Philosophy and Living, by Olaf Stapledon

Table of Contents

The Author
  1. What Philosophy is
  2. Example of Discussion: Personal Immortality
    1. i. The Meaning of Immortality
    2. ii. Emotional Influence on Thought About Immortality
    3. iii. Arguments for Immortality
    4. iv. Arguments Against Immortality
    5. v. Practical Upshot of This Chapter
  3. Mind and Body
    1. i. The Problem Stated
    2. ii. Some Implications of the Problem
    3. iii. Interactionism
    4. iv. Epiphenomenalism
    5. v. Psycho-Physical Parallelism
    6. vi. The Double Aspect Theory
    7. vii. The Emergence Theory
    8. viii. Conclusions, and New Questions
  4. The External World and i
    1. i. The Common-Sense Account
    2. ii. Difficulties Arising Out of Science
    3. iii. The Idealist Solution
    4. iv. The Realist Solution
    5. v. The Solution of Logical Positivism
    6. vi. Conclusions
    7. Postscript on Pragmatism
  5. Reasoning
    1. i. The Scope of Two Chapters
    2. ii. What Happens in Reasoning
    3. iii. The Problem of Logic
    4. iv. Universals and Particulars
    5. Postscript on Truth
  6. The Scope and Limitations of Reason
    1. i. Natural Science
    2. ii. Irrational Determinants of Thought
    3. iii. Irrationalism
    4. iv. The Place of Reason
  7. Ethics
    1. i. Fact and Value
    2. ii. Some Distinctions and Problems
    3. iii. Some Traditional Theories
    4. iv. Ethical Scepticism: Ethnology and Psychoanalysis
    5. v. Ethical Scepticism: Logical Positivism
    6. vi. The Practical Upshot
  8. Personality
    1. i. Some Psychological Principle
    2. ii.The Dynamic Individual
    3. iii. The Upper Reaches of Human Personality
    4. iv. Differences Between People
    5. v. What is the Self?
  9. Community
    1. i. Problems of Social Philosophy
    2. ii. Two Theories of the Nature of Society
    3. iii. How Men Behave in Groups
    4. iv. Pre-Requisites of Genuine Community
    5. v. Prospects of Community
  10. Social Change
    1. i. Some Idealist Theories
    2. ii. Economic Determinism
    3. iii. Commentary
  11. Metaphysics
    1. i. Is Metaphysics Possible?
    2. ii. Parity of Mind and Matter
    3. iii. Idealism
    4. iv. Materialism
    5. v. The Influence of Biology
  12. Conclusions
    1. i. Conclusions Thus Far
    2. ii. Time
    3. iii. Mysticism
  13. The Practical Upshot
Appendix: Suggestions for Reading Philosophy

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