The Forme of Cury, by Samuel Pegge

Table of Contents


The Forme of Cury.

  1. For to Make Gronden Benes. i.
  2. For to Make Drawen Benes. ii.
  3. For to Make Grewel Forced. iii.
  4. Caboches In Potage. iiii.
  5. Rapes In Potage. v.
  6. Eowtes of Flessh. vi.
  7. Hebolace. vii.
  8. Gourdes in Potage. viii.
  9. Ryse of Flesh. ix.
  10. Funges. x.
  11. Bursen. xi.
  12. Corat. xii.
  13. Noumbles. xiii.
  14. Roo Broth. xiiii.
  15. Tredure. xv.
  16. Monchelet. xvi.
  17. Bukkenade. xvii.
  18. Connates. xviii.
  19. Drepee. xix.
  20. Mawmenee. xx.
  21. Egurdouce. xxi.
  22. Capouns in Councys. xxii.
  23. Hares In Talbotes. xxiii.
  24. Hares in Papdele. xx.iii.
  25. Connynges in Cynee. xxv.
  26. Connynges in Grauey. xxvi.
  27. Chykens in Gravey. xxvii.
  28. Fylettes of Galyntyne. xxviii.
  29. Pygges in Sawse Sawge. xxix.
  30. Sawse Madame. xxx.
  31. Gees in Hoggepot. xxxi.
  32. Carnel of Pork. xxxii.
  33. Chykenns In Cawdel. xxxiii.
  34. Chykens in Hocchee. xxxiiii.
  35. For to Boile Fesauntes. Partruches. Capons and Curlewes. xxxv.
  36. Blank Maunger. xxxvi.
  37. Blank Dessorre. xxxvii.
  38. Morree. xxxviii.
  39. Charlet. xxxix.
  40. Charlet Yforced. xx.ii.
  41. Cawdel Ferry. xx.ii. i.
  43. Jusshell. xx.ii. iii.
  44. Jusshell Enforced. xx.ii. iiii.
  45. Mortrews. xx.ii. v.
  46. Mortrews Blank. xx.ii. vi.
  47. Brewet of Almony. xx.ii. vii.
  48. Peiouns Ystewed. xx.ii. viii.
  49. Loseyns. xx.ii. ix.
  50. Tartlettes. xx.ii. x.
  51. Pynnonade. xx.ii. xi.
  52. Rosee. xx.ii. xii.
  53. Cormarye. xx.ii. xiii.
  54. Newe Noumbles of Deer. xx.ii. xiiii.
  55. Nota. xx.ii. xv.
  56. Nota. xx.ii. xvi.
  57. Spynee. xx.ii.xvii.
  58. Chyryse xx.ii. xviii.
  59. Payn Fondew. xx.ii. xix.
  60. Crotoun. xx.iii.
  61. Vyne Grace. xx.iii. i.
  62. Fonnell. xx.iii. ii.
  63. Douce Ame. xx.iii. iii.
  64. Connynges in Cyrip. xx.iii. iiii.
  65. Leche Lumbard. xx.iii. v.
  66. Connynges in Clere Broth. xx.iii. vi.
  67. Payn Ragoun. xx.iii. vii.
  68. Lete Lardes. xx.iii. viii.
  69. Furmente with Porpays. xx.iii. ix.
  70. Perrey of Pesoun. xx.iii. x.
  71. Peson of Almayne. xx.iii. xi
  72. Chyches. xx.iii. xii.
  73. Frenche. xx.iii. xiii.
  74. Makke. xx.iii. xiiii.
  75. Aquapatys. xx.iii. xv.
  76. Salat. xx.iii. xvi.
  77. Fenkel in Soppes. xx.iii. xvii.
  78. Clat. xx.iii. xviii.
  79. Appulmoy. xx.iii. xix.
  80. Slete Soppes. xx.iiii.
  81. Letelorye. xx.iiii. i.
  82. Sowpes Dorry. xx.iiii. ii.
  83. Rape. xx.iiii. iii.
  84. Sawse Sarzyne. xx.iiii. iiii.
  85. Crème of Almaundes. xx.iiii. v.
  86. Grewel of Almaundes. xx.iiii. vi.
  87. Cawdel of Almaund Mylk. xx.iiii. vii.
  88. Jowtes of Almaund Mylke. xx.iiii. viii.
  89. Fygey. xx.iiii. ix.
  90. Pochee. xx.iiii. x.
  91. Brewet of Ayrenn. xx.iiii. xi.
  92. Macrows. xx.iiii. xii.
  93. Tostee. xx.iiii. xiii.
  94. Gyngawdry. xx.iiii. xiiii.
  95. Erbowle. xx.iiii. xv.
  96. Resmolle. xx.iiii. xvi.
  97. Vyaunde Cypre. xx.iiii. xvii.
  98. Vyande Cypre of Samoun. xx.iiii. xviii.
  99. Vyannd Ryal. xx.iiii. xix.
  100. Compost. c.
  101. Gele of Fyssh. c. i.
  102. Gele of Flessh. c. ii.
  103. Chysanne. c. iii.
  104. Congur In Sawse. c. iiii.
  105. Rygh In Sawse. c. v.
  106. Makerel in Sawse. c. vi.
  107. Pykes in Brasey. c. vii.
  108. Porpeys in Broth. c. viii.
  109. Balloc Broth. c. ix.
  110. Eles in Brewet. c. x.
  111. Cawdel of Samoun c.xi.
  112. Plays in Cyee. c.xii.
  113. For to Make Flaumpeyns. c. xiii.
  114. For to Make Noumbles in Lent. c. xiiii.
  115. For to Make Chawdon For Lent. c. xv.
  116. Furmente with Porpeys. c. xvi.
  117. Fylettes in Galytyne. c. xvii.
  118. Veel in Buknade. c. xviii.
  119. Sooles in Cynee. c. xix.
  120. Tenches in Cynee.
  121. Oysters in Gravey. i.
  122. Muskels In Brewet. ii.
  123. Oysters in Cynee. iii.
  124. Cawdel of Muskels. iiii.
  125. Mortrews of Fyssh. v.
  126. Laumpreys in Galyntyne. vi.
  127. Laumprouns in Galyntyne. vii.
  128. Loseyns In Fyssh Day. viii.
  129. Sowper of Galyntyne. ix.
  130. Sobre Sawse. x.
  131. Cold Brewet. xi.
  132. Peeres In Confyt. xii.
  133. Egurdouce of Fysshe. xiii.
  134. Colde Brewet. xiiii.
  135. Pevorat For Veel and Venysoun. xv.
  136. Sawse Blaunche for Capouns Ysode. xvi.
  137. Sawse Noyre for Capouns Yrosted. xvii.
  138. Galyntyne. xviii.
  139. Gyngener. xix.
  140. Verde Sawse. xx.vii.
  141. Sawse Noyre for Malard. xx.vii. i.
  142. Cawdel for Gees. xx.vii. ii.
  143. Chawdoun For Swannes xx.vii. iii.
  144. Sawse Camelyne. xx.vii. iiii.
  145. Lumbard Mustard. xx.vii. v.
  146. Nota. xx.vii. vi.
  147. Nota. xx.vii. vii.
  148. Fry Blaunched. xx.vii. viii.
  149. Frytour of Pasternakes of Apples. xx.vii. ix.
  150. Frytour of Mylke. xx.vii. x.
  151. Frytour of Erbes. xx.vii. xi.
  152. Rasyols. xx.vii. xii.
  153. Whyte Mylates. xx.vii. xiii.
  154. Crustardes of Flessh. xx.vii. xiiii.
  155. Mylates of Pork. xx.vii. xv.
  156. Crustardes of Fysshe. xx.vii. xvi.
  157. Crustardes of Eerbis On Fyssh Day. xx.vii. xvii.
  158. Lesshes Fryed in Lenton. xx.vii. xviii.
  159. Wastels Yfarced. xx.vii. xix.
  160. Sawge Yfarced. xx.viii.
  161. Sawgeat. xx.viii. i.
  162. Cryspes. xx.viii. ii.
  163. Cryspels. xx.viii. iii.
  164. Tartee. xx.viii. iiii.
  165. Tart in Ymbre Day. xx.viii. v.
  166. Tart De Bry. xx.viii. vi.
  167. Tart De Brymlent. xx.viii. vii.
  168. Tartes of Flesh. xx.viii. viii.
  169. Tartletes. xx.viii. ix.
  170. Tartes of Fysshe. xx.viii. x.
  171. Sambocade. xx.viii. xi.
  172. Erbolates. xx.viii. xii.
  173. Nysebek. xx.viii. xiii.
  174. For to Make Pomme Dorryle And OÞEr ÞNges. xx.viii. xiiii.
  175. Cotagres. xx.viii. xv.
  176. Hert Rowee. xx.viii. xvi.
  177. Potews. xx.viii. xvii.
  178. Sachus. xx.viii. xviii.
  179. Bursews. xx.viii. xix.
  180. Spynoches Yfryed. xx.ix.
  181. Benes Yfryed. xx.ix. i.
  182. Rysshews of Fruyt. xx.ix. ii.
  183. Daryols. xx.ix. iii.
  184. Flaumpens. xx.ix. iiii.
  185. Chewetes On Flesshe Day. xx.ix. v.
  186. Chewetes on Fyssh Day. xx.ix. vi.
  187. Hastletes of Fruyt. xx.ix. vii.
  188. Comadore. xx.ix. vii.
  189. Chastletes, xx.ix. ix.
  190. For to Make ii. Pecys of Flessh to Fasten Togyder. xx.ix. x.
  191. Pur Fait Ypocras. xx.ix. xi.
  192. For to Make Blank Maunger. xx.ix. xii.
  193. For to Make Blank Desne. xx.ix. xiii.
  194. For to Make Mawmenny. xx.ix. xiiii.
  195. The Pety Peruaunt. xx.ix. xv.
  196. Payn Puff. xx.ix. xvi.

Ancient Cookery. A.D. 1381.

Universa servicia tam de carnibus quam de pissibus
  1. For to Make Furmenty.
  2. For to Make Pise of Almayne.
  3. iii.
  4. iv.
  5. Morterelys.
  6. Caponys Inc Oneys.
  7. Hennys In Bruet.
  8. Harys In Cmee.
  9. Haris in Talbotays.
  10. Conynggys In Gravey.
  11. For to Make a Colys.
  12. For to Make Nombles.
  13. For to Make Blanche Brewet De Alyngyn.
  14. For to Make Blomanger.
  15. For to Make Afronchemoyle.
  16. For to Make Brymeus.
  17. For to Make Appulmos.
  18. For to Make a Froys.
  19. For to Make Fruturs.
  20. For to Make Chanke.
  21. For to Make Jussel.
  22. For to Make Gees In Ochepot.
  23. For to Make Eyryn in Bruet.
  24. For to Make Craytoun.
  25. For to Make Mylk Rost.
  26. For to Make Cryppys.
  27. For to Make Berandyles.
  28. For to Make Capons in Casselys.
  29. For to Make the Blank Surry.
  30. For to Make Manmene.
  31. For to Make Bruet of Almayne.
  32. For to Make Bruet of Lombardye.
  33. For to Make Blomanger.
  34. For to Make Sandale that Party to Blomanger.
  35. For to Make Apulmos.
  36. For to Make Mete Gelee That it Be Wel Chariaunt.
  37. For to Make Murrey.
  38. For to Make a Penche of Egges.
  39. For to Make Comyn.
  40. For to make Fruturs.
  41. For to make Rosee.
  42. For to Make Pommedorry.
  43. For to Make Longe De Buf.
  44. For to Make Rew De Rumsy.
  45. For to Make Bukkenade.
  46. For to Make Spine.
  47. For to Make Rosee And Fresee and Swan Schal Be Ymad in the Selve Maner.
  48. For to Make an Amendement Formete that Ys to Salt and Over Mychyl.
  49. For to Make Rapy.
  50. For to Make an Egge Dows.
  51. For to Make a Mallard in Cyney.
  52. For to Make a Bukkenade.
  53. For to Make a Roo Broth.
  54. For to Mak a Bruet of Sarcynesse.
  55. For to Make a Gely.
  56. For to Kepe Venison Fro Restyng.
  57. For to Do Away Restyn of Venisoun.
  58. For to Make Poundorroge.
Servicium de Pissibus.
  1. For to Make Egarduse.
  2. For to Make Rapy.
  3. For to Make Fygey.
  4. For to Make Pommys Morles.
  5. For to Make Rys Moyle.
  6. For to Make Sowpys Dorry.
  7. For to Make Blomanger of Fysch.
  8. For to Make a Potage of Rys.
  9. For to Make Lamprey Fresch in Galentyne.
  10. For to Make Salt Lamprey in Galentyne.
  11. For to Make Lampreys in Bruet.
  12. For to Make a Storchoun.
  13. For to Make Solys in Bruet.
  14. For to Make Oystryn in Bruet.
  15. For to Make Elys in Bruet.
  16. For to Make a Lopister.
  17. For to Make Porreyne.
  18. For to Make Chireseye.
  19. For to Make Blank De Sur’.
  20. For to Make Grave Enforse.
  21. For to Make Hony Douse.
  22. For to Make a Potage Feneboiles.
  23. For to Make Tartys in Applis.
  24. For to Make Rys Alker’.
  25. For to Make Tartys of Fysch Owt of Lente.
  26. For to Make Morrey.
  27. For to Make Flownys In Lente.
  28. For to Make Rapee.
  29. For to Make a Porrey Chapeleyn.
  30. For to Make Formenty on a Fichssday.
  31. For to Make Blank De Syry.
  32. For to Make a Pynade or Pyvade.
  33. For to Make a Balourgly Broth.


TO GUSTAVUS BRANDER, Esq. F.R.S. F.S.A. and Cur. Brit. Mus.


I return your very curious Roll of Cookery, and I trust with some Interest, not full I confess nor legal, but the utmost which your Debtor, from the scantiness of his ability, can at present afford. Indeed, considering your respectable situation in life, and that diffusive sphere of knowledge and science in which you are acting, it must be exceedingly difficult for any one, how well furnished soever, completely to answer your just, or even most moderate demands. I intreat the favour of you, however, to accept for once this short payment in lieu of better,

or at least as a public testimony of that profound regard wherewith I am,


Your affectionate friend,
and most obliged servant,
St. George’s day, 1780.


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