The History of the Conquest of Peru, by William Hickling Prescott

Table of Contents


Book I

  1. Physical Aspect Of The Country. — Sources Of Peruvian Civilization. — Empire Of The Incas. — Royal Family. — Nobility.
  2. Orders Of The State. — Provisions For Justice. — Division Of Lands. — Revenues And Registers. — Great Roads And Posts. — Military Tactics And Policy.
  3. Peruvian Religion. — Deities. — Gorgeous Temples. — Festivals. — Virgins Of The Sun. — Marriage.
  4. Education. — Quipus. — Astronomy. — Agriculture. — Aqueducts. — Guano. — Important Esculents.
  5. Peruvian Sheep. — Great Hunts. — Manufactures. — Mechanical Skill. — Architecture. — Concluding Reflections.

Book II: Discovery Of Peru

  1. Ancient And Modern Science. — Art Of Navigation. — Maritime Discovery. — Spirit Of The Spaniards. — Possessions In The New World. — Rumors Concerning Peru.
  2. Francisco Pizarro. — His Early History. — First Expedition To The South. — Distresses Of The Voyagers. — Sharp Encounters. — Return To Panama. — Almagro’s Expedition.
  3. The Famous Contract. — Second Expedition. — Ruiz Explores The Coast. — Pizarro’s Sufferings In The Forests. — Arrival Of New Recruits. — Fresh Discoveries And Disasters. — Pizarro On The Isle Of Gallo.
  4. Indignation Of The Governor. — Stern Resolution Of Pizarro. — Prosecution Of The Voyage. — Brilliant Aspect Of Tumbez. — Discoveries Along The Coast. — Return To Panama. — Pizarro Embarks For Spain.

Book III: Conquest Of Peru

  1. Pizarro’s Reception At Court. — His Capitulation With The Crown. — He Visits His Birthplace. — Returns To The New World. — Difficulties With Almagro. — His Third Expedition. — Adventures On The Coast. — Battles In The Isle Of Puna.
  2. Peru At The Time Of The Conquest. — Reign Of Huayna Capac. — The Inca Brothers. — Contest For The Empire. — Triumph And Cruelties Of Atahuallpa.
  3. The Spaniards Land At Tumbez. — Pizarro Reconnoitres The Country. — Foundation Of San Miguel. — March Into The Interior. — Embassy From The Inca. — Adventures On The March — Reach The Foot Of The Andes.
  4. Severe Passage Of The Andes. — Embassies From Atahuallpa. — The Spaniards Reach Caxamalca. — Embassy To The Inca. — Interview With The Inca. — Despondency Of The Spaniards
  5. Desperate Plan Of Pizarro. — Atahuallpa Visits The Spaniards. — Horrible Massacre. — The Inca A Prisoner. — Conduct Of The Conquerors. — Splendid Promises Of The Inca — Death Of Huascar.
  6. Gold Arrives For The Ransom. — Visit To Pachacamac. — Demolition Of The Idol. — The Inca’s Favorite General. — The Inca’s Life In Confinement. — Envoy’s Conduct In Cuzco. — Arrival Of Almagro.
  7. Immense Amount Of Treasure. — Its Division Among The Troops — Rumors Of A Rising. — Trial Of The Inca. — His Execution — Reflections.
  8. Disorders In Peru. — March To Cuzco. — Encounter With The Natives. — Challcuchima Burnt. — Arrival In Cuzco. — Description Of The City. — Treasure Found There.
  9. New Inca Crowned. — Municipal Regulations. — Terrible March Of Alvarado. — Interview With Pizarro. — Foundation Of Lima. — Hernando Pizarro Reaches Spain. — Sensation At Court. — Feuds Of Almagro And The Pizarros.
  10. Escape Of The Inca. — Return Of Hernando Pizarro. — Rising Of The Peruvians. — Siege And Burning Of Cuzco. — Distresses Of The Spaniards. — Storming Of The Fortress. — Pizarro’s Dismay. — The Inca Raises The Siege.

Book IV: Civil Wars Of The Conquerors

  1. Almagro’s March To Chili. — Suffering Of The Troops. — He Returns And Seizes Cuzco. — Action Of Abancay. — Gaspar De Espinosa. — Almagro Leaves Cuzco. — Negotiations With Pizarro.
  2. First Civil War. — Almagro Retreats To Cuzco. — Battle Of Las Salinas. — Cruelty Of The Conquerors. — Trial And Execution Of Almagro. — His Character.
  3. Pizarro Revisits Cuzco. — Hernando Returns To Castile. — His long Imprisonment. — Commissioner Sent To Peru. — Hostilities With The Inca. — Pizarro’s Active Administration. — Gonzalo Pizarro.
  4. Gonzalo Pizarro’s Expedition. — Passage Across The Mountains. — Discovers The Napo. — Incredible Sufferings. — Orellana Sails Down The Amazon. — Despair Of The Spaniards. — The Survivors Return To Quito.
  5. The Almagro Faction. — Their Desperate Condition. — Conspiracy Against Francisco Pizarro. — Assassination Of Pizarro. — Acts Of The Conspirators. — Pizarro’s Character
  6. Movements Of The Conspirators. — Advance Of Vaca De Castro — Proceedings Of Almagro. — Progress Of The Governor. — The Forces Approach Each Other. — Bloody Plains Of Chupas. — Conduct Of Vaca De Castro.
  7. Abuses By The Conquerors. — Code For The Colonies. — Great Excitement In Peru. — Blasco Nunez The Viceroy. — His Severe Policy. — Opposed By Gonzalo Pizarro.
  8. The Viceroy Arrives At Lima. — Gonzalo Pizarro Marches From Cuzco. — Death Of The Inca Manco. — Rash Conduct Of The Viceroy. — Seized And Deposed By The Audience. — Gonzalo Proclaimed Governor Of Peru.
  9. Measures Of Gonzalo Pizarro. — Escape Of Vaca De Castro. Reappearance Of The Viceroy. — His Disastrous Retreat. — Defeat And Death Of The Viceroy. — Gonzalo Pizarro Lord Of Peru.

Book V: Settlement Of The Country

  1. Great Sensation In Spain. — Pedro De La Gasca. — His Early Life. — His Mission To Peru. — His Politic Conduct. — His Offers To Pizarro. — Gains The Fleet.
  2. Gasca Assembles His Forces. — Defection Of Pizarro’s Followers. — He Musters His Levies. — Agitation In Lima. — He Abandons The City. — Gasca Sails From Panama. — Bloody Battle Of Huarina.
  3. Dismay In Gasca’s Camp. — His Winter Quarters. — Resumes His March. — Crosses The Apurimac. — Pizarro’s Conduct In Cuzco. — He Encamps Near The City. — Rout Of Xaquixa Guana.
  4. Dismay In Gasca’s Camp. — His Winter Quarters. — Resumes His March. — Crosses The Apurimac. — Pizarro’s Conduct In Cuzco. — He Encamps Near The City. — Rout Of Xaquixa Guana.
  5. Execution Of Carbajal. — Gonzalo Pizarro Beheaded. — Spoils Of Victory. — Wise Reforms By Gasca. — He Returns To Spain. — His Death And Character.


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