The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan, by James Justinian Morier

List of Illustrations

  1. The poet Saadi.
  2. A Bagdad merchant and slave.
  3. The Chaoûsh.
  4. A man in a sheepskin cap.
  5. A horseman (Chaoush) carrying a spear.
  6. Hajji Baba bleeds the Banou.
  7. Aga Mohammed Shah, the Eunuch King of Persia.
  8. A wandering Dervish.
  9. The Poet Hafiz.
  10. A Druggist’s Shop.
  11. A Dervish.
  12. The Bastinado.
  13. The house of the Court Poet.
  14. The Horse-Dealer.
  15. Hajji Baba at the Bath.
  16. “The Shah (Futteh Ali Shah) seated on his throne,” etc.
  17. The Prime Vizier, a little old man.
  18. Zeenab and Hajji Baba.
  19. A type of Persian beauty.
  20. Zeenab.
  21. Okous Aga.
  22. “The charms of being a Pasha’s lady.”
  23. A Lion.
  24. A Musician playing on the Kamouncha.
  25. A Courtier.
  26. The Shah of Persia wearing the Jika
  27. A “Baziger”
  28. A “Baziger”
  29. A Persian horseman completely equipped.
  30. The Chief Executioner.
  31. “One of the old women.”
  32. Armenian Woman, showing the inner and outer veil.
  33. Yusuf’s Mother.
  34. Camels Fighting.
  35. The Khalifa.
  36. The Dead Jew.
  37. Reciting the Koran.
  38. A Boy’s School.
  39. A Hawk upon his perch.
  40. A Persian Wedding.
  41. Mirza Firouz.
  42. Sketch of Captain L— — a French officer of cavalry who deserted from the French Legation and took service in the Persian army.
  43. “Proper dresses should be sent to him.”

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