Signa, by Ouida

Chapter 24.

DOWN in the Lastra at evening, Momo the barber and Tonino the tinman told the townsfolk how Bruno had threatened his brother’s life for the second time:— beware the third!

“We heard him ourselves. It is worse than Cain!” they said, in the merry little wineshop in the Place of Arms. “He squandered away his bit of land just to keep his boy in lewd living away in the cities; and good Lippo, to do the matter delicately, bought it back, only getting another’s name, not to seem too forward or hurt him too much, and thinking only of saving his brother’s credit, so that it should not pass to a stranger; and when he breaks this to him, so prettily — oh, so prettily! — and offers him love, and good will, and the children to keep him com‐ pany, the brute threatens to brain him; — to brain him with the spade he worked with, and said that the Son of God should have done the same by Iscariot. It is too horrible! Lippo is a saint, else would he bid the guards of the law keep their watch over Bruno. This we heard with our own ears. This we saw with our own eyes.”


And the wineshop echoed, “Worse than Cain!”


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