The Discovery of the Source of the Nile, by John Hanning Speke

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note
Journal of the Discovery of The Source of the Nile
  1. Chapter 1. London to Zanzibar, 1859

    The design — The Preparations — Departure — The Cape — The Zulu Kafirs — Turtle–Turning — Capture of a Slaver — Arrive at Zanzibar — Local Politics and News Since Last Visit — Organisation of the Expedition.

  2. Uzaramo

    The Nature of the Country — The Order of March — The Beginning of our Taxation — Sultan Lion’s Claw, and Sultan Monkey’s Tail — The Kingani — Jealousies and Difficulties in the Camp — The Murderer of M. Maizan.

  3. Usagara

    Nature of the Country — Resumption of the March — A Hunt — Bombay and Baraka — The Slave–Hunters — The Ivory–Merchants — Collection of Natural–History Specimens — A Frightened Village — Tracking a Mule.

  4. Ugogo, and the Wilderness of Mgunda Mkhali

    The Lie of the Country — Rhinoceros–Stalking — Scuffle of Villagers over a Carcass — Chief “Short–Legs” and His Successors — Buffalo–Shooting — Getting Lost — A Troublesome Sultan — Desertions from the Camp — Getting Plundered — Wilderness March — Diplomatic Relations with the Local Powers — Manua Sera’s Story — Christmas — The Relief from Kaze

  5. Unyamuezi

    The Country and People of U-n-ya-muezi — Kaze, the Capital — Old Musa — The Naked Wakidi — The N’yanza, and the Question of the River Running in or out — The Contest between Mohinna and “Short-legs”— Famine — The Arabs and Local Wars — The Sultana of Unyambewa — Ungurue “The Pig”— Pillage.

  6. Uzinza

    The Politics of Uzinza — The Wahuma —“The Pig’s” Trick — First Taste of Usui Taxation — Pillaged by Mfumbi — Pillaged by Makaka — Pillaged by Lumeresi — Grant Stripped by M’Yonga — Stripped Again by Ruhe — Terrors and Defections in the Camp — Driven back to Kaze with new Tribulations and Impediments.

  7. Usui

    Taxation recommenced — A Great Doctor — Suwarora pillaging — The Arabs — Conference with an Ambassador from Uganda — Disputes in Camp — Rivalry of Bombay and Baraka — Departure from the Inhospitable Districts.

  8. Karague

    Relief from Protectors and Pillagers — The Scenery and Geology — Meeting with the Friendly King Rumanika — His Hospitalities and Attention — His Services to the Expedition — Philosophical and Theological Inquiries — The Royal Family of Karague — The M-Fumbiro Mountain — Navigation of “The Little Windermere”— The New–Moon Levee — Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus Hunting — Measurement of a Fattened Queen — Political Polygamy — Christmas — Rumours of Petherick’s Expedition — Arrangements to meet it — March to Uganda.

  9. History of the Wahuma

    The Abyssinians and Gallas — Theory of Conquest of Inferior by Superior Races — The Wahuma and the Kingdom of Kittara — Legendary History of the Kingdom of Uganda — Its Constitution, and the Ceremonials of the Court.

  10. Karague and Uganda

    Escape from Protectors — Cross the Kitangule, the First Affluent of the Nile — Enter Uddu — Uganda — A Rich Country — Driving away the Devil — A Conflict in the Camp — A Pretending Prince — Three Pages with a Diplomatic Message from the King of Uganda — Crime in Uganda.

  11. Palace, Uganda

    Preparations for the Reception at the Court of Mtesa, King of Uganda — The Ceremonial — African Diplomacy and Dignity — Feats with the Rifle — Cruelty, and Wastefulness of Life — The Pages — The Queen–Dowager of Uganda — Her Court Reception — I negotiate for a Palace — Conversations with the King and Queen — The Queen’s grand Entertainment — Royal Dissipation.

  12. Palace, Uganda — Continued

    Continued Diplomatic Difficulties — Negro Chaffing — The King in a New Costume — Adjutant and Heron Shooting at Court — My Residence Changed — Scenes at Court — The Kamraviona, or Commander-in-Chief — Quarrels — Confidential Communications with the King — Court Executions and Executioners — Another Day with the Queen.

  13. Palace, Uganda — Continued

    A Visit to a Distinguished Statesman — A Visit from the King — Royal Sport — The Queen’s Present of Wives — The Court Beauties and their Reverses — Judicial Procedure in Uganda — Buffalo–Hunting — A Musical Party — My Medical Practice — A Royal Excursion on the N’yanza — The Canoes of Uganda — A Regatta — Rifle Practice — Domestic Difficulties — Interference of a Magician — The King’s Brothers.

  14. Palace, Uganda — Continued

    Reception of a Victorious Army at Court — Royal Sport — A Review of the Troops — Negotiations for the Opening of the Road along the Nile — Grant’s Return — Pillagings — Court Marriages — The King’s Brothers — Divinations and Sacrifices — The Road granted at last — The Preparations for continuing the Expedition — The Departure.

  15. March Down the Northern Slopes of Africa

    Kari — Tragic Incident there — Renewals of Troubles — Quarrels with the Natives — Reach the Nile — Description of the Scene there — Sport — Church Estate — Ascend the River to the Junction with the Lake — Ripon Falls — General Account of the Source of the Nile — Descend again to Urondogani — The Truculent Sakibobo.

  16. Bahr El Abiad

    First Voyage on the Nile — The Starting — Description of the River and the Country — Meet a Hostile Vessel — A Naval Engagement — Difficulties and Dangers — Judicial Procedure — Messages from the King of Uganda — His Efforts to get us back — Desertion — The Wanyoro Troops — Kamrasi — Elephant–Stalking — Diabolical Possessions.

  17. Unyoro

    Invitation to the Palace at last — Journey to it — Bombay’s Visit to King Kamrasi — Our Reputation as Cannibals — Reception at Court — Acting the Physician again — Royal Mendicancy.

  18. Unyoro — Continued

    The Ceremonies of the New Moon — Kamrasi’s Rule and Discipline — An Embassy from Uganda, and its Results — The Rebellious Brothers — An African Sorcerer and his Incantations — The Kamraviona of Unyoro — Burial Customs — Ethiopian Legends — Complicated Diplomacy for our Detention — Proposal to send Princes to England — We get away.

  19. The March to Madi

    Sail down the Kafu — The Navigable Nile — Fishing and Sporting Population — The Scenery on the River — An Inhospitable Governor — Karuma Falls — Native Superstitions — Thieveries — Hospitable Reception at Koki by Chongi.

  20. Madi

    Junction of the Two Hemispheres — The First Contact with Persons Acquainted with European Habits — Interruptions and Plots — The Mysterious Mahamed — Native Revelries — The Plundering and Tyranny of the Turks — The Rascalities of the Ivory Trade — Feeling for the Nile — Taken to see a Mark left by a European — Buffalo, Eland, and Rhinoceros Stalking — Meet Baker — Petherick’s Arrival at Gondokoro.


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