The Story of Grettir the Strong, by William Morris

Proverbs and Proverbial Sayings that Occur in the Story.

A friend should warn a friend of ill, 30

Ale is another man, 55

All must fare when they are fetched, 188

All things bide their day, 218

All will come to an end, 233

Bare is the back of the brotherless, 241

Best to bairn is mother still, 41

Bewail he, who brought the woe, 175

Broad spears are about now, 133

Deeds done will be told of, 224

Even so shall bale be bettered by biding greater bale, 140

For one thing alone will I not be known, 192

From ill cometh ill, 105

Good luck and goodliness are twain, 105

Hand for wont doth yearn, 226

Hottest is the fire that lies on oneself, 176

Ill deed gains ill hap, 188

Ill heed still to ill doth lead, 121

Ill if a thrall is thine only friend, 240

Ill it is ill to be, 165

Ill it is to goad the foolhardy, 30

Let one oak have what from the other it shaves, 67

Little can cope with cunning of eld, 205

Long it takes to try a man, 61

Many a man lies hid within himself, 203

Many a man stretches round the door to the lock, 86

More one knows the more one tries, 30

No man makes himself, 125

Now this, now that has strokes in his garth, 125

Odd haps are worst haps, 37

Oft a listening ear in the holt is anear, 173

Oft fail in wisdom folk of better trust, 32

Old friends are the last to sever, 240

One may be apaid of a man's aid, 44

Overpraised, and first to fail, 132

Sooth is the sage's guess, 92

Swear loud and say little, 266

The lower must lowt, 267

The nigher the call, the further the man, 211

Things boded will happen, so will things unboded, 32

Though the spoon has taken it up, yet the mouth has had no sup, 168

Thralls wreak themselves at once, dastards never, 35

Thrice of yore have all things happed, 262

To the goat-house for wool, 226

With hell's man are dealings ill, 176

Woe is before one's own door when it is inside one's neighbour's, 105

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