E. Phillips Oppenheim

Peter Ruff
The Double Four

First published as a collection by Little, Brown & Co., Boston, 1912

Individual stories first published in Pearson’s Magazine, as follows:
Book One: Introducing Mr. Peter Ruff, Oct 1909. Vincent Cawdor, Commission Agent) Nov 1909. The Indiscretion of Letty Shaw, Dec 1909. Delilah From Streatham, Jan 1910. The Little Lady From Servia, Feb 1910. The Demand of The Double-Four, Mar 1910. Mrs. Bognor's Star Boarder, Apr 1910. The Perfidy of Miss Brown, May 1910. Wonderful John Dory, Jun 1910.
Book Two: Recalled by The Double-Four, Jan 1911 (as "The Double Four Recalls Peter Ruff"). The Ambassador's Wife, Feb 1911. The Man From The Old Testament, Mar 1911. The First Shot, Apr 1911. The Seven Suppers of Andrea Korust, May 1911. Major Kosuth's Mission, Jun 1911. The Man Behind The Curtain, Jul 1911. The Ghosts of Havana Harbor, Aug 1911. The Affair of An Alien Society, Sep 1911 (as "An Alien Society"). The Thirteenth Encounter, Oct 1911.

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