The Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, by Walter Scott

O Gin My Love Were Yon Red Rose.

O gin my love were yon red rose,

That grows upon the castle wa',

And I mysell a drap of dew,

Down on that red rose I would fa'.

O my love's bonny, bonny, bonny;

My love's bonny and fair to see:

Whene'er I look on her weel far'd face,

She looks and smiles again to me.

O gin my love were a pickle of wheat,

And growing upon yon lily lee,

And I mysell a bonny wee bird,

Awa wi' that pickle o' wheat I wad flee.

O my love's bonny, &c.

O gin my love were a coffer o' gowd,

And I the keeper o' the key,

I wad open the kist whene'er I list,

And in that coffer I wad be.

O my love's bonny, &c.

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