King John, by William Shakespeare

Table of Contents

Characters of the Play

Act I

  1. Scene I. King John’s palace.

Act II

  1. Scene I. France. Before Angiers.


  1. Scene I. The French King’s pavilion.
  2. Scene II. The same. Plains near Angiers.
  3. Scene III. The same.
  4. Scene IV. The same. King Philip’s tent.

Act IV

  1. Scene I. A room in a castle.
  2. Scene II. King John’s palace.
  3. Scene III. Before the castle.

Act V

  1. Scene I. King John’s palace.
  2. Scene II. Lewis’s camp at St. Edmundsbury.
  3. Scene III. The field of battle.
  4. Scene IV. Another part of the field.
  5. Scene V. The French camp.
  6. Scene Vi. An open place in the neighbourhood of Swinstead Abbey.
  7. Scene Vii. The orchard in Swinstead Abbey.

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