The Story of Grettir the Strong, by William Morris

Chap. viii.

Now Onund and Asmund sailed into the sea when they were ready, and held company together; then sang Onund this stave —

"Meet was I in days agone

For storm, wherein the Sweeping One,

Midst rain of swords, and the darts' breath,

Blew o'er all a gale of death.

Now a maimed, one-footed man

On rollers' steed through waters wan

Out to Iceland must I go;

Ah, the skald is sinking low."

They had a hard voyage of it and much of baffling gales from the south, and drove north into the main; but they made Iceland, and were by then come to the north off Longness when they found where they were: so little space there was betwixt them that they spake together; and Asmund said that they had best sail to Islefirth, and thereto they both agreed; then they beat up toward the land, and a south-east wind sprang up; but when Onund and his folk laid the ship close to the wind, the yard was sprung; then they took in sail, and therewith were driven off to sea; but Asmund got under the lee of Brakeisle, and there lay till a fair wind brought him into Islefirth; Helgi the Lean gave him all Kraeklings' lithe, and he dwelt at South Glass-river; Asgrim his brother came out some winters later and abode at North Glass-river; he was the father of Ellida-Grim, the father of Asgrim Ellida-Grimson.

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