Under Two Flags, by Ouida

Table of Contents

  1. “Beauty of the Brigades.”
  2. The Loose Box, and the Tabagie.
  3. The Soldiers’ Blue Ribbon.
  4. Love a La Mode.
  5. Under the Keeper’s Tree.
  6. The End of a Ringing Run.
  7. After a Richmond Dinner.
  8. A Stag Hunt Au Clair De La Lune.
  9. The Painted Bit.
  10. “Petite Reine.”
  11. For a Woman’s Sake.
  12. The King’s Last Service.
  13. In the Cafe of the Chasseurs.
  14. “De Profundis” Before “Plunging.”
  15. “L’amie Du Drapeau.”
  16. Cigarette En Bacchante.
  17. Under the Houses of Hair.
  18. Cigarette En Bienfaitrice.
  19. The Ivory Squadrons.
  20. Cigarette En Conseil Et Cachette.
  21. Cigarette En Condottiera.
  22. The Mistress of the White King.
  23. The Little Leopard of France.
  24. “Milady Aux Beaux Yeux Bleus.”
  25. “Le Bon Zig.”
  26. Zaraila.
  27. The Love of the Amazon.
  28. The Leathern Zackrist.
  29. By the Bivouac Fire.
  30. Seul Au Monde.
  31. “Je Vous Achete Votre Vie.”
  32. “Venetia.”
  33. The Gift of the Cross.
  34. The Desert Hawk and the Paradise-Bird.
  35. Ordeal by Fire.
  36. The Vengeance of the Little One.
  37. In the Midst of Her Army.
  38. Chapter the Last. At Rest.


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