Geography and Plays, by Gertrude Stein

Publishers, the Portrait Gallery and the Manuscripts at the British Museum

The answer in the house is that talking is not the same thing as a lamb. So that was the way it came to be and the second answer came before the first.

All the part was distributed and the selection of more was not made before the sight was so particular that any letter had a signature. This which is even is not the whole page, there is more that is even, very much more and any size is larger.

To beam is not to seem to have an eye that is there and a hair that is colored, to beam is not so disturbed that any afternoon is not sooner than the next morning. This was so useful and the excuse was not placed in between the hotels, it was not placed anywhere. This is the date of some days in every week, and the morning is before noon. So simply and so strangely, so much the more advanced, so much the more interior and so much more coughing than learning, so very much more and yet there is no disappointment, not any disappointment.

The cute way that a certain place is open on Sunday and not on Tuesday does not mean that an invitation will not be coming. Not at all, there is more chair than standing exhausts.

So then the whole spring is earlier than February. This was so much the tail of the previous setting of the sun and the moon and some of the stars. Electric lighting is so usual and more weddings are celebrated in the place of thanksgiving.

A target and a round face, a beard that is not whiter, the center of it all is that resemblance and surely there is that to pass away and have the same decision. Surely there is that resemblance and surely the ones standing alone have that copy. Surely there is the safe persuasion. Surely there is danger.

So to move and to faint and to separate the lists together, so to lengthen and to shorten and to curve the same direction, so to measure every daughter and to lessen every sister and to manage every mother and to sever every brother and to undertake a father and to beam upon a lover so to sing and so to talk and so to change the line together, all of this and any show is the way to season nature and to have it all together means the same in every letter.

This which is not so strange is the more used and in there kindly being a face there is more resemblance than if it were written and then comes the time to look and there it is, there is the writing.

So astonishing is it not when there has been preservation. The noise which comes has not any decisive obligation and yet the whole date is just the same. So sweet are the singular pleasures of recognition. The strength of the place does not mean more than all. Some have no distaste.

Link the hat and the coat and the collar, have the hair and the eyes and the color, see the time and the tea and altogether and do not be singular enough, and so there is that to view and the single planter has the rest as history. He did not tell it in giving it more room than cloth. So early is it not.

Saddle the simple sore without a touch of lame despair and do not touch the hair because there is the use of all that pause. So sweetly is it true that neatness does not mean the curls are true and yet there is absolutely none, absolutely no powder. So the place is not used for the tea and the last water is not more boiling than is touchy.

Frown nowhere and do not change that space, that is the way to use the time to purchase mining pictures. The little darkness and no large lamp, all the light being together does not make everything strange. Please the daylight, show the ruins that there is water, do not disturb the lamp, make more noise than resting and more that is changed is changed and an agreement shows the pink not to be redder. All that partial resemblance to a disagreement and a reunion is not more questioned than no answer. Not any more choice is so determined, and yet, why is the season so ingrained in the early morning when noon is no later. There is always a return of any answer.

Peace and the morning and a show of any evening, a reflection and the pleasant state of nature, this does make so much debt that there is no name anywhere. So pleasing is disaster, so ancient is being old enough in the matter.

Bestow a curve in the collapse and there is no withdrawal and that which is secure has some way of preserving any walking. All the time has a finished undertrimming and so there has the approach to a lingering printing.

To place an eye, to set the corner, to make a blessing, and to search a mansion, to persuade the noon and to establish harmony, the cause that is the mention is not more pained than anything. So then there is a memory, there is a stone home, there is no weakness.

Clearly and a gem, singly and all four, the stem, the stone the happy way, the single blessing of the longing soon, the patent habit of the leaving of the room, all this and no white light is not more dim than every candle and many of them make the illumination gentler, they dwindle in large, they season the sun, they blossom the churn, they bestow in a plant. This was no sprain, this was the regal pin.

A broom and a window, both of them uttered are so plain that there is more space and very much more hurry and yet there is a change of address, this is written. So clannily there will not be when the envelope is larger. The same union is stronger. An afternoon is weaker. That was the time and then in the evening there is dinner and later, any time later there is more than one corner, there is a fire, there is that, there is no pleasant place in more fire. Then came that which pushed away a piano, then came that and there was a whole collection. The question was not detained. There was that to do and arranging is done by separation. This is yellow and brown is a color. Peace is rested when it is occupied.

If the three are one they do not have voices, that means no more than that all of them are four. More is not regulated and yet there is an introduction, there are degrees, there is past pressing, there is the change of a pudding. All is not any meddling of a mess and the keen lump is not shadowed by any sun.

Plant the union of a question later, all the time has that change, the pink length and the satin fixture this does not make any question uncertain. A question if there is no answer is a question where there is no answer. To place more is always a way.

Put the partial pleasure in place and do not see more than the town. If the town escapes and sees a building it will be satisfied. It is.

When the speed is there and there is pink color there is a pale pink, there is a color.

All the two baskets and the little apples and any that are the same size in measure have so much hidden that is not paper so very much and they think out of sight. They do.

So plaintive and so careful and so many little spaces and so largely all the time, and so pointed and so half and the whole which is there has the other side of pinning and the time to have the rest is not what there is to leave. A vacation is not needed, a bundle is not needed, a precise result of more than an example is not so different when the division is the same.

Kindle the blame when the refuge is in water, express that excitement when the paint is there to fade, see no more and love the rest, all the tender part is running, all the liquid taste is temperate, all the time and there is that, all the time has only water. This is not the only haste, there is so much of it lonely, water never has so much that a little more is water. No kind lady has the time, no sweet trough is lingering longer.

Any two who see the same time are the ones who do not expectorate and this does not mean it is habit, it means no more than that sometime is included when there is no time to place pottery. Certainly there is a trifle, any one knows what there is when there is all the table, that does not mean that there is a collection, that does not mean more than the place pounded. Not any single little piece of the red makes a yellow color, and yellow is more so than anything. So reasoning are they and they conclude a bottle.

Not so sweetly as a bottle, not so sweetly anywhere.

To see longingly and sharply indicates a predisposition. If there is a memory there is no use suggesting offending.

Pleasant and an interval which is empty and there is no empty way to begin again. This which makes an appetite larger does make travelling easy.

All the account and most of the account is not kept where there is more lightness than there is home. It says more and it does mean that. It certainly does.

So then there is a shade of the pleasure of sensible exclamation. There is, there is the beaming oak and the spending of more money and then the answer, the whole answer, does that mean that the occasion is furnished or does it mean that no auction has any circle. What is it like. It is like the whole reliable point which has no measure, it is the pressed leaf and there is not anything that shows what is obliging, nothing at all and more organs and a little light and so much blending of an industry all that does not lead to a margin, it does, it has the practice and the music, it has no more bent wood than any train that is not burning, it has not, it does make a joy.

Looking in the face of eyes means the strangest elephant. Looking in the same set teeth means the presence of a seat.

All the talk and all the light means the same result of voice and a solid substance then means a tear and then a tear. Choose the money when there is more result and all the plainer staying for the evening. This means that what is curious has more shortness than speech and more hope than dangling. Surely the section is mended and the change has not been made. Surely the name has been mentioned.

He has it, he is the son and the mother, he has it, there is no darker brother, he has it. He has it and the length is not poisoned, he is the ample special principal protector. He sells it cheaper.

He does not deny a shorter letter. He does see the revival of unison. He does decline a match, he does entitle that.

He which is the sense man in the timely story, he and the weaker is fonder, he is the praised and the praiser, he does not speak the waiting the weaker. He does speak when there is a specimen rejoinder. He does play more pastry than the tea-time. He is there for dinner. He does not steam anyway. He has the state. He has the craning care to endure. He is not more particular. He is so tender. He is the link and left light.

The same season makes the moon strange, the same sun light is October, the same piling of the single glass stamp makes no monotony. There is no rejoinder. The end is in the great division between the counting and the bloom of passing a glass covering. If it were left and in a way it was left, if it were left then the meaning would be that there was hope and hope which is active does direct that there is some one to stay there and say it and doing so why should it determine a passage, it should. When it should and there is more there then certainly all of them are the same that is to say there is a difference. Any difference is greater.

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