Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

A Collection

My Dear Miss Carey: A Story

There were little places to see Fernville, the town, the hospital, the lying in hospital, the sea-shore and the city.

Once we met my brother he was ringing a bell. He needed an umbrella but he would not buy it. I sent him one not prepaid. Oh yes the people are kind they all drink together. Even now. No not now. We are late.

Did you see the pear tree. It resembles the figs. They are often ripe. They grow in great abundance.

We like milk. My father likes milk and coffee.

Whenever there are flowers my mother is angry. She is even angry with me. That is to say she is generous enough and wishes everything back. We are all that way. My brother takes coal away in a little bag for use. All dark days are necessary. No permission is asked and it is given. For all day. For all day. Whenever it is needed. Not whenever it is needed. We do as we say it is best to do. Even religious people do so.

Come together in Fernville. Not I I thank you. My brother finds handkerchiefs there. For men. For men and for women. So does his wife. Many. Not very many. She brings them with her. Is that so. Many handkerchiefs are not necessary in Fernville. No indeed. We dismiss the church. We separate it. We have it to-day. A great many people call. On one another. Not altogether that. The post-office. The post-office of my brother. Now. Not now. Yes he is there now. Since the war. Yes since the war.

I remember when I was a b of c. I did not speak to old men then not when I was busy. I waited until I was tired and then we all sat down and had a cup of coffee. Coffee is very nourishing. I am very sensitive to the influence of coffee. So are we all.

Do you think that we are married. That we are all married. Mr. Weeks is married. He is going to be able to follow my advice. I advise him to go to my country. There he will do very well. The only advice I have to give him is never to live in the city. His wife does not like the city nor does she like a sunny climate. She is not able to go about with him. We are all of us leaving the end of the month.

Do not be angry.

I was very much surprised that water was the same color.

As what.

As the sun.

I feel that I must go at once.

Did you entirely forget about the other.

Drowning in water.

This is a question that I have never asked about because in the summer one does not think about it. Now it is winter but it is as warm as in summer.

Dear friends have a way of relating themselves to a town. We find in some districts that there are better ways of investing money. Some find that at the end of the war they are not able to continue paying on their houses.

Does this affect you.

Oh no because even if the father of my child is killed his sister will continue to give the money. She is obliged to by law.

This makes the whole matter very simple.

Not to me I have always been accustomed to it and have had some difficulty.

Yes we know we know that it is suddenly cold.

You are not pleased to see the sun setting. Indeed I cannot blame you.

Polybe in Port: A Curtain Raiser

Polybe in Port.

A hunter. He was not a hunter. He had a gun. I do not know whether they have permission to shoot.

Of course he must have if he has a gun. In this country they have a great many dogs who hunt rabbits. They run quicker.

We are surprised to see him.

Polybe is an ornament.

He is not thinner.

He likes the water now.

This I do not believe.

Neither do I believe there was any intention to go that way. Which way do you mean. Polybe does not remember. Me. Yes. The house. Yes. The servant. Yes. You are not mistaken.

We are not mistaken.

A great many shrubs every one of which are labelled.

Scene II.

A credit to me.

The cares and duties of a mother had been denied to Carrie Russell.

Polybe silent.

He said earnestly that it didn't matter.

Spanish Chattings

Do you keep books.

All weddings are back.


Pigeons recognise persons. Do they. We saw them. They flew around.

Shooting pigeons is necessary. For what. For the sea.

I see old peppers that are dried. We do not complain. We say winds are violent and I do not wish them. Wish for them. I do not wish to see the stars. Call it out of here. You mean that pole. No indeed I don't mean Inca.

Oh yes certainly.

They Came Together

I can tell a little story. I cannot describe the character nor the color in the street nor the kind of a stone. A great many people have silver purses.

Wild Flowers

We collected wild flowers. We enjoyed it very much. In a window we saw exhibited the things that can be found in the country.

There was a satisfaction that we had the temporary installation which made it possible for us to ask another servant not to visit our servant. We did not do so. We were not neglectful of our best interests.

Will They Crush Germany

They will crush Germany. There is no doubt about it.

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