The Life and Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves, by Tobias Smollett

Table of Contents

  1. In which certain personages of this delightful history are introduced to the reader’s acquaintance.
  2. In which the hero of these adventures makes his first appearance on the stage of action.
  3. Which the reader, on perusal, may wish were chapter the last.
  4. In which it appears that the knight, when heartily set in for sleeping, was not easily disturbed.
  5. In which this recapitulation draws to a close.
  6. In which the reader will perceive that in some cases madness is catching.
  7. In which the knight resumes his importance.
  8. Which is within a hair’s-breadth of proving highly interesting.
  9. Which may serve to show, that true patriotism is of no party.
  10. Which showeth that he who plays at bowls, will sometimes meet with rubbers.
  11. Description of a modern magistrate.
  12. Which shows there are more ways to kill a dog than hanging.
  13. In which our knight is tantalised with a transient glimpse of Felicity.
  14. Which shows that a man cannot always sip, when the cup is at his lip.
  15. Exhibiting an interview, which, it is to be hoped, will interest the curiosity of the reader.
  16. Which, it is to be hoped, the reader will find an agreeable medley of mirth and madness, sense and absurdity.
  17. Containing adventures of chivalry equally new and surprising.
  18. In which the rays of chivalry shine with renovated lustre.
  19. Containing the achievements of the knights of the Griffin and Crescent.
  20. In which our hero descends into the mansion of the damned.
  21. Containing further anecdotes relating to the children on wretchedness.
  22. In which Captain Crowe is sublimed into the regions on Astrology.
  23. In which the clouds that cover the catastrophe begin to disperse.
  24. The knot that puzzles human wisdom, the hand of fortune sometimes will untie familiar as her garter.
  25. Which, it is to be hoped, will be, on more accounts than one, agreeable to the reader.

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