The Story of Burnt Njal

Table of Contents

Prefatory Note to the One-Volume Edition.

Sir George Dasent’s Preface

Sir George Dasent’s Introduction.

  1. The Northmen in Iceland.
  2. Superstitions of the Race.
  3. Social Principles.
  4. Daily Life in Njal’s Time.
  5. Conclusion.

The Saga of Burnt Njal.

  1. Of Fiddle Mord.
  2. Hrut Woos Unna.
  3. Hrut and Gunnhillda, Kings Mother.
  4. Of Hrut’s Cruise.
  5. Atli Arnvid Son’s Slaying.
  6. Hrut Sails Out to Iceland.
  7. Unna Separates from Hrut.
  8. Mord Claims His Goods from Hrut.
  9. Thorwald Gets Hallgerda to Wife.
  10. Hallgerda’s Wedding.
  11. Thorwald’s Slaying.
  12. Thiostolf’s Flight.
  13. Glum’s Wooing.
  14. Glum’s Wedding.
  15. Thiostolf Goes to Glum’s House.
  16. Glum’s Sheep Hunt.
  17. Glum’s Slaying.
  18. Fiddle Mord’s Death.
  19. Gunnar Comes into the Story.
  20. Of Njal and His Children.
  21. Unna Goes to See Gunnar.
  22. Njal’s Advice.
  23. Huckster Hedinn.
  24. Gunnar and Hrut Strive at the Thing.
  25. Unna’s Second Wedding.
  26. Of Asgrim and His Children.
  27. Helgi Njal’s Son’s Wooing.
  28. Hallvard Comes Out to Iceland.
  29. Gunnar Goes Abroad.
  30. Gunnar Goes a-Sea-Roving.
  31. Gunnar Goes to King Harold Gorm’s Son and Earl Hacon.
  32. Gunnar Comes Out to Iceland.
  33. Gunnar’s Wooing.
  34. Of Thrain Sigfus’ Son.
  35. The Visit to Bergthorsknoll.
  36. Kol Slew Swart.
  37. The Slaying of Kol, Whom Atli Slew.
  38. The Killing of Atli the Thrall.
  39. The Slaying of Brynjolf the Unruly.
  40. Gunnar and Njal Make Peace About Brynjolf’s Slaying.
  41. Sigmund Comes Out to Iceland.
  42. The Slaying of Thord Freedsmanson.
  43. Njal and Gunnar Make Peace for the Slaying of Thord.
  44. Sigmund Mocks Njal and His Sons.
  45. The Slaying of Sigmund and Skiolld.
  46. Of Gizur the White and Geir the Priest.
  47. Of Otkell in Kirkby.
  48. How Hallgerda Makes Malcolm Steal from Kirkby.
  49. Of Skamkell’s Evil Counsel.
  50. Of Skamkell’s Lying.
  51. Of Gunnar.
  52. Of Runolf, the Son of Wolf Aurpriest.
  53. How Otkell Rode Over Gunnar.
  54. The Fight at Rangriver.
  55. Njal’s Advice to Gunnar.
  56. Gunnar and Geir the Priest Strive at the Thing.
  57. Of Starkad and His Sons.
  58. How Gunnar’s Horse Fought.
  59. Of Asgrim and Wolf Uggis’ Son.
  60. An Attack Against Gunnar Agreed on.
  61. Gunnar’s Dream.
  62. The Slaying of Hjort and Fourteen Men.
  63. Njal’s Counsel to Gunnar.
  64. Of Valgard and Mord.
  65. Of Fines and Atonements.
  66. Of Thorgeir Otkell’s Son.
  67. Of Thorgeir Starkad’s Son.
  68. Of Njal and Those Namesakes.
  69. Olaf the Peacock’s Gifts to Gunnar.
  70. Mord’s Counsel.
  71. The Slaying of Thorgeir Otkell’s Son.
  72. Of the Suits for Manslaughter at the Thing.
  73. Of the Atonement.
  74. Kolskegg Goes Abroad.
  75. The Riding to Lithend.
  76. Gunnar’s Slaying.
  77. Gunnar Sings a Song Dead.
  78. Gunnar of Lithend Avenged.
  79. Hogni Takes an Atonement for Gunnar’s Death.
  80. Of Kolskegg: How he was Baptised.
  81. Of Thrain: How he Slew Kol.
  82. Njal’s Sons Sail Abroad.
  83. Of Kari Solmund’s Son.
  84. Of Earl Sigurd.
  85. The Battle with the Earls.
  86. Hrapp’s Voyage from Iceland.
  87. Thrain Took to Hrapp.
  88. Earl Hacon Fights with Njal’s Sons.
  89. Njal’s Sons and Kari Come Out to Iceland.
  90. The Quarrel of Njal’s Sons with Thrain Sigfus’ Son.
  91. Thrain Sigfus’ Son’s Slaying.
  92. Kettle Takes Hauskuld as His Foster-Son.
  93. Njal Takes Hauskuld to Foster.
  94. Of Flosi Thord’s Son.
  95. Of Hall of the Side.
  96. Of the Change of Faith.
  97. Of Thangbrand’s Journeys.
  98. Of Thangbrand and Gudleif.
  99. Of Gest Oddleif’s Son.
  100. Of Gizur the White and Hjallti.
  101. Of Thorgeir of Lightwater.
  102. The Wedding of Hauskuld, the Priest of Whiteness.
  103. The Slaying of Hauskuld Njal’s Son.
  104. The Slaying of Lyting’s Brothers.
  105. Of Amund the Blind.
  106. Of Valgard the Guileful.
  107. Of Mord and Njal’s Sons.
  108. Of the Slander of Mord Valgard’s Son.
  109. Of Mord and Njal’s Sons.
  110. The Slaying of Hauskuld, the Priest of Whiteness.
  111. Of Hildigunna and Mord Valgard’s Son.
  112. The Pedigree of Gudmund the Powerful.
  113. Of Snorri the Priest, and His Stock.
  114. Of Flosi Thord’s Son.
  115. Of Flosi and Hildigunna.
  116. Of Flosi and Mord and the Sons of Sigfus.
  117. Njal and Skarphedinn Talk Together.
  118. Asgrim and Njal’s Sons Pray Men for Help.
  119. Of Skarphedinn and Thorkel Foulmouth.
  120. Of the Pleading of the Suit.
  121. Of the Award of Atonement Between Flosi and Njal.
  122. Of the Judges.
  123. An Attack Planned on Njal and His Sons.
  124. Of Portents.
  125. Flosi’s Journey from Home.
  126. Of Portents at Bergthorsknoll.
  127. The Onslaught on Bergthorsknoll.
  128. Njal’s Burning.
  129. Skarphedinn’s Death.
  130. Of Kari Solmund’s Son.
  131. Njal’s and Bergthora’s Bones Found.
  132. Flosi’s Dream.
  133. Of Flosi’s Journey and His Asking for Help.
  134. Of Thorhall and Kari.
  135. Of Flosi and the Burners.
  136. Of Thorgeir Craggeir.
  137. Of Eyjolf Bolverk’s Son.
  138. Of Asgrim, and Gizur, and Kari.
  139. Of Asgrim and Gudmund.
  140. Of the Declarations of the Suits.
  141. Now Men Go to the Courts.
  142. Of Eyjolf Bolverk’s Son.
  143. The Counsel of Thorhall Asgrim’s Son.
  144. Battle at the Althing.
  145. Of Kari and Thorgeir.
  146. The Award of Atonement with Thorgeir Craggeir.
  147. Kari Comes to Bjorn’s House in the Mark.
  148. Of Flosi and the Burners.
  149. Of Kari and Bjorn.
  150. More of Kari and Bjorn.
  151. Of Kari and Bjorn and Thorgeir.
  152. Flosi Goes Abroad.
  153. Kari Goes Abroad.
  154. Gunnar Lambi’s Son’s Slaying.
  155. Of Signs and Wonders.
  156. Brian’s Battle.
  157. The Slaying of Kol Thorstein’s Son.
  158. Of Flosi and Kari.

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