Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

Mrs. Whitehead

But you like it.

They can't any of them be quite as bad because they learned french but I never did.

He doesn't look dead at all.

The wind might have blown him.

He comes from that direction. That's the way.

They are not knotted. Have you smelt it. What would you suggest, your advice I have come across three or four.

So they are the others.

Separate them.

It does make one come, he is extraordinarily charming and endearing once of twice only twice I think.

He is not staying out that's hard beside that what does he do.

That's long for his mother.

She travelled from this rest. She crocheted from this nest.

She crocheted from this nest. I thought it wasn't ever.

It's one of my favorite ones this.

And yet not this.

Isn't it funny.

It isn't.

Break or breaking, very fair, break or very wanting.

I tried it this way before.

Very difficult to change extra places and yet I can agree. I can agree by that. I rest this piece of it and it's nearly the same climate. I will tell you why they want a real door. They choose it.

They do so and very pure water. They are safe when they take a bath. Oh it is very. Oh it is.

In a way a vest.

I do think you get what you want.


It is eleven weeks from the middle of September. I glance in a way.

It is eleven weeks from the middle of September.

Total recollect others.

I glance at and I can recollect others. I make a division neatly, I close.

What is wrong with not blue. That is right with apples. Apples four. For. Fore.

Before that.

Next stretching.

Next for that leaf stretching.

I do not state leaf.

I like to beg very much stream.

Not exactly in state.


All in so.

They expect all the blues to take of all the other families, the whites are extra they are beside all that, they make a little house and through and beside that they live in Paris.

Hardly enough for wood.

Not a color even.

By now a change of grass and wedding rings and all but the rest plan. I don't care I won't look.

I am not sure that yellow is good. I am tall.

Allow that. I don't want any more out in conversation.

I can be careful.

Not within wearing it.

I cannot say to stay.

No please don't get up.

And now that.

Yes I see.

Did you pay him for that whether for a spider and such splendor and indeed quitting. I meant to gather.

I see it I see it.

Please ocean spoke please Helen land please take it away.

I saw a spoken leave leaf and flowers made vegetables and foliage in soil. I saw representative mistakes and glass cups, I saw a whole appearance of respectable refugees, I did not ask actors I asked pearls, I did not choose to ask trains, I was satisfied with celebrated ransoms. I cannot deny Bertie Henschel is coming tomorrow. Saturdays are even. There is a regular principle, if you mention it you mention what happened.

What do you make of it.

You exceed all hope and all praise.

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