Redgauntlet, by Walter Scott


ABOON, above.
AD LITEM, in law.
AD VINDICTAM PUBLICAM, for the public defence.
ADUST, looking as if burned or scorched.
AE, one.
AFFLATUS, breath, inspiration.
AIRT, direct.
ALCANDER, a Greek soothsayer.
ALIMENTARY, nourishing.
ALQUIFE, an enchanter in the mediaeval romances of knight-errantry.
AMADIS, a hero of the romances, especially in Amadis of Gaul.
ANENT, about.
ANES, once.
ANNO DOMINI, in the year of the Lord.
ARGUMENTUM AD HOMINEM, AD FEMINAM, lit. ‘the argument to a man, to a woman,’ refutation of a man’s argument by an example drawn from his own conduct.
ARIES, earnest-money, a gift.
ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS, art is long, life short.
ARS MEDENDI, art of medicine.
APPROBATE, approve.
AULD REEKIE, Edinburgh.
ADVOCATO DEL DIABOLO, lit. ‘the devil’s advocate’, one whose duty it is to oppose the canonization of a person on whose behalf claims to sanctity are made.
AWSOME, awful, fearful.

BACK-GANGING, behind hand in paying.
BACKSPAUL, the back of the shoulder.
BALLANT, a ballad, a fable.
BANNOCK, a flat, round cake. BARLEY-BROO, barley-broth.
BARON-OFFICER, the magistrate’s officer in a burgh of barony.
BARTIZAN, a small overhanging turret, the battlements.
BEAUFET, cupboard.
BEAVER, the lower part of the helmet. BEIN, comfortable.
BELISARIUS, a general of the Eastern Empire ungratefully treated by the Emperor Justinian.
BENEDICTE, bless you.
BETIMES THE MORN, early in the morning.
BICKER, a wooden vessel for holding drink; a quarrel.
BILLIE, a term of familiarity, comrade.
BIRKIE, a smart fellow.
BIRLING, merry-making.
BIT, small.
BLATE, shy, bashful.
BLAWING, flattering.
BLEEZING, bragging.
BLUE-CAP, a Scotsman.
BOGLE, a ghost, a scarecrow.
BON VIVANTS, lovers of good living.
BONA ROBA, a showy wanton.
BONUS SOCIUS, good comrade.
BORREL, common, rude.
BRAID, broad.
BRASH, a sudden storm, an attack.
BRATTLE, a clattering noise, as of a horse going at full speed.
BRAW, brave, fine.
BRENT BROO, high brow.
BROCARD, maxim.
BROSE, oatmeal which has had boiling water poured upon it.
BROWN, a famous landscape gardener.
BROWST, a brewing.
BUCEPHALUS, the favourite horse of Alexander the Great.
BUCKIE, an imp, a fellow with an evil twist in his character.
BUFF NOR STYE, neither one thing nor another.
BUFFERS, pistols.
BUSK, deck up.
BY ORDINAR, extraordinary, uncommon.
BYE AND ATTOUR, over and above.

CADGER, a travelling dealer.
CADDIE, a porter, an errand-boy.
CAETERA PRORSUS IGNORO, in short, I know nothing of the rest.
CALLANT, a young lad.
CALLER, cool, fresh.
CANNY, shrewd, prudent, quiet.
CANTLE, fragment. CAPERNOITED, crabbed, foolish.
CAPRICCIOS, a fanciful composition. CAPRIOLE, a leap made by a horse without advancing.
CARDINAL, a woman’s cloak.
CARLINES, old women.
Catilina had surrounded himself with the most vile and criminal company.
CAUSEWAY, path, roadway.
CAVALIERE SERVENTE, gentleman in attendance.
CAVE NE LITERAS, ETC. take care that you are not carrying
Bellerophon’s letters (letters unfavourable to the bearer).
CHACK, a slight repast.
CHANCY, safe, auspicious.
CHANGE-HOUSE, a small inn or ale-house.
CHANTER, the tenor or treble pipe in a bag-pipe.
CHAPE, a thin metal blade at the end of a scabbard.
CHAPEAU BRAS, a low, three-cornered hat.
CHOUGH, a bird of the crow family.
CHUCKY, fowl.
CHUCKY-STONES, small stones, a child’s game.
CLAP AND HOPPER, signs of the mill.
CLAVERS, gossip, idle talk.
CLEEK, lay hold on.
CLEIK IN, to join company.
CLOSE, an alley, a narrow way.
CLOSE-HEADS, the entry to an alley, a meeting-place for gossips.
CLOUR, to strike, to bump.
COBLE, a little boat.
COCKERNONY, top-knot.
COGIE, small wooden bowl.
COMMUNE FORUM, ETC. the common court is the common dwelling-place.
CORDWAIN, Spanish leather.
CORIOLANUS, a Roman patrician, who, being driven from the city,
took refuge with Aufidius, the leader of the Volsci.
COUP, fall, upset.
COURIER DE L’EUROPE, a newspaper.
COVYNE, artifice.
CRACK, gossip.
CRAIG, throat, neck.
CRAWSTEP, the steplike edges of a gable seen in some old houses.
CREEL, basket carried on the back.
CREMONY, Cremona [where the best fiddles were made].
CROWDER, fiddler.
CUR ME EXAMINAS QUERELIS TUIS?, why do you wear me out with your
CURN, a very little.

DAFT, crazy.
DAIS, a canopy, a table placed above the others, a room of state.
DARGLE, dell.
DAURG, day’s work.
DE APICIBUS JURIS, from the high places of the law.
DE PERICULO ET COMMODO REI VENDITAE, concerning the risk and profit of sales.
DEAD-THRAW, death-thraw.
DEBOSHED, debauched.
DEFORCEMENT— SPULZIE— SOUTHRIEF, legal terms for resisting an
officer of law.
DEIL, devil.
DELATE, accuse.
DELICT, misdemeanour, QUASI DELICT, apparent offence.
DEPONE, to testify.
DERNIER RESORT, last resort.
DIABLERIE, sorcery, witchcraft.
DILIGENCE, writ of execution, coach.
DING, to knock, beat down.
DIRDUM, uproar, disturbance.
DITTAY, an indictment.
DIVOT, thin turf used for thatching cottages.
DOCH AN DORROCH, the stirrup cup.
DOMINUS LITIS, one of the principals in a law suit.
DOOL, sorrow, sad consequences.
DOOR-CHEEK, door-post.
DOUCE, respectable.
DRAMATIS PERSONAE, persons of the drama.
DRAPPIT, fried.
DRIBBLE, a drop.
DRIFT, drift-snow.
DULCINEA, Don Quixote’s imaginary mistress.
DUNSTABLE, something simple and matter-of-fact.
DYVOUR, bankrupt.

EKE, addition.
EMBONPOINT, plumpness.
EN CROUPE, riding behind one another.
ET PER CONTRA, and on the other side.
EVITE, avoid.
EX COMITATE, out of courtesy.
EX MISERICORDIA, out of pity.
EXCEPTIO FIRMAT REGULAM, the exception proves the rule.
EXOTIC, of foreign origin.

FACTOR LOCO TUTORIS, an agent acting in place of a guardian.
FARDEL, burden.
FASH, FASHERIE, trouble.
FECK, space.
FEMME DE CHAMBRE, chamber-maid.
FIERI, to be made.
FLACON, a smelling bottle.
FLAP, gust. FLIP, a drink consisting of beer and spirit sweetened.
FLORY, frothy. FORBY, besides.
FORENSIC, legal.
FORFOUGHEN, out of breath, distressed. FORPIT, fourth part of a peck.
FORTALICE, a small outwork.
FRIST, to postpone, give credit, FUGIE, fugitive.
FUNCTUS OFFICIO, having finished my duties, ‘out of office’.

GABERLUNZIE, a beggar.
GAEN, gone.
GALLOWAY, a strong Scotch cob. GANGREL, wandering, a vagrant.
GAR, to force, make.
GATE, way, road. GAUGER, an exciseman.
GENTRICE, gentle blood.
GIFF-GAFF, give and take. GIRDED, hooped like a barrel.
GIRN, to grin, cry.
GLAIKET, giddy, rash. GLIFF, glimpse, moment, GOWFF BA’, golf ball.
GRAINED, groaned. GRANA INVECTA ET ILLATA, grain brought and imported.
GRAT, wept.
GRILLADE, a broiled dish.
GRIT, great.
GROSSART, gooseberry.
GRUE, to creep, shiver, GUDESIRE, grandfather.
GUIDE, to deal with, to employ.
GUMPLE-FOISTED, sulky, sullen.
GWAY, very.
GYTES, contemptuous name for a young child, a brat.

HAFFLINS, half-grown. HAILL, all, the whole. HAIRST, harvest. HAMESUCKEN, assaulting a person in his own house.
HAMSHACKLE, to fasten. HANK, a hold.
HAP, to hop, turn from.
HARPOCRATES, an Egyptian god, supposed by the Greeks to be the god of silence.
HAUGH, holm, low-lying flat ground.
HAULD, place of abode.
HAVINGS, behaviour.
HEFTED, closed, as a knife in its haft.
HELLICAT, extravagant, light-headed.
HEMPEY, rogue.
HET, hot.
HEUCK, sickle.
HINC ILLAE LACRYMAE, hence these tears.
HINNY, honey, a term of endearment.
HIPPOGRIFF, a fabulous winged animal, half horse and half griffin.
HODDIN-GREY, cloth manufactured from undyed wool.
HOMOLOGATING, ratifying, approving.
HOOKS, OFF THE, light-headed.
HOSE-NET, a small net used for rivulet fishing.
HOW-COME-SO, light-headed.
HUMOURSOME, subject to moods.
HUSSEY, lady’s needle-case.
HYSON, green tea from China.

IGNIS FATUUS, will o’ the wisp.
ILK, each; of the same name, as Redgauntlet of that Ilk =Redgauntlet of Redgauntlet.
ILL-DEEDIE, mischievous.
ILL-FAUR’D, ugly, ill-favoured.
IN CIVILIBUS or CRIMINALIBUS, in civil or criminal causes.
IN FORO CONSCIENTIAE, in the assize of conscience.
IN MEDITATIONE FUGAE, meditating flight.
INCEDIT SICUT LEO VORANS, goeth about like a roaring lion.
INCOGNITA, unknown.
INFRA DIG, beneath one’s dignity.
INSTANTER, at once.
INTROMIT, to medldle with.
INVITA MINERVA, against my bent.

JACK, a metal pitcher.
JAZY, wig.
JET D’EAU, jet of water.
JORUM, a drinking-vessel, or the liquor in it.
JOW, to toll.
JURIDICAL, pertaining to a judge or to the courts.

KATTERFELTO, a famous quack.
KEEK, to look.
KEFFEL, a bad horse.

LAIGH, low.
LAND-LOUPER, runagate, vagabond.
LARES, household gods, the special divinities of a family.
LAP, leaped; fold.
LAVE, rest, remainder. LAWING, inn reckoning.
LEAL, loyal, true.
LEASING-MAKING, lies, slander, seditious words.
LEASOWES, the estate of the poet Shenstone.
LEE-SIDE, the side of a vessel farthest from the point where the wind blows.
LEESOME LANE, his dear self alone.
LEEVIN, living.
LEE WAY, arrears of work.
LEG, TO MAKE A, to bow.
LETTRES DE CACHET, sealed letters issued by the King of France,
conferring power over the liberty of others.
LEX AQUARUM, the law of the waters.
LIMMER, a loose woman, a jade.
LING, thin long grass, heather.
LOANING, a meadow, pasture where the cows were milked,
LOE, love.
LOON, fellow, rogue.
LOOPY, crafty.
LOUIS-D’OR, a French gold coin worth from 16s, 6d. to 18s. 9d.
LOUP, leap.
LOUP-THE-DYKE, giddy, runaway.
LOUP THE TETHER, breaking loose from restraint.
LUCKY, a name given to an elderly dame.
LUG, the ear.
LUM, chimney.

MACER, a court official.
MAILING, a small farm or rented property. MAILS, rents.
MALVERSATION, fraudulent tricks.
MANUMISSION, liberty. MARCH, border.
MARE MAGNUM, the great sea.
MARIUS, a Roman general, leader in the civil war against Sulla.
MEAR, mare.
MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN, the writing seen by Belshazzar (Daniel V. 25).
MENYIE, retinue.
MERIDIAN, noon; a mid-day drink.
MERK, an old Scottish coin=1s. 1 1/2d. in English money.
MESSAN, a lap-dog, a little dog.
MICKLE, much.
MIFFED, piqued.
MILLAR, Philip Millar, author of several works on gardening.
MINOS, a law-giver of Crete, afterwards set as a judge in Hades.
MISHANTER, mischief.
MISPRISION OF TREASON, concealment of treason.
MOIDART, a loch in Inverness, where Prince Charles Stuart landed,
MOIDORE, a gold coin of Portugal worth about L1 7s. 0d.
MORE SOLITO, in the accustomed manner.
MORE TUO, in your own way.
MUILS, slippers.
MUISTED, scented.
MUTCHKIN, English pint.

NE QUID NIMIS, do nothing in excess.
‘it is denied,’ I deny it.
NEGOTIORUM GESTOR, manager of affairs.
NEREID, a sea-nymph.
NIGRI SUNT HYACINTHI, irises are dark flowers.
NIHIL NOVIT IN CAUSA, nothing is known of the case.
NIPPERKIN, a small cup, a liquid measure.
NOM DE GUERRE, professional name.
NOMINE DAMNI, in the name of damages.
NONJURING, not swearing allegiance to the government, loyal to the Stuarts.
NOSCITUR A SOCIO, he is known by his friend.
NOVITER REPERTUM, newly discovered.

OHE, JAM SATIS, oh, enough.
OMNE IGNOTUM PRO TERRIBILI, the unknown is always held in terror.
OMNI SUSPICIONE MAJOR, above all suspicion.
ORESTES AND PYLADES, DAMON AND PYTHIAS, classical examples of friendship.
ORIGO MALI, cause of the evil.
ORNATURE, adornment, decoration.
ORRA, odd.
OVERTURE, opening.
OWERLAY, cravat.
OYE, a grandson.

PACK OR PEEL, to traffic.
PANDE MANUM, hold out your hand.
PANDECTS, a digest of Roman law.
PAR EXCELLENCE, above all, specially.
PAR ORDONNANCE DU MEDECIN, by the doctor’s orders.
PARMA NON BENE SELECTA, a shield, or defence, not well chosen.
PAROCHINE, parish.
PATER NOSTER, Our Father, the Lord’s Prayer.
PATRIA POTESTAS, paternal authority. PAWMIE, a stroke on the palm of the hand.
PEACH, betray, speak out. PEEL-HOUSE, a small fortified house, or tower.
PEGASUS, the winged horse of the Muses.
PENDENTE LITE, whilst the case is proceeding.
PENDICLES, articles, small parts.
PER AMBAGES, by circumlocution, in a roundabout way.
PER CONTRA, on the other side.
PERDU, concealed, lost.
PERIPATETIC, walking, wandering.
PESSIMI EXEMPLI, the worst possible example.
PETTLE, a plough-staff.
PHALARIS’S BULL, a furnace shaped like a bull into which the tyrant Phalaris used to cast his victims.
PISCATOR, fisherman.
PISTOLE, a gold coin worth about 16s.
PLACK, a small copper coin, equal to one-third of an English penny.
PLEACH, interweave.
PLICATIONS, folds, wrinkles.
PLOY, a frolic.
POCK-PUDDING, a contemptuous term applied to Englishmen
POINT D’ESPAGNE, Spanish lace.
POKE, pocket.
PORT ROYAL, a monastery near Paris which became the headquarters
of the Jansenists, the opponents of the Jesuits.
POSSE COMITATUS, the civil force of a county.
POUND SCOTS, worth about 1s. 8d. English money.
PRACTIQUES, practices of the profession.
PRECOGNITION, examination prior to prosecution.
PRECOGNOSCED, to take precognition of.
PRETERMIT, omit, pass by.
PURSUIVANTS, an officer-at-arms, in rank below a herald.

QUAERE, query, a question.
QUEAN, a young woman, a wench.
QUI VIVE, alert, cautious.
QUID, piece of tobacco to chew.
QUID TIBI CUM LYRA, what hast thou to do with the lyre? QUORUM, the body of justices, so called from a word used in the commission appointing them.

RANT, a noisy dance-tune.
RAPPAREE, an Irish plunderer; a worthless fellow, RATIONE OFFICII, by virtue of his position.
RATTLING, lively, brisk.
RAX, stretch.
REAMING, frothing, foaming.
REDD, clear up, tidy. REGIAM MAJESTATEM, a collection of Scotch laws.
REIVER, robber.
REMEDIUM JURIS, legal remedy.
RIGDUM-FUNNIDOS, a courtier in H. Carey’s burlesque, CHRONONHOTONTHOLOGOS.
RIPE, search.
RUDAS, a scold, a virago.
RUG, a share, a good mouthful.

SANCTA WINIFREDA, ORA PRO NOBIS, Saint Winifred, pray for us.
SARTUM ATQUE TECTUM, repaired and covered.
SAT EST, it is enough.
SAWNEY, a nickname for a Scotchman.
SCARBOROUGH WARNING, the blow before the threat. SCOWP, quaff.
SCRUB, the name of a footman in the BEAUX’ STRATAGEM (Geo. Farquhar, 1704).
SCULDUDDERY, loose, immoral.
SEALGH, seal,
SEA-MAWS, sea-mews.
SECUNDUM ARTEM, according to the rules of his art.
SEDERUNT, a sitting of the courts.
SEMPLE, simple, not of gentle birth,
SHILPIT, weak; poor, shabby.
SHINGLES, thin boards used for roofs.
SI NON CASTE, CAUTE TAMEN, if not for virtue’s sake, yet for
SIB, kin.
SIGMA, the Greek S.
SINE DIE, without a date, indefinitely.
SIS MEMOR MEI, be mindful of me.
SKELLOCH, screech.
SKINKER, a server of liquor.
SKIRL, to scream.
SKIVIE, harebrained.
SLEEKIT, smooth.
SLOKEN, quench.
SNELL, sharp, terrible.
SNICKERS, sniggers.
SOCIETAS EST MATER DISCORDIARUM, partnership is the mother of
SOLITAIRE, an ornament for the neck.
SOLON, the law-giver of Athens.
SONSY, good-humoured, sensible.
SORT, to chastise; to manage.
SORTES VIRGILIANAE, Virgilian lots; opening the works of Virgil at
random and taking the first passage read for counsel.
SOUGH, a breath, a chant.
SOUPLE, active; supple in mind or body.
SOUTER’S CLOD, a kind of coarse black bread.
SPATTERDASHES, coverings for the legs to protect them from mud.
SPEER, ask.
SPLICE THE MAIN BRACE, have an extra allowance of spirits.
SPLORE, a frolic, quarrel.
SPRATTLE, struggle, scramble.
SPRING, a merry tune.
SPRUSH, spruce.
SPULE-BLADE, shoulder blade,
SPUNK, courage, fire: SPUNKS, matches.
STEND, take long steps.
STEWARTRY, territory in Scotland administered by a steward.
STIBBLER, a divinity student, a probationer.
STILTS, plough-handles.
STUNKARD, sullen, obstinate.
SUA QUEMQUE TRAHIT VOLUPTAS, his own peculiar pleasure allures
SURTOUT, a tight-fitting, broad-skirted outer coat.
SWIPES, small beer.

TAES, toes. TALIS QUALIS, of some kind. TAM MARTE QUAM MERCURIO, as much devoted to Mars as to Mercury (as much a soldier as a pleader).
TASS, a glass.
TAU, the Greek: T.
TERRA FIRMA, firm earth.
TESTE ME PER TOTUM NOCTEM VIGILANTE, I am witness as I was awake all night.
TETE-A-TETE, a private conversation.
THAIRM, catgut.
THEMIS, the goddess of law and justice.
THIRLAGE, mortgaging of property.
THREAP, aver.
THUMBIKINS, thumbscrews, instruments of torture.
TIMOTHEUS, a famous musician.
TIPPENY, twopenny ale,
TIRTEAFUERA, a character in DON QUIXOTE, the doctor in Sancho Panza’s island government.
TITHER, the other.
TOD, a bush, a fox.
TOOM, empty.
TOUR OUT, to look about.
TOY, a linen cap; a head-dress hanging down over the shoulders.
TRANCES, passages.
TUPTOWING, beating, from the Greek verb ‘tupto’, to strike.
TWALPENNY, one penny sterling.
TWASOME, a pair or couple.
TYNE, loss or forfeit.
TYRO, TYRONES, beginner, beginners; novice.

UNCO, very, uncommon, strange. URGANDA, an enchantress in the romance of AMADIS OF GAUL. USQUEBAUGH, whisky.

VADE RETRO, get thee behind me.
VALE, SIS MEMOR MEI, farewell, be mindful of me.
VARIUM ET MUTABILE SEMPER FEMINA, woman is always variable and changeful.
VERBUM SACERDOTIS, the word of a priest.
VIA FACTI, by personal force.
VINCERE VINCENTEM, to conquer the conquering.
VINCO VINCENTEM, ERGO VINCO TE, I conquer the conquering, therefore I conquer you.
VIOLER, a player on a viol.
VIR SAPIENTIA ET PIETATE GRAVIS, a man of much wisdom and piety.
VIS ANIMI, strength of soul.
VITIOUS, vicious, unruly.
VOET, Jan Voet, author of a book on the PANDECTS.

W.S., writer to the signet, a lawyer.
WALING, choosing.
WAME, stomach.
WANCHANCY, unlucky, dangerous.
WARE, spend.
WARK, work, trouble.
WAUR, worse.
WEARS, weirs, dams.
WEIGH-BANKS, scales.
WHIN, gorse.
WHITTLE, a small clasp-knife.
WITHERSHINS, backwards in their courses, in the contrary way.
WUD, mad.
WYND, yard, alley.

YAULD, active.
YELLOCH, yell.
YETTS, gates.
YILL, ale.

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