The Forme of Cury, by Samuel Pegge

Hic incipit Servicium de Pissibus 1.

1 See p. 1

i. For to Make Egarduse 1.

Tak Lucys 2 or Tenchis and hak hem smal in gobette and fry hem in oyle de olive and syth nym vineger and the thredde party of sugur and myncyd onyons smal and boyle al togedere and cast thereyn clowys macys and quibibz and serve yt forthe.

1 See No. 21 below, and part I. No. 50.

2 Lucy, I presume, means the Pike; so that this fish was known here long before the reign of H. VIII. though it is commonly thought otherwise. V. Gloss.

ii. For to Make Rapy 1.

Tak pyg’ or Tenchis or other maner fresch fysch and fry yt wyth oyle de olive and syth nym the crustys of wyt bred and canel and bray yt al wel in a mortere and temper yt up wyth god wyn and cole 2 yt thorw an hersyve and that yt be al cole 3 of canel and boyle yt and cast therein hole clowys and macys and quibibz and do the fysch in dischis and rape 4 abovyn and dresse yt forthe.

1 Vide No. 49.

2 Strain, from Lat. colo.

3 Strained, or cleared.

4 This Rape is what the dish takes its name from. Perhaps means grape from the French raper. Vide No. 28.

iii. For to Make Fygey.

Nym Lucys or tenchis and hak hem in morsell’ and fry hem tak vyneger and the thredde party of sugur myncy onyons smal and boyle al togedyr cast ther’yn macis clowys quibibz and serve yt forth.

iiii. For to Make Pommys Morles.

Nym Rys and bray hem 1 wel and temper hem up wyth almaunde mylk and boyle yt nym applyn and par’ hem and sher hem smal als dicis and cast hem ther’yn after the boylyng and cast sugur wyth al and colowr yt wyth safroun and cast ther’to pouder and serve yt forthe.

1 Rice, as it consists of grains, is here considered as a plural. See also No. 5. 7, 8.

v. For to Make Rys Moyle 1.

Nym rys and bray hem ryzt wel in a morter and cast ther’to god Almaunde mylk and sugur and salt boyle yt and serve yt forth.

1 Vide Gloss.

vi. For to Make Sowpys Dorry.

Nym onyons and mynce hem smale and fry hem in oyl dolyf Nym wyn and boyle yt wyth the onyouns roste wyte bred and do yt in dischis and god Almande mylk also and do ther’above and serve yt forthe.

vii. For to Make Blomanger 1 of Fysch.

Tak a pound of rys les hem wel and wasch and seth tyl they breste and lat hem kele and do ther’to mylk of to pound of Almandys nym the

Perche or the Lopuster and boyle yt and kest sugur and salt also ther’to and serve yt forth.

1 See note on No. 14. of Part I.

viii. For to Make a Potage of Rys.

Tak Rys and les hem and wasch hem clene and seth hem tyl they breste and than lat hem kele and seth cast ther’to Almand mylk and colour it wyth safroun and boyle it and messe yt forth.

ix. For to Make Lamprey Fresch in Galentyne 1.

Schal be latyn blod atte Navel and schald yt and rost yt and ley yt al hole up on a Plater and zyf hym forth wyth Galentyn that be mad of Galyngale gyngener and canel and dresse yt forth.

1 This is a made or compounded thing. See both here, and in the next Number, and v. Gloss.

x. For to Make Salt Lamprey in Galentyne 1.

Yt schal be stoppit 2 over nyzt in lews water and in braan and flowe and sodyn and pyl onyons and seth hem and ley hem al hol by the Lomprey and zif hem forthe wyth galentyne makyth 3 wyth strong vyneger and wyth paryng of wyt bred and boyle it al togeder’ and serve yt forthe.

1 See note 1 on the last Number.

2 Perhaps, steppit, i. e. steeped. See No. 12.

3 Perhaps, makyd, i.e. made.

xi. For to Make Lampreys in Bruet.

They schulle be schaldyd and ysode and ybrulyd upon a gredern and grynd peper and safroun and do ther’to and boyle it and do the Lomprey ther’yn and serve yt forth.

xii. For to Make a Storchoun.

He schal be shorn in besys 1 and stepyd 2 over nyzt and sodyn longe as Flesch and he schal be etyn in venegar.

1 Perhaps, pesys, i.e. pieces.

2 Qu. steppit, i.e. steeped.

xiii. For to Make Solys in Bruet.

They schal be fleyn and sodyn and rostyd upon a gredern and grynd Peper and Safroun and ale boyle it wel and do the sole in a plater and the bruet above serve it forth.

xiv. For to Make Oystryn in Bruet.

They schul be schallyd 1 and ysod in clene water grynd peper safroun bred and ale and temper it wyth Broth do the Oystryn ther’ynne and boyle it and salt it and serve it forth.

1 Have shells taken off.

xv. For to Make Elys in Bruet.

They schul be flayn and ket in gobett’ and sodyn and grynd peper and safroun other myntys and persele and bred and ale and temper it wyth the broth and boyle it and serve it forth.

xvi. For to Make a Lopister.

He schal be rostyd in his scalys in a ovyn other by the Feer under a panne and etyn wyth Veneger.

xvii. For to Make Porreyne.

Tak Prunys fayrist wasch hem wel and clene and frot hem wel in syve for the Jus be wel ywronge and do it in a pot and do ther’to wyt gres and a party of sugur other hony and mak hem to boyle togeder’ and mak yt thykke with flowr of rys other of wastel bred and wan it is sodyn dresse it into dischis and strew ther’on powder and serve it forth.

xviii. For to Make Chireseye.

Tak Chiryes at the Fest of Seynt John the Baptist and do away the stonys grynd hem in a morter and after frot hem wel in a seve so that the Jus be wel comyn owt and do than in a pot and do ther’in feyr gres or Boter and bred of wastrel ymyid 1 and of sugur a god party and a porcioun of wyn and wan it is wel ysodyn and ydressyd in Dyschis stik ther’in clowis of Gilofr’ and strew ther’on sugur.

1 Perhaps, ymycid, i.e. minced; or mycd, as in No. 19.

xix. For to Make Blank De Sur’ 1.

Tak the zolkys of Eggs sodyn and temper it wyth mylk of a kow and do ther’to Comyn and Safroun and flowr’ of ris or wastel bred mycd and grynd in a morter and temper it up wyth the milk and mak it boyle and do ther’to wit 2 of Egg’ corvyn smale and tak fat chese and kerf ther’to wan the licour is boylyd and serve it forth.

1 Vide Note 1 on No. 29. of Part I.

2 white. So wyt is white in No. 21. below.

xx. For to Make Grave Enforse.

Tak tryd 1 gyngener and Safroun and grynd hem in a morter and temper hem up wyth Almandys and do hem to the fir’ and wan it boylyth wel do ther’to zolkys of Egg’ sodyn and fat chese corvyn in gobettis and wan it is dressid in dischis strawe up on Powder of Galyngale and serve it forth.

1 It appears to me to be tryd. Can it be fryd?

xxi. For to Make Hony Douse 1.

Tak god mylk of Almandys and rys and wasch hem wel in a feyr’ vessel and in fayr’ hoth water and after do hem in a feyr towayl for to drie and wan that they be drye bray hem wel in a morter al to flowr’ and afterward tak two partyis and do the half in a pot and that other half in another pot and colowr that on wyth the safroun and lat that other be wyt and lat yt boyle tyl it be thykke and do ther’to a god party of sugur and after dresse yt in twe dischis and loke that thou have Almandys boylid in water and in safroun and in wyn and after frie hem and set hem upon the fyre sethith mete 2 and strew ther’on sugur that yt be wel ycolouryt 3 and serve yt forth.

1 See Part II. No. I; and Part I. No. 50.

2 Seth it mete, i.e. seeth it properly.

3 Coloured. See No. 28. below.

xxii. For to Make a Potage Feneboiles.

Tak wite benes and seth hem in water and bray the benys in a morter al to nozt and lat them sethe in almande mylk and do ther’in wyn and hony and seth 1 reysons in wyn and do ther’to and after dresse yt forth.

1 i.e. Seeth.

xxiii. For to Make Tartys in Applis.

Tak gode Applys and gode Spycis and Figys and reysons and Perys and wan they are wel ybrayed colourd 1 wyth Safroun wel and do yt in a cofyn and do yt forth to bake wel.

1 Perhaps, coloure.

xxiv. For to Make Rys Alker’.

Tak Figys and Reysons and do awey the Kernelis and a god party of Applys and do awey the paryng of the Applis and the Kernelis and bray hem wel in a morter and temper hem up with Almande mylk and menge hem wyth flowr of Rys that yt be wel chariaunt and strew ther’upon powder of Galyngale and serve yt forth.

xxv. For to Make Tartys of Fysch Owt of Lente.

Mak the Cowche of fat chese and gyngener and Canel and pur’ crym of mylk of a Kow and of Helys ysodyn and grynd hem wel wyth Safroun and mak the chowche of Canel and of Clowys and of Rys and of gode Spycys as other Tartys fallyth to be.

xxvi. For to Make Morrey 1.

Requir’ de Carnibus ut supra 2.

1 Vide Part I. No. 37.

2 Part I. No. 37.

xxvii. For to Make Flownys 1 In Lente.

Tak god Flowr and mak a Past and tak god mylk of Almandys and flowr of rys other amydoun and boyle hem togeder’ that they be wel chariaud wan yt is boylid thykke take yt up and ley yt on a feyr’ bord so that yt be cold and wan the Cofyns ben makyd tak a party of and do upon the coffyns and kerf hem in Schiveris and do hem in god mylk of Almandys and Figys and Datys and kerf yt in fowr partyis and do yt to bake and serve yt forth.

1 Perhaps, Flawnes, or Custards. Chaucer, vide Slaunis. Fr. Flans.

xxviii. For to Make Rapee 1.

Tak the Crustys of wyt bred and reysons and bray hem wel in a morter and after temper hem up wyth wyn and wryng hem thorw a cloth and do ther’to Canel that yt be al colouryt of canel and do ther’to hole clowys macys and quibibz the fysch schal be Lucys other Tenchis fryid or other maner Fysch so that yt be fresch and wel yfryed and do yt in Dischis and that rape up on and serve yt forth.

1 Vide Part I. No. 49.

xxix. For to Make a Porrey Chapeleyn.

Tak an hundred onyons other an half and tak oyle de Olyf and boyle togeder’ in a Pot and tak Almande mylk and boyle yt and do ther’to. Tak and make a thynne Paast of Dow and make therof as it were ryngis tak and fry hem in oyle de Olyve or in wyte grees and boil al togedere.

xxx. For to Make Formenty on a Fichssday 1.

Tak the mylk of the Hasel Notis boyl the wete 2 wyth the aftermelk til it be dryyd and tak and coloured 3 yt wyth Safroun and the ferst mylk cast ther’to and boyle wel and serve yt forth.

1 Fishday.

2 white.

3 Perhaps, colour.

xxxi. For to Make Blank De Syry 1.

Tak Almande mylk and Flowre of Rys. Tak thereto sugur and boyle thys togedere and dische yt and tak Almandys and wet hem in water of Sugur and drye hem in a panne and plante hem in the mete and serve yt forth.

1 Vide ad No. 29. of Part I.

xxxii. For to Make a Pynade or Pyvade.

Take Hony and Rotys of Radich and grynd yt smal in a morter and do yt thereto that hony a quantite of broun sugur and do thereto. Tak Powder of Peper and Safroun and Almandys and do al togedere boyl hem long and hold 1 yt in a wet bord and let yt kele and messe yt and do yt forth 2.

1 i.e. keep, as in next Number.

2 This Recipe is ill expressed.

xxxiii. For to Make a Balourgly 1 Broth.

Tak Pikys and spred hem abord and Helys zif thou hast fle hem and ket hem in gobettys and seth hem in alf wyn 2 and half in water. Tak up the Pykys and Elys and hold hem hote and draw the Broth thorwe a Clothe do Powder of Gyngener Peper and Galyngale and Canel into the Broth and boyle yt and do yt on the Pykys and on the Elys and serve yt forth.

1 This is so uncertain in the original, that I can only guess at it.

2 Perhaps, alf in wyn, or dele in before water.


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