Cymbeline, by William Shakespeare

Characters of the Play

Cymbeline, king of Britain.
Cloten, son to the Queen by a former husband.
Posthumus Leonatus, a gentleman, husband to Imogen.

Belarius, a banished lord, disguised under the name of Morgan. Guiderius, Arviragus, sons to Cymbeline, disguised under the names of Polydote and Cadwal, supposed sons to Morgan.

Philario, friend to Posthumus, and Iachimo, friend to Philario, Italians.

Caius Lucius, general of the Roman forces.
Pisanio, servant to Posthumus.
Cornelius, a physician.

A Roman Captain. Two British Captains.
A Frenchman, friend to Philario.
Two Lords of Cymbeline's court.
Two Gentlemen of the same.
Two Gaolers.

Queen, wife to Cymbeline.
Imogen, daughter to Cymbeline by a former queen.
Helen, a lady attending on Imogen.

Lords, Ladies, Roman Senators, Tribunes, a Soothsayer, a Dutchman, a Spaniard, Musicians, Officers, Captains, Soldiers, Messengers, and other Attendants.


Scene: Britain; Rome.

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