M. P. Shiel, 1865-1947

Biographical note

British writer of West Indian descent. He is remembered mostly for supernatural and scientific romances, published as serials, novels, and as short stories. The Purple Cloud (1901; 1929) remains his most famous and often reprinted novel.



Short stories

Short story collections

  • Prince Zaleski [1895]
    1. “The Race of Orven”
    2. “The Stone of the Edmundsbury Monks”
    3. “The S.S.”
  • Shapes in the Fire [1896]
    1. Xélucha
    2. Maria in the Rose-bush
    3. Vaila
    4. Premier and Maker
    5. Tulsah
    6. The Serpent-ship
    7. Phorfor
  • The Pale Ape and Other Pulses [1911]
    "The Pale Ape," "The Case of Euphemia Raphash," the three-part "Cummings King Monk," "A Bundle of Letters," "Huegenin's Wife," "Many a Tear", "The House of Sounds" [revision of "Vaila"], "The Spectre Ship," "The Great King," "The Bride."
  • Here Comes the Lady [1928]
    "The Tale of Hugh and Agatha," "The Tale of Henry and Rowena," "The Tale of Gaston and Mathilde," "No. 16 Brook Street," "The Tale of One in Two," "The Tale of Charley and Barbara," "The Bell of St. Sépulcre," "The Primate of the Rose," "The Corner in Cotton," "Dark Lot of One Saul," "The Tale of Adam and Hannah."
  • The Invisible Voices [1935]
    "The Panel Day," "The Adore Day," "The Rock Day [The Vulture's Rock]," "The Diary Day," "The Cat Day," "The Lion Day," "The Place of Pain Day," "The Vengeance Day," "The Venetian Day," "The Future Day," "The Goat Day."
  • The Best Short Stories of M. P. Shiel [1948]
    "The Race of Orven," "The Stone of the Edmundsbury Monks," "The S.S.," "Xélucha," "Vaila," "Tulsah," "Phorfor," "Huegenin's Wife," "Monk Wakes an Echo," "The Bride," "Dark Lot of One Saul," "The Primate of the Rose."
  • Xelucha and Others [1975]
  • Prince Zaleski and Cummings King Monk [1977]
  • The Empress of the Earth; The Purple Could; and Some Short Stories [1979]
  • The Works of M. P. Shiel Vol. I, Writings – offprints of the original periodical editions, with period illustrations; The Empress of the Earth was the original serial version of The Yellow Danger; stories from 1893–1911: "Guy Harkaway's Substitute," "The Eagle's Crag," "A Puzzling Case," "Huguenin's Wife," "The Case of Euphemia Raphash," "Wayward Love," "The Spectre Ship," "The Secret Panel," "A Night in Venice," "The Battle of Waterloo," "Ben," "The Bride," "Many a Tear," "Miche," and "A Good Thing."
  • Xélucha and The Primate of the Rose [1994]
    Xélucha, The Primate of the Rose
  • The House of Sounds and Others [2005]
    Xélucha, The Pale Ape, The Case of Euphemia Raphash, Huguenin's Wife, The House of Sounds, The Great King, The Bride, The Purple Cloud, Vaila
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