Charles de Sousy Ricketts, 1866-1931


Biographical note

English artist, illustrator, author and printer, best known for his work as book designer and typographer from 1896 to 1904 with the Vale Press, and his work in the theatre as a set and costume designer.


imageA bibliography of the books issued by Hacon & Ricketts [[London] : The book has been printed by the Ballantyne Press, under the supervision of C. Ricketts, who is the designer of the three founts and the decoration, ]
Ricketts, Charles S., 1866-1931
imageFifty songs [London, Vale and Ballantine Press, ]
Campion, Thomas, 1567-1620
imageThe Vale Shakespeare [Hacon & Ricketts, 1900]
William Shakespeare , Thomas Sturge Moore , Charles S. Ricketts , Vale Press
imageSonnets. [The text carefully prepared from the earliest editions by John Gray. The ornaments designed and cut on the wood by Charles S. Ricketts.] [[London Ballantyne Press], ]
Sidney, Philip, Sir, 1554-1586
imageDanaë : [a poem [London : Hacon & Ricketts ; New York : J. Lane, ]
Moore, T. Sturge (Thomas Sturge), 1870-1944
imageA defence of the revival of printing [[Colophon: Printed at the Ballantyne Press. Decorated by C. Ricketts. Sold by Hacon & Ricketts, ]
Ricketts, Charles S., 1866-1931
imageDramatic romances and lyrics [[London] : Printed at the Ballantyne Press : sold by Hacon & Ricketts, ]
Browning, Robert, 1812-1889
imageEcclesiastes: or, The preacher, and The Song of Solomon [[London, Printed at the Ballantyne Press, ]
Ballantyne Press. (1902)
imageEmpedocles on Etna, a dramatic poem [[London, The Ballantyne press, ]
Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888
imageIn memoriam [London : [Hacon and Ricketts], ]
Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron, 1809-1892
imageReligio medici ; [London : Hacon & Ricketts, The Vale Press ; New York : John Lane, ]
Browne, Thomas, Sir, 1605-1682
imageAbregé de l'art poetique françois [London, Hacon [et] Ricketts, ]
Ronsard, Pierre de, 1524-1585
imageFair Rosamund [Hacon & Ricketts, 1897]
Michael Field
imageHeirefter followis the quair maid be King Iames of Scotland the First callit The kingis quair and maid quhen His Maiestie was in Ingland [London : Hacon and Ricketts, ]
James I, King of Scotland, 1394-1437
imageHero and Leander [[London] : Sold by E. Matthews and J. Lane, ]
Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593
imagePoems dramatic and lyrical [London : Elkin Mathews and John Lane, ]
Warren, John Byrne Leicester, Baron de Tabley, 1835-1895
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