English Housewifry

In above Four Hundred and Fifty Receipts,
Giving Directions in most Parts of Cookery;
And how to prepare various Sorts of Soops, Cakes, Made-Dishes, Creams, Pastes, Jellies, Pickles, Made-Wines, &c.
With Cuts for the orderly placing the Dishes and Courses; also Bills of Fare for every Month in the Year; and an alphabetical Index to the Whole.
A Book necessary for Mistresses of Families, higher and lower Women Servants, and confined to Things Useful, Substantial and Splendid, and calculated for the Preservation of Health, and upon the Measures of Frugality, being the Result of thirty Years Practice and Experience.

By Elizabeth Moxon.

With An Appendix Containing, Upwards of Sixty Receipts, of the most valuable Kind, communicated to the Publisher by several Gentlewomen in the Neighbourhood, distinguished by their extraordinary Skill in Housewifry.

First published in 1764.

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