Richard II, by William Shakespeare

Table of Contents

Characters of the Play

Act I

  1. Scene I. London. King Richard II’s palace.
  2. Scene II. The Duke Of Lancaster’s palace.
  3. Scene III. The lists at Coventry.
  4. Scene IV. The court.

Act II

  1. Scene I. Ely House.
  2. Scene II. The palace.
  3. Scene III. Wilds in Gloucestershire.
  4. Scene IV. A camp in Wales.


  1. Scene I. Bristol. Before the castle.
  2. Scene II. The coast of Wales. A castle in view.
  3. Scene III. Wales. Before Flint castle.
  4. Scene IV. Langley. The Duke Of York’s garden.

Act IV

  1. Scene I. Westminster Hall.

Act V

  1. Scene I. London. A street leading to the Tower.
  2. Scene II. The Duke Of York’s palace.
  3. Scene III. A royal palace.
  4. Scene IV. The same.
  5. Scene V. Pomfret castle.
  6. Scene Vi. Windsor castle.

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