The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault, by Charles Perrault

  1. Little Red Riding-Hood
  2. The Fairy
  3. Blue Beard
  4. The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood
  5. The Master Cat or Puss in Boots
  6. Cinderilla; or, The Little Glass Slipper
  7. Riquet with the Tuft
  8. Little Thumb
  9. The Ridiculous Wishes
  10. Donkey-skin

  1. “He asked her whither she was going”
  2. “‘What is this I see?’ said her mother”
  3. “‘Am I come hither to serve you with water, pray?’”
  4. “This man had the misfortune to have a blue beard”
  5. “‘What, is not the key of my closet among the rest?’”
  6. “At this very instant the young fairy came out from behind the hangings”
  7. “The prince enquires of the aged countryman”
  8. “He saw, upon a bed, the finest sight was ever beheld”
  9. “‘I will have it so,’ replied the Queen, ‘and will eat her with a Sauce Robert’”
  10. “The Marquis gave his hand to the Princess, and followed the King, who went up first”
  11. “Any one but Cinderilla would have dressed their heads awry”
  12. “Away she drove, scarce able to contain herself for joy”
  13. “She left behind one of her glass slippers, which the Prince took up most carefully”
  14. “The Prince believed he had given her more wit than he had reserved for himself”
  15. “Riquet with the Tuft appeared to her the finest Prince upon Earth”
  16. “He brought them home by the very same way they came”
  17. “Little Thumb was as good as his word, and returned that same night with the news”
  18. “Jupiter appeared before him wielding his mighty thunderbolts”
  19. “A long black pudding came winding and wriggling towards her”
  20. “Truth to tell, this new ornament did not set off her beauty”
  21. “He thought the Princess was his Queen”
  22. “Another gown the colour of the Moon”
  23. “Curiosity made him put his eye to the keyhole”

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