The Forme of Cury, by Samuel Pegge

Ancient Cookery. A.D. 1381.

Hic incipiunt universa servicia tam de carnibus quam de pissibus

i. For to Make Furmenty 1.

Nym clene Wete and bray it in a morter wel that the holys 2 gon al of and seyt 3 yt til it breste and nym yt up. and lat it kele 4 and nym fayre fresch broth and swete mylk of Almandys or swete mylk of kyne and temper yt al. and nym the yolkys of eyryn 5. boyle it a lityl and set yt adoun and messe yt forthe wyth fat venyson and fresh moton.

1 See again, No. I. of the second part of this treatise.

2 Hulls.

3 Miswritten for seyth or sethe, i.e. seeth.

4 cool.

5 eggs.

ii. For to Make Pise of Almayne.

Nym wyte Pisyn and wasch hem and seth hem a good wyle sithsyn wasch hem in golde 1 watyr unto the holys gon of alle in a pot and kever it wel that no breth passe owt and boyle hem ryzt wel and do therto god mylk of Almandys and a party of flowr of ris and salt and safron and messe yt forthe.

1 cold.


Cranys and Herons schulle be euarund 1 wyth Lardons of swyne and rostyd and etyn wyth gyngynyr.

1 Perhaps enarmed, or enorned. See Mr. Brander’s Roll, No. 146.


Pecokys and Partrigchis schul ben yparboyld and lardyd and etyn wyth gyngenyr.

v. Morterelys 1.

Nym hennyn and porke and seth hem togedere nym the lyre 2 of the hennyn and the porke and hakkyth finale and grynd hit al to dust and wyte bred therwyth and temper it wyth the selve broth and wyth heyryn and colure it with safroun and boyle it and disch it and cast theron powder of peper and of gyngynyr and serve it forthe.

1 V. Mortrews in Gloss.

2 Flesh.

vi. Caponys Inc Oneys.

Schal be sodyn. Nym the lyre and brek it smal In a morter and peper and wyte bred therwyth and temper it wyth ale and ley it wyth the capoun. Nym hard sodyn eyryn and hewe the wyte smal and kaste thereto and nym the zolkys al hole and do hem in a dysch and boyle the capoun and colowre it wyth safroun and salt it and messe it forthe.

vii. Hennys 1 In Bruet.

Schullyn be scaldyd and sodyn wyth porke and grynd pepyr and comyn bred and ale and temper it wyth the selve broth and boyle and colowre it wyth safroun and salt it and messe it forthe.

1 Hens.

viii. Harys 1 In Cmee 2.

Schul be parboylyd and lardyd and rostid and nym onyons and myce hem rizt smal and fry hem in wyte gres and grynd peper bred and ale and the onions therto and coloure it wyth safroun and salt it and serve it forth.

1 Hares.

2 Perhaps Cinee; for see No. 51.

ix. Haris in Talbotays.

Schul be hewe in gobbettys and sodyn with al the blod Nym bred piper and ale and grynd togedere and temper it with the selve broth and boyle it and salt it and serve it forthe.

x. Conynggys 1 In Gravey.

Schul be sodyn and hakkyd in gobbettys and grynd gyngynyr galyngale and canel. and temper it up with god almand mylk and boyle it and nym macys and clowys and kest 2 therin and the conynggis also and salt hym 3 and serve it forthe.

1 Rabbits.

2 Cast.

3 it, or perhaps hem.

xi. For to Make a Colys 1.

Nym hennys and schald hem wel. and seth hem after and nym the lyre and hak yt smal and bray it with otyn grotys in a morter and with wyte bred and temper it up wyth the broth Nym the grete bonys and grynd hem al to dust and kest hem al in the broth and mak it thorw a clothe and boyle it and serve it forthe.

1 Cullis. V. Preface.

xii. For to Make Nombles 1.

Nym the nomblys of the venysoun and wasch hem clene in water and salt hem and seth hem in tweye waterys grynd pepyr bred and ale and temper it wyth the secunde brothe and boyle it and hak the nomblys and do theryn and serve it forthe.

1 Umbles.

xiii. For to Make Blanche Brewet De Alyngyn.

Nym kedys 1 and chekenys and hew hem in morsellys and seth hem in almand mylk or in kyne mylke grynd gyngyner galingale and cast therto and boyle it and serve it forthe.

1 Kids.

xiv. For to Make Blomanger 1.

Nym rys and lese hem and wasch hem clene and do thereto god almande mylk and seth hem tyl they al to brest and than lat hem kele and nym the lyre of the hennyn or of capouns and grynd hem smal kest therto wite grese and boyle it Nym blanchyd almandys and safroun and set hem above in the dysche and serve yt forthe.

1 Blanc-manger. See again, No. 33, 34. II. No. 7. Chaucer writes it Blankmanger.

xv. For to Make Afronchemoyle 1.

Nym eyren wyth al the wyte and myse bred and schepys 2 talwe as gret as dyses 3 grynd peper and safroun and cast therto and do hit in the schepis wombe seth it wel and dresse it forthe of brode leches thynne.

1 Frenchemulle d’un mouton. A sheeps call, or kell. Cotgrave. Junius, v. Moil, says, “a French moile Chaucero est cibus delicatior, a dish made of marrow and grated bread.”

2 Sheep’s fat.

3 dice; square bits, or bits as big as dice.

xvi. For to Make Brymeus.

Nym the tharmys 1 of a pygge and wasch hem clene in water and salt and seth hem wel and than hak hem smale and grynd pepyr and safroun bred and ale and boyle togedere Nym wytys of eyrynn and knede it wyth flour and mak smal pelotys 2 and fry hem with wyte grees and do hem in disches above that othere mete and serve it forthe.

1 Rops, guts, puddings

2 Balls, pellets, from the French pelote.

xvii. For to Make Appulmos 1.

Nym appelyn and seth hem and lat hem kele and make hem thorw a clothe and on flesch dayes kast therto god fat breyt 2 of Bef and god wyte grees and sugar and safroun and almande mylk on fysch dayes oyle de olyve and gode powdres 3 and serve it forthe.

1 See No. 35.

2 Breth, i. e. broth. See No. 58.

3 Spices ground small. See No. 27, 28. 35. 58. II. No. 4. 17. or perhaps of Galingale. II. 20. 24.

xviii. For to Make a Froys 1.

Nym Veel and seth it wel and hak it smal and grynd bred peper and safroun and do thereto and frye yt and presse it wel upon a bord and dresse yt forthe.

1 a Fraise

xix. For to Make Fruturs 1.

Nym flowre and eyryn and grynd peper and safroun and mak therto a batour and par aplyn and kyt hem to brode penys 2 and kest hem theryn and fry hem in the batour wyth fresch grees and serve it forthe.

1 Fritters.

2 Pieces as broad as pennies, or perhaps pecys.

xx. For to Make Chanke 1.

Nym Porke and seth it wel and hak yt smal nym eyryn wyth al the wytys and swyng hem wel al togedere and kast god swete mylke thereto and boyle yt and messe it forthe.

1 Quære.

xxi. For to Make Jussel.

Nym eyryn wyth al the wytys and mice bred grynd pepyr and safroun and do therto and temper yt wyth god fresch broth of porke and boyle it wel and messe yt forthe.

xxii. For to Make Gees 1 In Ochepot 2.

Nym and schald hem wel and hew hem wel in gobettys al rawe and seth hem in her owyn grees and cast therto wyn or ale a cuppe ful and myce onyons smal and do therto and boyle yt and salt yt and messe yt forthe.

1 Gese.

2 Hochepot. Vide Gloss.

xxiii. For to Make Eyryn in Bruet.

Nym water and welle 1 yt and brek eyryn and kast theryn and grynd peper and safroun and temper up wyth swete mylk and boyle it and hakke chese smal and cast theryn and messe yt forthe.

1 Quære the meaning.

xxiv. For to Make Craytoun 1.

Tak checonys and schald hem and seth hem and grvnd gyngen’ other pepyr and comyn and temper it up wyth god mylk and do the checonys theryn and boyle hem and serve yt forthe.

1 Vide ad No. 60 of the Roll.

xxv. For to Make Mylk Rost.

Nym swete mylk and do yt in a panne nyn 1 eyryn wyth al the wyte and swyng hem wel and cast therto and colowre yt wyth safroun and boyl it tyl yt wexe thikke and thanne seth 2 yt thorw a culdore 3 and nym that, leyyth 4 and presse yt up on a bord and wan yt ys cold larde it and scher yt on schyverys and roste yt on a grydern and serve yt forthe.

1 Read nym.

2 strain. See No. 27.

3 Cuilinder.

4 That which is left in the cullinder.

xxvi. For to Make Cryppys 1.

Nym flour and wytys of eyryn sugur other hony and sweyng togedere and mak a batour nym wyte grees and do yt in a posnet and cast the batur thereyn and stury to thou have many 2 and tak hem up and messe hem wyth the frutours and serve forthe.

1 Meaning, crisps. V. Gloss.

2 It will run into lumps, I suppose.

xxvii. For to Make Berandyles 1.

Nym Hennys and seth hem wyth god Buf and wan hi ben sodyn nym the Hennyn and do awey the bonys and bray smal yn a mortar and temper yt wyth the broth and seth yt thorw a culdore and cast therto powder of gyngenyr and sugur and graynys of powmis gernatys 2 and boyle yt and dresse yt in dysches and cast above clowys gylofres 3 and maces and god powder 4 serve yt forthe.

1 Quære the meaning.

2 Pomegranates. V. No. 39.

3 Not clove-gilliflowers, but cloves. See No. 30, 31, 40.

4 See No. 17, note 3.

xxviii. For to Make Capons in Casselys.

Nym caponys and schald hem nym a penne and opyn the skyn at the hevyd 1 and blowe hem tyl the skyn ryse from the flesshe and do of the skyn al hole and seth the lyre of Hennyn and zolkys of heyryn and god powder and make a Farsure 2 and fil ful the skyn and parboyle yt and do yt on a spete and rost yt and droppe 3 yt wyth zolkys of eyryn and god powder rostyng and nym the caponys body and larde yt and roste it and nym almaunde mylk and amydoun 4 and mak a batur and droppe the body rostyng and serve yt forthe.

1 Head. Sax. [Anglo–Saxon: heofod] and [Anglo–Saxon: hevod], hence our Head.

2 stuffing.

3 baste.

4 Vide Gloss.

xxix. For to Make the Blank Surry 1.

Tak brann 2 of caponys other of hennys and the thyes 3 wythowte the skyn and kerf hem smal als thou mayst and grynd hem smal in a morter and tak mylk of Almaundys and do yn the branne and grynd hem thanne togedere and and seth hem togeder’ and tak flour of rys other amydoun and lye it that yt be charchant and do therto sugur a god parti and a party of wyt grees and boyle yt and wan yt ys don in dyschis straw upon blank poudere and do togedere blank de sury and manmene 4 in a dysch and serve it forthe.

1 Vide Blank Desire in Gloss.

2 Perhaps brawn, the brawny part. See No. 33, and the Gloss.

3 Thighs.

4 See the next number. Quære Mawmeny.

xxx. For to Make Manmene 1.

Tak the thyys 2 other the flesch of the caponys fede 3 hem and kerf hem smal into a morter and tak mylk of Almandys wyth broth of fresch Buf and do the flesch in the mylk or in the broth and do yt to the fyre and myng yt togedere wyth flour of Rys othere of wastelys als charchaut als the blank de sure and wyth the zolkys of eyryn for to make it zelow and safroun and wan yt ys dressyd in dysches wyth blank de sure straw upon clowys of gelofre 4 and straw upon powdre of galentyn and serve yt forthe.

1 Vide Number 29, and the Gloss.

2 Thighs.

3 Quære.

4 See No. 27, note 3.

xxxi. For to Make Bruet of Almayne.

Tak Partrichys rostyd and checonys and qualys rostyd and larkys ywol and demembre the other and mak a god cawdel and dresse the flesch in a dysch and strawe powder of galentyn therupon. styk upon clowys of gelofre and serve yt forthe.

xxxii. For to Make Bruet of Lombardye.

Tak chekenys or hennys or othere flesch and mak the colowre als red as any blod and tak peper and kanel and gyngyner bred 1 and grynd hem in a morter and a porcion of bred and mak that bruer thenne and do that flesch in that broth and mak hem boyle togedere and stury it wel and tak eggys and temper hem wyth Jus of Parcyle and wryng hem thorwe a cloth and wan that bruet is boylyd do that therto and meng tham togedere wyth fayr grees so that yt be fat ynow and serve yt forthe.

1 This is still in use, and, it seems, is an old compound.

xxxiii. For to Make Blomanger 1.

Do Ris in water al nyzt and upon the morwe wasch hem wel and do hem upon the fyre for to 2 they breke and nozt for to muche and tak Brann 3 of Caponis sodyn and wel ydraw 4 and smal and tak almaund mylk and boyle it wel wyth ris and wan it is yboylyd do the flesch therin so that it be charghaunt and do therto a god party of sugure and wan it ys dressyd forth in dischis straw theron blaunche Pouder and strik 5 theron Almaundys fryed wyt wyte grece 6 and serve yt forthe.

1 See No. 14.

2 till. for, however, abounds.

3 See No. 29. note d.

4 Perhaps, strained. See No. 49; and Part II. No. 33.

5 Perhaps, stik, i.e. stick; but see 34.

6 Grese. Fat, or lard.

xxxiv. For to Make Sandale that Party to Blomanger.

Tak Flesch of Caponys and of Pork sodyn kerf yt smal into a morter togedere and bray that wel. and temper it up wyth broth of Caponys and of Pork that yt be wel charchaunt also the crem of Almaundys and grynd egges and safroun or sandres togedere that it be coloured and straw upon Powder of Galentyn and strik thereon clowys and maces and serve it forthe.

xxxv. For to Make Apulmos 1.

Tak Applys and seth hem and let hem kele and after mak hem thorwe a cloth and do hem im a pot and kast to that mylk of Almaundys wyth god broth of Buf in Flesch dayes do bred ymyed 2 therto. And the fisch dayes do therto oyle of olyve and do therto sugur and colour it wyth safroun and strew theron Powder and serve it forthe.

1 See No. 17.

2 ymyced, i.e. minced.

xxxvi. For to Make Mete Gelee 1 That it Be Wel Chariaunt.

Tak wyte wyn and a party of water and safroun and gode spicis and flesch of Piggys or of Hennys or fresch Fisch and boyle them togedere and after wan yt ys boylyd and cold dres yt in dischis and serve yt forthe.

1 meat jelly.

xxxvii. For to Make Murrey 1.

Tak mulbery 2 and bray hem in a morter and wryng 3 hem thorth a cloth and do hem in a pot over the fyre and do thereto fat bred and wyte gresse and let it nazt boyle no ofter than onys and do thereto a god party of sugur and zif yt be nozt ynowe colowrd brey mulburus and serve yt forthe.

1 Morrey. Part II. No. 26.

2 This is to be understood pluraly, quasi mulberries.

3 Read wryng. For see part II. No. 17. 2B. Chaucer, v. wronge and ywrong.

xxxviii. For to Make a Penche of Egges.

Tak water and do it in a panne to the fyre and lat yt sethe and after tak eggs and brek hem and cast hem in the water and after tak a chese and kerf yt on fowr partins and cast in the water and wanne the chese and the eggys ben wel sodyn tak hem owt of the water and wasch hem in clene water and tak wastel breed and temper yt wyth mylk of a kow. and after do yt over the fyre and after forsy yt wyth gyngener and wyth cornyn and colowr yt wyth safroun and lye yt wyth eggys and oyle the sewe wyth Boter and kep wel the chese owt and dresse the sewe and dymo 1 eggys thereon al ful and kerf thy chese in lytyl schyms and do hem in the sewe wyth eggys and serve yt forthe.

1 Perhaps, do mo, i.e. put more.

xxxix. For to Make Comyn.

Tak god Almaunde mylk and lat yt boyle and do ther’in amydoun wyth flowr of Rys and colowr yt wyth safroun and after dresse yt wyth graynis of Poungarnetts 1 other wyth reysens zyf thow hast non other and tak sugur and do theryn and serve it forthe.

1 Vide No. 27.

xl. For to make Fruturs 1.

Tak crommys 2 of wyte bred and the flowris of the swete Appyltre and zolkys of Eggys and bray hem togedere in a morter and temper yt up wyth wyte wyn and mak yt to sethe and wan yt is thykke do thereto god spicis of gyngener galyngale canel and clowys gelosre and serve yt forth;

1 Fritters.

2 Crumbs.

xli. For to make Rosee 1.

Tak the flowris of Rosys and wasch hem wel in water and after bray hem wel in a morter and than tak Almondys and temper hem and seth hem and after tak flesch of capons or of hennys and hac yt smale and than bray hem wel in a morter and than do yt in the Rose 2 so that the flesch acorde wyth the mylk and so that the mete be charchaunt and after do yt to the fyre to boyle and do thereto sugur and safroun that yt be wel ycolowrd and rosy of levys and of the forseyde flowrys and serve yt forth.

1 Vide No. 47.

2 i.e. Rosee.

xlii. For to Make Pommedorry 1.

Tak Buff and hewe yt smal al raw and cast yt in a morter and grynd yt nozt to smal tak safroun and grynd therewyth wan yt ys grounde tak the wyte of the eyryn zyf yt be nozt styf. Cast into the Buf pouder of Pepyr olde resyns and of coronse set over a panne wyth fayr water and mak pelotys of the Buf and wan the water and the pelots ys wel yboylyd and 2 set yt adoun and kele yt and put yt on a broche and rost yt and endorre yt wyth zolkys of eyryn and serve yt forthe.

1 Vide No. 58.

2 dele and.

xliii. For to Make Longe De Buf 1.

Nym the tonge of the rether 2 and schalde and schawe 3 yt wel and rizt clene and seth yt and sethe nym a broche 4 and larde yt wyth lardons and wyth clowys and gelofre and do it rostyng and drop yt wel yt rostyd 5 wyth zolkys of eyrin and dresse it forthe.

1 Neat’s Tongue. Make signifies to dress, as II. 12.

2 The ox or cow. Lye in Jun. Etymolog. v. Rother.

3 Shave, scrape.

4 A larding-pin.

5 Pehaps, wyle it rostyth.

xliv. For to Make Rew De Rumsy.

Nym swynys fet and eyr 1 and make hem clene and seth hem alf wyth wyn and half wyth water cast mycyd onyons thereto and god spicis and wan they be ysodyn nym and rosty hem in a grydere wan it is yrostyd kest thereto of the selve broth hy lyed wyth amydoun and anyeyd onyons 2 and serve yt forth.

1 To be understood plurally, Ears.

2 Miswritten for mycyd, i. e. minced onyons.

xlv. For to Make Bukkenade 1.

Nym god fresch flesch wat maner so yt be and hew yt in smale morselys and seth yt wyth gode fresch buf and cast thereto gode mynced onyons and gode spicerye and alyth 2 wyth eyryn and boyle and dresse yt forth.

1 Vide No. 52.

2 Stiffen, thicken it. See No. 44. where lyed has that sense. See also 46.

xlvi. For to Make Spine 1.

Nym the flowrys of the haw thorn clene gaderyd and bray hem al to dust and temper hem wyth Almaunde mylk and aly yt wyth amydoun and wyth eyryn wel rykke 2 and boyle it and messe yt forth and flowrys and levys abovyn on 3.

1 This dish, no doubt, takes its name from Spina, of which it is made.

2 Read, þykke, thykke.

3 It means laid upon it.

xlvii. For to Make Rosee 1 And Fresee and Swan Schal Be Ymad in the Selve Maner.

Nym pyggus and hennys and other maner fresch flesch and hew yt in morselys and seth yt in wyth wyn and 2 gyngyner and galyngale and gelofre and canel 3 and bray yt wel and kest thereto and alye yt wyth amydoun other wyth flowr of rys.

1 Vide No. 41.

2 Perhaps, in wyn with.

3 Cinamon. Vide Gloss.

xlviii. For to Make an Amendement Formete that Ys to 1 Salt and Over Mychyl.

Nym etemele and bynd yt in a fayr lynnen clowt and lat yt honge in the pot so that yt thowche nozt the bottym and lat it hongy thereynne a god wyle and seþh 2 set yt fro the fyre and let yt kele and yt schal be fresch ynow wythoute any other maner licowr ydo thereto.

1 id est, too.

2 Read, seth, i.e. then.

xlix. For to Make Rapy 1.

Tak Fygys and reysyns and wyn and grynd hem togeder tak and draw hem thorw a cloth and do thereto powder of Alkenet other of rys and do thereto a god quantite of pepir and vyneger and boyle it togeder and messe yt and serve yt forth.

1 Vide Part II. No. 1. 28.

l. For to Make an Egge Dows 1.

Tak Almaundys and mak god mylk and temper wyth god wyneger clene tak reysynys and boyle hem in clene water and tak the reysynis and tak hem owt of the water and boyle hem wyth mylk and zyf thow wyl colowr yt wyth safron and serve yt forth.

1 Vide ad Part II. No. 21. There are no eggs concerned, so no doubt it should be Eger Dows. Vide Gloss.

li. For to Make a Mallard in Cyney 1.

Tak a mallard and pul hym drye and swyng over the fyre draw hym but lat hym touche no water and hew hym in gobettys and do hym in a pot of clene water boyle hem wel and tak onyons and boyle and bred and pepyr and grynd togedere and draw thorw a cloth temper wyth wyn and boyle yt and serve yt forth.

1 See No. 8.

lii. For to Make a Bukkenade 1.

Tak veel and boyle it tak zolkys of eggys and mak hem thykke tak macis and powdre of gyngyner and powder of peper and boyle yt togeder and messe yt forth.

1 Vide No. 45.

liii. For to Make a Roo Broth 1.

Tak Parsile and Ysop and Sauge and hak yt smal boil it in wyn and in water and a lytyl powdre of peper and messe yt forth.

1 Deer or Roes are not mentioned, as in Mr. Brander’s Roll, No. 14, ergo quære. It is a meager business. Can it mean Rue–Broth for penitents?

liv. For to Mak a Bruet of Sarcynesse.

Tak the lyre of the fresch Buf and bet it al in pecis and bred and fry yt in fresch gres tak it up and and drye it and do yt in a vessel wyth wyn and sugur and powdre of clowys boyle yt togedere tyl the flesch have drong the liycoure and take the almande mylk and quibibz macis and clowys and boyle hem togedere tak the flesch and do thereto and messe it forth.

lv. For to Make a Gely 1.

Tak hoggys fet other pyggys other erys other partrichys other chiconys and do hem togedere and serh 2 hem in a pot and do hem in flowre of canel and clowys other or grounde 3 do thereto vineger and tak and do the broth in a clene vessel of al thys and tak the Flesch and kerf yt in smal morselys and do yt therein tak powder of galyngale and cast above and lat yt kels tak bronches of the lorer tre and styk over it and kep yt al so longe as thou wilt and serve yt forth.

1 Jelly.

2 seþ, i. e. seeth.

3 Not clearly expressed. It means either Cinamon or Cloves, and either in flour or ground.

lvi. For to Kepe Venison Fro Restyng.

Tak venisoun wan yt ys newe and cuver it hastely wyth Fern that no wynd may come thereto and wan thou hast ycuver yt wel led yt hom and do yt in a soler that fonne ne wynd may come thereto and dimembre it and do yt in a clene water and lef yt there half a day and after do yt up on herdeles for to drie and wan yt ys drye tak salt and do after thy venisoun axit 1 and do yt boyle in water that yt be other 2 so salt als water of the see and moche more and after lat the water be cold that it be thynne and thanne do thy Venisoun in the water and lat yt be therein thre daies and thre nyzt 3 and after tak yt owt of the water and salt it wyth drie salt ryzt wel in a barel and wan thy barel ys ful cuver it hastely that sunne ne wynd come thereto.

1 as thy venison requires. See Gloss. to Chaucer for axe.

2 Dele.

3 A plural, as in No. 57.

lvii. For to Do Away Restyn 1 of Venisoun.

Tak the Venisoun that ys rest and do yt in cold water and after mak an hole in the herthe and lat yt be thereyn thre dayes and thre nyzt and after tak yt up and spot yt wel wyth gret salt of peite 2 there were the restyng ys and after lat yt hange in reyn water al nyzt or more.

1 Restiness. It should be rather restyng. See below.

2 Pierre, or Petre.

lviii. For to Make Poundorroge 1.

Tak Partrichis wit 2 longe filettis of Pork al raw and hak hem wel smale and bray hem in a morter and wan they be wel brayed do thereto god plente of pouder and zolkys of eyryn and after mak thereof a Farsure formed of the gretnesse of a onyoun and after do it boyle in god breth of Buf other of Pork after lat yt kele and after do it on a broche of Hasel and do them to the fere to roste and after mak god bature of floure and egge on bature wyt and another zelow and do thereto god plente of sugur and tak a fethere or a styk and tak of the bature and peynte thereon above the applyn so that on be wyt and that other zelow wel colourd.

1 Vide No. 42.

2 with.


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