The Defence of Guenevere, by William Morris

Table of Contents

The Defence of Guenevere

King Arthur’s Tomb

Sir Galahad, a Christmas Mystery

The Chapel in Lyoness

Sir Peter Harpdon’s End


Concerning Geffray Teste Noire

A Good Knight in Prison

Old Love

The Gilliflower of Gold

Shameful Death

The Eve of Crecy

The Judgment of God

The Little Tower

The Sailing of the Sword


The Wind

The Blue Closet

The Tune of Seven Towers

Golden Wings

The Haystack in the Floods

Two Red Roses Across the Moon

Welland River

Riding Together

Father John’s War-Song

Sir Giles’ War-Song

Near Avalon

Praise of My Lady

Summer Dawn

In Prison

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