Signa, by Ouida

Chapter 7.

THERE were thunder and lightning and wild north winds all over land and sea, even to the great plains on either side, the Apennines.

The storm travelled as far as the Valdarno, reaching there by morning, and men watched the rivers, fearing flood again, and farmers thanked the saints that maize harvest and vintage had been safely passed.

Palma, working in the fields for a small wage above upon the slopes, and driven to seek refuge from the violence of the weather, sheltered herself in S. Sebastian’s little church, where the sheep also huddled together out of reach of the rain.

She was not afraid.

She told her beads and said her prayers as the blue lightnings flashed around her, and the winds howled.


“Dear God, keep him safe from harm,” she prayed. “And let Gemma who is with you, where no storms come, watch over him.”

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