The Ethics of the Dust, by John Ruskin

Note to Second Edition.

Sentence out of letter from May (who is staying with Isabel just now at Cassel), dated 15th June, 1877:—

“I am reading the Ethics with a nice Irish girl who is staying here, and she’s just as puzzled as I’ve always been about the fire-flies, and we both want to know so much. — Please be a very nice old Lecturer, and tell us, won’t you?”

Well, May, you never were a vain girl; so could scarcely guess that I meant them for the light, unpursued vanities, which yet blind us, confused among the stars. One evening, as I came late into Siena, the fire-flies were flying high on a stormy sirocco wind, — the stars themselves no brighter, and all their host seeming, at moments, to fade as the insects faded.

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