Henry IV, part 2, by William Shakespeare

Table of Contents

Characters of the Play


Act I

  1. Scene I. The same.
  2. Scene II. London. A street.
  3. Scene III. York. The Archbishop’s palace.

Act II

  1. Scene I. London. A street.
  2. Scene II. London. Another street.
  3. Scene III. Warkworth. Before the castle.
  4. Scene IV. London. The Boar’s-head Tavern in Eastcheap.


  1. Scene I. Westminster. The palace.
  2. Scene II. Gloucestershire. Before Shallow’s house.

Act IV

  1. Scene I. Yorkshire. Gaultree Forest.
  2. Scene II. Another part of the forest.
  3. Scene III. Another part of the forest.
  4. Scene IV. Westminster. The Jerusalem Chamber.
  5. Scene V. Another chamber.

Act V

  1. Scene I. Gloucestershire. Shallow’s house.
  2. Scene II. Westminster. The palace.
  3. Scene III. Gloucestershire. Shallow’s orchard.
  4. Scene IV. London. A street.
  5. Scene V. A public place near Westminster Abbey.



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