How I Found Livingstone, by Henry Morton Stanley

Table of Contents

  1. Introductory. My instructions to find and relieve Livingstone.
  2. Zanzibar.
  3. Organization of the Expedition.
  4. Life at Bagamoyo.
  5. Through Ukwere, Ukami, and Udoe to Useguhha.
  6. To Ugogo.
  7. Marenga Mkali, Ugogo, and Uyanzi, to Unyanyembe.
  8. My life and troubles during my residence in Unyas Nyembe. I become engaged in a war.
  9. My life and troubles in Unyanyembe — (continued).
  10. To Mrera, Ukonongo.
  11. Through Ukawendi, Uvinza, and Uhha, to Ujiji.
  12. Intercourse with Livingstone at Ujiji — Livingstone’s own story of his journeys, His troubles, and disappointments.
  13. Our cruise on the Lake Tanganika — Exploration of the north end of the lake — The Rusizi is discovered to enter into the lake — Return to Ujiji.
  14. Our Journey from Ujiji to Unyanyembe.
  15. Homeward Bound. — Livingstone’s last words — The final farewell
  16. Valedictory.
  17. Concluding chapter.



List of Camps from Bagamoyo to Ujiji and back to the Sea.

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