Sir Charles Grandison, by Samuel Richardson

Volume I.

Names of the Principal Persons.


George Selby, Esq.
John Greville, Esq.
Richard Fenwick, Esq.
Robert Orme, Esq.
Archibald Reeves, Esq.
Sir Rowland Meredith, Knt.
James Fowler, Esq.
Sir Hargrave Pollexfen, Bart.
The Earl of L. a Scottish nobleman.
Thomas Deane, Esq.
Sir Charles Grandison, Bart.
James Bagenhall, Esq.
Mr. Solomon Merceda.
John Jordan, Esq.
Sir Harry Beauchamp, Bart.
Edward Beauchamp, Esq. his son.
Everard Grandison, Esq.
The Rev. Dr. Bartlett.
Lord W. uncle to Sir Charles Grandison.
Lord G. son of the Earl of L.


Marchese della Porretta, the father.
Marchese della Porretta, his eldest son.
The Bishop of Nocera, his second son.
Signor Jeronymo della Porretta, third son.
Coute della Porretta, their uncle.
Count of Belvedere.
Father Marescotti.


Miss Harriet Byron.
Mrs. Shirley, her grandmother, by the mother's side.
Mrs. Selby, sister to Miss Byron's father, and wife of Mr. Selby.
Mrs. Nana i Selby, niece to Mr Selby
Miss Orme, sister of Mr. Orme.
Mrs. Reeves wife of Mr. Reeves, cousin of Miss Byron,
Lady Betty Williams.
The Countess of L. wife of Lord L. eldest sister of Sir Charles Grandison.
Miss Grandison, younger sister of Sir Charles.
Mrs. Eleanor Grandison, aunt to Sir Charles.
Miss Emily Jervois, his ward.
Lady Mansfield.
Lady Beauchamp.
The Countess Dowager of D.
Mrs. Hortensia Beaumont.


Marchese della Porretta.
Signora Clementina, her daughter.
Signora Juliana Sforza, sister to the Marchese della Porretta.
Signora Laurana, her daughter.
Signora Olivia.
Camilla, Lady Clementina’s governess.
Laura, her maid.

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