The Dunciad, by Alexander Pope

Table of Contents

A Letter to the Publisher, Occasioned by the First Correct Edition of the Dunciad.

Martinus Scriblerus His Prolegomena and Illustrations to the Dunciad:

Testimonies of Authors Concerning Our Poet and His Works.

Martinus Scriblerus of the Poem.

Ricardus Aristarchus of the Hero of the Poem.

The Dunciad:

Book the First.
Book the Second.
Book the Third.
Book the Fourth.

Appendix to the Dunciad.

  1. Preface
  2. A List of Books, Papers, and Verses, in which Our Author was Abused, before the Publication of the Dunciad; with the True Names of the Authors.
  3. Advertisement to the First Edition — With Notes, in Quarto, 1729.
  4. Advertisement to the First Edition of the Fourth Book of the Dunciad, when Printed Separately in the Year 1742.
  5. Advertisement to the Complete Edition of 1743.
  6. Advertisement Printed in the Journals, 1730.
  7. A Parallel of the Characters of Mr Dryden and Mr Pope, as Drawn by Certain of Their Contemporaries.

Index of Persons Celebrated in this Poem.

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