Old Fires and Profitable Ghosts , by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Table of Contents

  1. Oceanus
  2. The Seventh Man.
  3. The Room of Mirrors
  4. A Pair of Hands: An Old Maid’s Ghost-Story
  5. The Lady of the Ship
  6. Frozen Margit
  7. The Singular Adventure of a small Free-trader
  8. The Mystery of Joseph Laquedem
  9. Prisoners of War: A Reported Tale of Ardevora
  10. A Town’s Memory: A Pendant to the Foregoing
  11. The Lady of the Red Admirals
  12. The Penance of John Emmet.
  13. Elisha
  14. “Once Aboard the Lugger”
  15. Which?


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