Chronicle of the Cid, by Robert Southey

Table of Contents


The Translator’s Preface.


  1. How King Ferrando reigned in Castille
  2. Of the lineage of Rodrigo of Bivar
  3. Of the strife between Count Gomez and Diego Laynez, and how Rodrigo slew him
  4. How Rodrigo took the five Moorish kings
  5. How Ximena Gomez asked Rodrigo of the King in marriage
  6. How Rodrigo accepted her for his wife
  7. How Rodrigo took his wife home, and of the vow which he made
  8. Of the dispute concerning Calahorra
  9. Of the charity of Rodrigo towards the leper
  10. Of the combat which was fought for Calahorra
  11. How the Counts plotted against Rodrigo
  12. How Rodrigo gained a great victory over the Moors
  13. Of the taking of Viseu
  14. Of the taking of Lamego
  15. Of the siege of Coimbra
  16. How Santiago appeared to the Greek Bishop
  17. Of the grant made by the King to the monks of Lorvam
  18. How Rodrigo was knighted
  19. Of the taking of Montemor
  20. How Ruydiez was called the Cid
  21. How the Emperor demanded tribute of Spain
  22. Of the answer which the King sent
  23. How the Cid defeated the Lord of Savoy
  24. How the Pope and the Emperor yielded their demand
  25. How the King returned into his own land
  26. How the King divided his dominions
  27. How the Infante Don Sancho complained of the wrong which was done him
  28. Of the death of the King


  1. How King Don Sancho was wroth at the partition of the kingdoms
  2. How the Kings of Navarre and Aragón came against Castille
  3. How King Don Sancho defeated the King of Aragón
  4. Of the beginning of the strife between the brethren
  5. How King Don Sancho had a meeting with his brother King Don Alfonso
  6. How King Don Garcia sent to ask aid from his brother King Don Alfonso
  7. How Don Rodrigo Frojaz slew Verna
  8. Of the battle at Agoa de Mayas
  9. How King Don Garcia fled to the Moors
  10. How King Don Garcia went out from Santarem to battle
  11. How Alvar Fancz asked the king for a horse and arms
  12. How King Don Sancho was taken, and of the death of Don Rodrigo Frojaz
  13. How Alvar Fanez rescued the king
  14. How King Don Garcia was taken
  15. How King Don Sancho went against his brother Alfonso
  16. Of the battle at Vulpegora
  17. How the Cid delivered King Don Sancho
  18. How King Don Alfonso fled to the Moors
  19. Of the friendship which Alimaynion showed to King Don Alfonso
  20. Of the talk which the Moors held, in what manner Toledo could be taken
  21. How Alimaymon took an oath from King Don Alfonso
  22. How King Don Sancho crowned himself king of the three kingdoms
  23. How King Don Sancho went against Zamora
  24. Of the message which the king sent to Doña Urraca
  25. Of the council which Doña Urraca held, and the answer which she gave
  26. How the King was wroth with the Cid
  27. How Doña Urraca resolved to yield the town
  28. How Vellido Dolfos fled out of the town
  29. How the men of Zamora warned King Don Sancho of the treason which was designed
  30. How King Don Sancho was slain by treason
  31. How Vellido Dolfos fled to Doña Urraca for protection
  32. Of the death of the king


  1. How it was resolved to impeacli the people of Zamora
  2. How Don Diego Ordonez made the impeachment
  3. Of the manner in which the combat was to be performed
  4. How Don Arias and his sons resolved to do combat for Zamora
  5. How Don Arias was persuaded that his son Pedrarias should do battle in his stead
  6. Of the first combat
  7. Of the second combat
  8. Of the third combat, and how it was left undetermined
  9. How King Don Alfonso departed from Toledo
  10. How the Cid would not kiss the King’s hand
  11. Of the oath which King Don Alfonso took
  12. How Don Alfonso was crowned King
  13. How King Don Alfonso went to succor Alimaymon
  14. How the King went into Toledo
  15. Of the noble dealing of the King with Alimaymun
  16. How my Cid won many l)atlles
  17. How King l^on Alfonto was made wroth with tlie Cid
  18. How ihe Cid was wrongfully banished
  19. How the Cid departed from his own house, being a banished man
  20. How the Burgalese dared not receive him
  21. How the Cid sent to borrow money of the Jews
  22. How tlie Jews lent the money, and took away the chests
  23. How the Cid went to Doña Ximena at Cárdena
  24. How the Cid took leave of his wife and daughters
  25. How the Cid left the kingdom of King Don Alfonso


  1. How the Cid won the castle of Castrejon
  2. How the Cid sold his spoil to the Moors
  3. How the Cid went against Alcocer
  4. Of the taking of Alcocer
  5. How the King of Valencia sent orders to take the Cid alive
  6. How the Cid was besieged in Alcocer
  7. How the Cid went out to give them battle
  8. How Pero Bermudez carried the banner into the middle of the Moors
  9. Of the great victory won by the Cid
  10. How the Cid sent a present to King Don Alfonso
  11. How Alvar Fanez presented the horses to the King
  12. How the Cid departed from Alcocer
  13. How the Cid was received into Zaragoza
  14. How the Cid spoiled the country
  15. How Don Ramon Berenguer came to take away his spoil from the Cid
  16. Of the great bounty of the Cid towards Don Ramon Berenguer
  17. How the Cid won all the lauds of Borriana
  18. How the Cid defeated King Abenalfange and Don Ramon Berenguer; and of the great treason which was committed at Rueda
  19. How the Cid took the castle of Rueda
  20. How the Cid took King Don Pedro of Aragón prisoner
  21. How the Cid returned into Castilla


  1. How the King of Badajoz would have taken Toledo
  2. How Diego Rodriguez, the son of the Cid, was slain
  3. How King Don Alfonso went against Toledo, ih
  4. Of the taking of Toledo
  5. How Yahia went to spy the state of Valencia
  6. How Yahia was received into Valencia
  7. Of the tax which was raised for barley for the Christians
  8. How Yahia went against Abenmazot in Xativa
  9. How Abenalfange came to help Abenmazot
  10. How Alvar Fanez plundered the country
  11. Of the covenant which one of the sons of Abdalla Azis made with King Don Alfonso
  12. How Alvar Fanez was called away from Valencia
  13. How the Cid went to Zaragoza
  14. How the King of Zaragoza could not win the city as he thought
  15. How Count Ramon Berenguer came against Valencia
  16. Of the covenant which was made between King Yahia and the Cid
  17. How Count Ramon came with a great power of Frenchmen against the Cid
  18. Of the letter which Count Ramon sent unto the Cid
  19. Of the letter which the Cid sent in reply
  20. How the Cid defeated Count Ramon
  21. Of the death of Abenalfange, and how the Cid became master in the land
  22. How the Cid went to Requena, thinking to meet the king
  23. How King Don Alfonso banished the Cid a second time
  24. How the Cid laid waste the lands of King Don Alfonso and the kins did him justice
  25. How Abeniaf sent to the Almorávides to come against Valencia
  26. How Valencia was won by the Almorávides
  27. How Abeniaf put King Yahia to death


  1. How Abeniaf was greatly puffed up
  2. How the Cid sent letters to Abeniaf
  3. How the Cid laid siege to Juballa
  4. How the Cid warred against Valencia
  5. How the Cid offered to support Abeniaf, who agreed to send away the Almorávides
  6. How Abeniaf sent great treasures to the Miramamolin
  7. How the Cid won the suburb of Alcudia
  8. How they of Valencia sent away the Almorávides, and made peace with the Cid
  9. How Juballa became a great town
  10. How the Cid made war upon Albarrazin
  11. How Abeniaf sent for the Cid
  12. How the Cid asked Abeniaf to give him a garden
  13. How they of Valencia took courage because of the approach of the Almorávides
  14. Of the great rain and wind which caused the Almorávides to turn back
  15. Of the great price of food in Valencia, and how the suburbs were destroyed
  16. How the Almorávides returned into their own country
  17. Of the lamentation which was made for Valencia
  18. How they of Valencia put their trust again in Abeniaf
  19. How Abeniaf took the sons of Aboegib and delivered them to the Cid
  20. How Abeniaf went out to meet the Cid, and how he would not keep the terms which were made
  21. Of the pride and tyranny of Abeniaf; and how the price of food waxed more and more
  22. Of the famine which there was in Valencia
  23. How they sent to ask aid of the King of Zaragoza
  24. Of the answer of the King of Zaragoza, and of the search which Abeniaf made for food
  25. How the King of Zaragoza sent letters to Valencia
  26. How Abenmoxiz rose against Abeniaf and how he was taken
  27. How the Cid attacked the city and was put to the worst, and of the great cruelty which he committed upon the Moors
  28. How the people went to an Alfaqui, and it was accorded that he should go between them and the Cid
  29. How the Cid made Martin Pelaez, of a coward, a good knight
  30. How the city was to be yielded up, if succor did not come within fifteen days
  31. Of the riches which were found upon the messengers, and of the price of food
  32. How the city was yielded up


  1. How the people died after the famine
  2. Of the honor which the Cid did unto the Moors
  3. How the Cid spake unto the Moors
  4. What farther the Cid said unto the Moors
  5. How the promises of the Cid proved false, and how he demanded that Aheniaf should be delivered into his hands
  6. How the Moors asked counsel of Abdalla Adiz, and how they delivered up Abeniaf
  7. How the Cid said that he would dwell in the Alcazar, and how he took possession thereof
  8. How Abeniaf was tortured to make him give account of his riches, and he gave a false account, and was stoned
  9. Of the speech which the Cid made unto the Moors, telling them that he would have the city to himself
  10. How the King of Seville came against Valencia, and was defeated
  11. How the Cid numbered his people
  12. How there came a Bishop to Valencia, and the Cid made the city a bishopric for him
  13. How the Cid sent for his wife and daughters
  14. How these messengers came to the king, and of the great favor which was shewn them
  15. How they came to Burgos, and how Doña Ximena and her daughters left the monastery to go with them to Valencia
  16. How Doña Ximena and her daughters came to Valencia
  17. How tidings came that the Miramamolin was coming against Valencia
  18. How the Cid took his wife and daughters upon the lower, that they might see the Moors land
  19. Of the counsel which was taken, after what manner they should attack the Moors
  20. Of the great victory which the Cid won over King Yucef
  21. How the Cid entered the city, and how he gave in marriage the damsels of his wife Doña Ximena
  22. Of the great spoil which was found
  23. How King Yucef died, and of the charge he gave his brother to revenge him
  24. Of the present which the Cid sent unto the king
  25. How the Infantes, of Carrion desired to marry the Cid’s daughters
  26. How the meeting was appointed between the King and the Cid
  27. How they made ready for the meeting
  28. Of the meeting
  29. How the King asked the Cid to give his daughters in marriage to the Infantes
  30. How the Cid dispeeded himself of the King
  31. Of the conditions of the Infantes
  32. How Alvar Fanez gave his kinswomen to the Infantes
  33. Of the marriage


  1. How King Bucar made ready to revenge his brother, King Yucef
  2. Of the cowardice shewn by the Infantes of Carrion when the lion brake loose
  3. How the Infantes plotted to revenge themselves upon the Cid
  4. How the Infantes were afraid when they beheld the great power of the Moors
  5. Of the message sent by King Bucar to the Cid
  6. Of the answer of the Cid
  7. Of the order of the Cid’s battle
  8. How the Cid defeated King Bucar and twenty-nine kings
  9. Of the great spoil which was won by the Christians
  10. How the Infantes said that they would return into their own country
  11. How Doña Ximena mistrusted the evil purpose of the Infantes
  12. Of the partings between the Cid and his daughters
  13. How the Infantes would have slain Abengalvon
  14. Of the great cruelty which the Infantes committed upon their wives
  15. How Felez Munoz found these dames lying in the forest
  16. How Pero Sanchez and the other knights defied the Infantes
  17. How those knights made their complaint to the king
  18. How Felez Munoz found a good man, who took the dames to bis house
  19. How Diego Tellez took these dames to Santesteban
  20. How Alvar Fanez demanded justice of the King against the Infantes
  21. How Alvar Fanez went for the dames
  22. How Pero Bermudez returned to Valencia
  23. How the dames returned to Valencia


  1. How the Cid departed for the Cortes
  2. How the Infantes would fain have been held excused
  3. Of the meeting between the Cid and the King
  4. How the Cid sent his ivory seat to be placed in the palace
  5. Of the strife which was about to rise concerning the ivory seat
  6. How the Cid and his knights apparelled themselves and went to the Cortes
  7. How the King bade the Cid sit on his ivory seat
  8. How the King appointed Alcades to give judgment in this cause
  9. How the Cid demanded back Colada and Tizona
  10. How the Cid made his second demand against the Infantes
  11. How the Cid made his third demand against the Infantes
  12. How the Cid defied the Infantes
  13. How Pero Bermudez, being angered by the Cid, smote, down Count Don Garcia
  14. How the King said that he would give sentence in this matter
  15. How the battle was appointed, and the Cid named his champions
  16. How the Infantes of Aragón and Navarre sent to ask the daughters of the Cid in marriage
  17. How the Cid committed his three knights to the King’s protection
  18. Of the nobleness with which the Cid distributed his treasure
  19. How the Cid would have given Bavieca to the King
  20. Of what the Cid said to his three knights


  1. How the King went to Carrion
  2. How the Infantes sent to desire that Colada and Tizona might not be used against them
  3. How they entered the lists
  4. Of the combat between Pero Bermudez and Ferrando Gonzalez
  5. Of the battle between Martin Antolinez and Diego Gonzalez
  6. Of the battle between Muño Gusticz and Suero Gonzalez
  7. How the Infantes of Carrion were declared traitors
  8. Of the great joy which was made in Valencia
  9. How the Soldán of Persia sent presents to the Cid
  10. Of the presents which the Soldán sent
  11. Of what passed between the messenscnger of the Soldán and the Cid
  12. Of the reason why the Soldán sent this great present
  13. Of the coming of the Infantes of Aragón and Navarre
  14. Of the marriage of the Infantes
  15. How the messenger of the Soldán was despatched
  16. How the Alcade of Valencia was baptized


  1. How tidings came that King Bucar was coming against Valencia
  2. How St., Peter appeared unto the Cid
  3. How the Cid spake to his people
  4. How the Cid took to his bed
  5. How the Cid appointed what should be done after his death
  6. How the Cid made his testament and departed
  7. How King Bucar came up against the city
  8. How the Christians went out from Valencia
  9. How King Bucar was utterly discomfited
  10. How the Moors went into the city
  11. How the sons-in-law of the Cid came to meet the body
  12. How King Don Alfonso came to do honor to the Cid
  13. How the body of the Cid was placed in his ivory chair
  14. How the company brake up after this was done
  15. Of the care which was taken of Bavieca
  16. Of the death of Doña Ximena
  17. Of what happened to a Jew who would have taken the Cid by the beard
  18. How the body of the Cid was interred
  19. Of the death of Gil Diaz
  20. How the King of Navarre restored the booty which he had taken, in honor to the Cid
  21. How the Cid went to the great battle of the Navas de Tolosa
  22. How King Don Alfonso the Wise removed the body of the Cid
  23. Of the second removal of the body, and how it was resolved to remove it again
  24. Of the ceremonies before the lid of the tomb was lifted
  25. How the third translation was performed
  26. Of the miraculous rain which fell during this translation
  27. Of the letter which the Emperor issued touching this translation
  28. How the tombs were translated to the middle of the great Chapel
  29. Of the state of those tombs at the present time
  30. Of the relicks of the Cid
  31. How the Cid should have been canonized

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