On Our Selection, by Steele Rudd

Table of Contents

  1. Starting the Selection.
  2. Our First Harvest
  3. Before We Got The Deeds
  4. When the Wolf was at the Door.
  5. The Night We Watched For Wallabies.
  6. Good Old Bess.
  7. Cranky Jack.
  8. A Kangaroo–Hunt from Shingle Hut.
  9. Dave’s Snakebite.
  10. Dad And The Donovans.
  11. A Splendid Year For Corn.
  12. Kate’s Wedding.
  13. The Summer Old Bob Died.
  14. When Dan Came Home.
  15. Our Circus.
  16. When Joe Was In Charge.
  17. Dad’s “Fortune.”
  18. We Embark in the Bear Industry.
  19. Nell and Ned.
  20. The Cow We Bought.
  21. The Parson and the Scone.
  22. Callaghan’s Colt.
  23. The Agricultural Reporter.
  24. A Lady at Shingle Hut.
  25. The Man with the Bear–Skin Cap.
  26. One Christmas.


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