Henry IV, part 2, by William Shakespeare

Characters of the Play

Rumour, the Presenter. King Henry IV.

Henry, Prince of Wales, Prince John of Lancaster, Prince Humphrey of Gloucester, Thomas, Duke of Clarence, Sons of Henry IV.

Earl of Northumberland, Scroop, Archbishop Of York, Lord Mowbray, Lord Hastings, Lord Bardolph, Sir John Colevile, Travers and Morton, retainers of Northumberland, Opposites against King Henry IV.

Earl of Warwick, Earl of Westmoreland, Earl of Surrey, Earl of Kent, Gower, Harcourt, Blunt, Of the King's party.

Lord Chief-Justice and Servant.

Sir John Falstaff, Edward Poins, Bardolph, Pistol, Peto, Irregular humourists.

Page, to Falstaff.

Robert Shallow and Silence, country Justices.
Davy, servant to Shallow.

Fang and Snare, Sheriff's officers

Ralph Mouldy, Simon Shadow, Thomas Wart, Francis Feeble, Peter Bullcalf, Country soldiers

Lady Northumberland.
Lady Percy, Percy's widow.
Mistress Quickly, Hostess of the Boar's Head, Eastcheap.
Doll Tearsheet.

Lords, Attendants, Porter, Drawers, Beadles, Grooms, Servants, name of the Epilogue

Scene: England


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