Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein


Cap and corn, auditor, interest and exertion, aim and audience, interest and earnest and outset, inside in inside. Alarm no sun, alarm is thinking, alarming is determination an earth wide moth is something. Price in curving is weeding. There is an undetermined super division. There is the percolating bread stuff, the window is thickening.

Alarm no alarm is standing and holding something. No alarm has a perpendicular position. No alarm is in that position. An alarm which is not a choice shows the necessity of good nature. It shows and the tune which is on any wind the same, that tune is the organization. It has a place, it is a circle and this which is not guarded is not soft, it is softening. It being soft breaking is something and what is round is not widening. It is particular and so much more than the saving of an elimination. Practice is particular. It is recognition.

Silence is not hurt by attending to taking more reflection than a whole sentence. And it is said and the quotation is reasoning. It gives the whole preceding. If there is time enough then appearances are considerable. There are in a circle. They are tendering a circle. They are a tender circle. They are tenderly a circle.

This was not past a future.

If the speck is plain and the tail is there tail is made of hair. That makes that. Any one is no tailor. The curtain is not made of wood and a candle is placed in a candlestick and the whole, the very whole, there is no robbery.

If the pet is whole and the juice is so serene then the salt is pure and there is pepper in between. The harness which is on the stake is used to rubbing on a wheel. There is the complete absence of all reason for an excuse. The time has the wealth of a separation. The season is not that of baking.

Brack and neuresthenia and lean talk with a marvel and make a spittoon clear with a mixing in a mustache. The sense is in that.

Pie is not peeling and the date and the poison and the cake when the pan is a shape is not minus all the practice. The time is not filling.

Brack, Brack is the one who put up the hooks and held the things up and ate his dinner. He is the one who did more. He used his time and felt more much more and came before when he came after. He did not resemble anything more.

The time and place of a corner is no convenience if it has not been filled, none at all, and if it is filled then there is a resemblance, there is some resemblance.

Do not celebrate what is hearty and surely there is no danger in expecting a strong summer. If the place is shown to be damp there is no use in that excuse. Anyway there is no time to rise together. They cannot sit in a seat.

The time came when there was no occasion for geography. This did not mean that there was a change of place, it meant that there was a change of influence. This change was understood, it was no wonder. In understanding the whole thing of precomposition there was no more light than sweetness, there was no more size than bulk, there was no more load than a caravan, there was no mingling of unison. The time did not come any more.

And then the simple way was celebrated by causation and the charge was sweetening, that is to say there was a round mass.

Powder is not brown. The color does not show in the mixture. In curving and not lengthening the disposition there is no meeker feather. To show the wave to be cultivated and to show the suspension of a razor the light does shine directly. It shines and it darkens another, it does not shine and destroy the connector, it does not shine in a color, it does not make a brown tender. Brown is tender, that is no trouble and no appetite.

It follows that when the time is separated that the sacrifice is not the same as when the conversation is sensible and it is sensible to discuss carving and oak-trees and the season and to be disturbed by a mountain and to argue when there is no desertion. It is sensible and to be present is enough to separate the future. If it comes to happen that there is no eraser then certainly there is no cause why there should be. This is the reason. The best shape is that which is pasted without paper. At any rate the paper is not white and brown, it is brown and it is black and white and colored.

The time is not replaced by indicating the reason it will there be resplendent travelling. This is not a question because that is not an answer.

The time which was put to some place was that is so well placed. The question is is there travelling. There is no question as to if there is travelling where which showed solemnity in not turning in turning. This was so put that certainly not any more reception could be astonishing.

To pass away, to choose some away, to object to abhor that and to be not triumphant this is not the splendor of a single standard this is the solemn reverberation of an enlarged and of a small masterpiece.

The way of the man and the way of the lamp and the way of shining and the way of settling all this is in accord with the devastation and destruction which resembling is not disturbing motion. This comes so soon that talking is ennobling. This which is is what comes, that coming is what is come and can come. Coming it comes and is come and there is some mingling and there is more willing than there was when the coming came to suggest and disturb and reassure reason.

A lane is not a hill and a hill is a descent. To explain this it is necessary to practice mending and disturbing and relating. The time to go is not more arranged than the roundness which makes for beauty and to be round is not what there is to height.

The time when selection is vacation is when the perfection is so replaced that there is a premonition. This does make baking so easy and at the same time there is no separation and no disgrace not even desertion. This comes to be so told that any appearance is regal. So then there is no announcement.

A little seat which is not low is not more elevated than a little seat which is low and high. There is no space for more than there is room for. This makes no demand on conscience, this makes no demand on anything, this does not alter an exhibition. The reason that there is no alteration is that in separating spaces they come to show that there is the same space between that there is there where there is the place which is it in it. This shows that there is nothing so clearly shown by the whole exposition. It does show it, it shows the extension of the resemblance and the unification of the differentiation and the extension of the interval and the inhibition of the retention of acceleration. This does show no more than is individual. And yet there is no train that does not go in that direction and to return is not passing that way. Returning is not vagabonding it is a spacious interception. The use of the spread of the arrangement between that and that is not so wide that there are no spaces. There are spaces. They can repose so. They do call whiteness no wonder. They do not shudder together. There is no example in a relation. There is none in saving spacing.

A capable curtain is not used and the meaning of this is that protection on both sides is protection everywhere. The band played longer.

So much sorrow in winter and so much sadness in summer, so much nervousness in the country and so much disturbance in the city, so much counting with a letter and so much writing with no electrician, so much piano color and so much musical permission, so much steadiness in circling and so much singleness in searching, so much bloom in labeling and so much secrecy in enlightening, so much saving in abandoning and so much steadying in remaining, all this and no more, so much and not often, all this and no moment when a monument is not mind and munificent, no time and sweetness and no escape and separation, all this and no obliging desperation, all this and the same moment in particular and if it were in not passing, all and no one never to be satisfied in signalling, no more and the choice is absent, there is a season in the right, there is a sanction in the left, there is a presence in the center, there is an upheaval in the distant circumference, there is a resonance in the special curve, there is a susceptibility in the unperspiring relation. All this nightly and some daily and weakly and more yearly and not certainly and not reducingly.

To be raised and to be so respected that there is no doubt that the lines that are turning are the lines that are turning, to be so respected that talking is not continuous and the presence of nothing is more selected, to be so raised is not an expectation, it is capable of calming.

There has been no doubt. There has not been any doubt. There is not being any surface and there is not that there then.

The strong hold is the mildness of the salutation of the metropolitan. This is not obligatory and it is not capable, neither is it casual. The mint is not where there is no building, it is not any this is never a surprise, it is never a surprise because when the whole thing is considered and the whole thing when it is considered has that beginning, when it is put where there is no selection it is then not made noticeable. To be noticeable is not declared, in declaring it there is no speech, in not keeping on talking there is no silence. This is not heard louder and there is no doubt. There will not be that doubt.

The capacity which makes the size that has that meaning have that meaning, that is what has the sensitiveness which does not make anticipation, there is reality. In that there is touching morning and in touching morning there is no course. There is all there inclines to be. The freedom which has no ornament is not spilled and this does not mean anything not lively, it certainly does not mean an extra. The practice of no pronoun is not audacious. There is no prize in a pocket. There is none there and the circle having a separation makes all that which is not the same similar, it does not make it a circle. A circle has no pleasure, it is not encircled and there is this to say that the white and black are brown.

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