I don't like to change.

You dear you are so sweet to me.

A carpet on the floor makes it a great difference.

Indeed there is a granite which is called marble and rightly called marble because it is found here. Do you know where it is made. Yes I have seen it.

Yes so they say.

Go to sleep.

This is my way.

In speaking I have a belief in saying that I said it last.

Some people differ from me.

This is a sentence.

What was it she reminded me of.

It is satisfactory.

There are a great many plans. Will there be a good crises. I don't know. In our affairs. No the nations. Don't speak to her of it.

I am not certain I like liberty.

Don't you.

Of course not.

We go on saying what he said.

I can't understand why you contradict me.

There we are I have a coat over my knees.

There is no way of speaking english. I say there is no way of speaking English. What do you mean. I mean that anybody can begin and go on. And finish. It's easy enough and especially hard when there is a use. Why do you say exchange. I do not know what they say exchange. They say they believe in exchange. I often talk about nothing.

What have I to say.

I wish to speak to you what shall we do about water. The water is everywhere. Imagine me in bed. We were very careful to ask about it.

Not for teeth.

Why do you talk about it not for the girl.

He was of course not able to pay for the concert. He was of course not able to pay for the concert.

I am not talking about myself.

I can supply furs.

In summer.


It is not very cold.

But it will be.

What did he say. He said it was explanatory. I said it was explanatory. I said I was careful of climbing. Not into bed. Yes into bed. Why. Because you can never tell about the slats. I remember that word.

What did he say today.

A great many mountains have seas near them.

And the moon. The moon has no tide.

When do you say that.

Every night.


Because I have never seen so much moonlight.

I feel it very much.

A great many people were listening. To your getting angry

Talking about feeling.

This afternoon we went to New York and we spent the day together. We said which way shall we walk.

In reading the papers I am often struck with the different way I am impressed with the news. Should I be cheerful. I should not. Mr. Sandling says that I am. Indeed I am.

We do not expect it today. Let us go to Soller.

All of you hear me.

I like to see the rocks I mean stones.

I didn't mean it about the clock.

Here we are.

Mrs. misses kisses.

Misses kisses most.

I do like to say that.

Do you wish you had said it first. Not exactly. I repeat more often. A great many people hear you. Not now.

All about the swing. Swing where. In a lamp. You mean electricity. Yes I mean electricity. Wax.

Do read to me.

We went down to the town and we met Mr. and Mrs. Somaillard. We drank something there and we said if they would wait we would call for them in a carriage. We had several things to attend to first.

I nearly said it together.

Do I think that they will.

Do little walks tire you.

Dear Sir. This is the end of the day and I am able to explain that a great deal of trouble has been taken.

I feel that there must be a regular time for the oranges.

Oh yes indeed.

Never have I seen so many trees.

It was a surprise to you.

I say that I am certain that a great many things can be said.

Call it a fan love.

I don't care to see pieces.

Don't you.

Indeed you don't.

Leaving stones aside what do you think of the weather and the country.

I think them both delightful.

So do I.

And we enjoy ourselves.

Oh very much.

Yes and what time do you wake up.

At half past seven.

I don't wake up till nine.

What is the date today.


He wishes to think.

Do not distress them.

What we do is this we give it to them.

What did he say.

He said he expected to be ill. He said he said he expected not to be very well. Yes Mr. Lindo Webb.

Yes Mrs.

You should always speak the name.

I don't feel that I can mention it.

Do you believe in me.

Are you surprised that you have gone so far.

To me not to me.

Insulting yes she is insulting she asks have we ever heard of a poet named Willis.

Alice has. I have not. She says he belonged to a group. Like Thoreau.

I am not displeased with the remark.

Did we see the festivity. Water is amusing.

Do I want to go away.

No indeed I do not want to go away.

Two months.

In two months.

Politely miss me.

Call what.

Call Milly.

Don't you understand the difference.

He wanted fifty dollars for six days.

We did not refuse a visit.

No one refuses a visit.

I do.

I see.

A little finish. What was that noise.

I am very pleased to have a good fire.

Here are my stars and stripes.

Yes it's the flag.

What time is it.

Day time.

Of course and the morning.

I always go well prepared.

Of course you would.

What do I think.

Is not this certain.


That there are a great many places where one would not be as comfortable.

Where we would not be so comfortable.

Certainly I don't deny that.

We have been so happy here. Yes but that has nothing to do with the people. No it hasn't. But I like to see what I see here. You know perfectly well you will be just as well pleased with something else.

Why do mules go together. Because those people are religious. They are very religious. Were you invited.

Then I will finish it here.

This is very easy to please. Cups and saucers altogether.

We are going to have a picnic. With chicken not today today we are going to have eggs and salad and vegetables and brown bread and what else. False smuggled contraband tobacco. You mean by that that it isn't tobacco. No it's only leaves. I laugh.

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