The Heart of Mid-Lothian, by Walter Scott


By Jedediah Cleishbotham.

Thus concludeth the Tale of “The Heart of Mid-Lothian,” which hath filled more pages than I opined. The Heart of Mid-Lothian is now no more, or rather it is transferred to the extreme side of the city, even as the Sieur Jean Baptiste Poquelin hath it, in his pleasant comedy called Le Me’decin Malgre’ Lui, where the simulated doctor wittily replieth to a charge, that he had placed the heart on the right side, instead of the left, “Cela e’tait autrefois ainsi, mais nous avons change’ tout cela.” Of which witty speech if any reader shall demand the purport, I have only to respond, that I teach the French as well as the Classical tongues, at the easy rate of five shillings per quarter, as my advertisements are periodically making known to the public.

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