The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs, by William Morris

Table of Contents

Book I. Sigmund.

In this book is told of the earlier days of the Volsungs, and of Sigmund the father of Sigurd, and of his deeds, and of how he died while Sigurd was yet unborn in his mother’s womb.

  1. Of the dwelling of King Volsung, and the wedding of Signy his daughter.
  2. How the Volsungs fared to the Land of the Goths, and of the fall of King Volsung.
  3. Of the ending of all Volsung’s Sons save Sigmund only, and of how he abideth in the wild wood.
  4. Of the birth and fostering of Sinfiotli, Signy’s Son.
  5. Of the slaying of Siggeir the Goth-king.
  6. How Sigmund cometh to the Land of the Volsungs again, and of the death of Sinfiotli his Son.
  7. Of the last battle of King Sigmund, and the death of him.
  8. How King Sigmund the Volsung was laid in mound on the sea-side of the Isle-realm.
  9. How Queen Hiordis is known; and how she abideth in the house of Elf the son of the Helper.

Book II. Regin.

Now this is the first book of the life and death of Sigurd the Volsung, and therein is told of the birth of him, and of his dealings with Regin the master of masters, and of his deeds in the waste places of the Earth.

  1. Of the birth of Sigurd the son of Sigmund.
  2. Sigurd getteth to him the horse that is called Greyfell.
  3. Regin telleth Sigurd of his kindred, and of the Gold that was accursed from ancient days.
  4. Of the forging of the Sword that is called The Wrath of Sigurd.
  5. Of Gripir’s Foretelling.
  6. Sigurd rideth to the Glittering Heath.
  7. Sigurd slayeth Fafnir the Serpent.
  8. Sigurd slayeth Regin the Master of Masters on the Glittering Heath.
  9. How Sigurd took to him the Treasure of the Elf Andvari.
  10. How Sigurd awoke Brynhild upon Hindfell.

Book III. Brynhild.

In this book is told of the deeds of Sigurd, and of his sojourn with the Niblungs, and in the end of how he died.

  1. Of the Dream of Gudrun the Daughter of Giuki.
  2. How the folk of Lymdale met Sigurd the Volsung in the woodland.
  3. How Sigurd met Brynhild in Lymdale.
  4. Of Sigurd’s riding to the Niblungs.
  5. Of Sigurd’s warfaring in the company of the Niblungs, and of his great fame and glory.
  6. Of the Cup of evil drink that Grimhild the Wise-wife gave to Sigurd.
  7. Of the Wedding of Sigurd the Volsung.
  8. Sigurd rideth with the Niblungs, and wooeth Brynhild for King Gunnar.
  9. How Brynhild was wedded to Gunnar the Niblung.
  10. Of the Contention betwixt the Queens.
  11. Gunnar talketh with Brynhild.
  12. Of the exceeding great grief and mourning of Brynhild.
  13. Of the slaying of Sigurd the Volsung.
  14. Of the mighty Grief of Gudrun over Sigurd dead.
  15. Of the passing away of Brynhild.

Book IV. Gudrun.

Herein is told of the days of the Niblungs after they slew Sigurd, and of their woeful need and fall in the house of King Atli.

  1. King Atli wooeth and weddeth Gudrun.
  2. Atli biddeth the Niblungs to him.
  3. How the Niblungs fare to the Land of King Atli.
  4. Atli speaketh with the Niblungs.
  5. Of the Battle in Atli’s Hall.
  6. Of the Slaying of the Niblung Kings.
  7. The Ending of Gudrun.

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