The Essays of Michel de Montaigne, by Michel de Montaigne

Table of Contents


The Life of Montaigne

The Letters of Montaigne.

The Author to the Reader.

Book the First

  1. That Men by Various Ways Arrive at the Same End.
  2. Of Sorrow
  3. That Our Affections Carry Themselves Beyond Us
  4. That the Soul Expends its Passions Upon False Objects, where the True are Wanting
  5. Whether the Governor of a Place Besieged Ought Himself to Go Out to Parley
  6. That the Hour of Parley Dangerous
  7. That the Intention is Judge of Our Actions
  8. Of Idleness
  9. Of Liars
  10. Of Quick or Slow Speech
  11. Of Prognostications
  12. Of Constancy
  13. The Ceremony of the Interview of Princes
  14. That Men are Justly Punished for Being Obstinate in the Defence of a Fort that is Not in Reason to Be Defended
  15. Of the Punishment of Cowardice
  16. A Proceeding of Some Ambassadors
  17. Of Fear
  18. That Men are Not to Judge of Our Happiness Till After Death.
  19. That to Study Philosopy is to Learn to Die
  20. Of the Force of Imagination
  21. That the Profit of One Man is the Damage of Another
  22. Of Custom, and that We Should Not Easily Change a Law Received
  23. Various Events from the Same Counsel
  24. Of Pedantry
  25. Of the Education of Children
  26. That it is Folly to Measure Truth and Error by Our Own Capacity
  27. Of Friendship
  28. Nine and Twenty Sonnets of Estienne De La Boitie
  29. Of Moderation
  30. Of Cannibals
  31. That a Man is Soberly to Judge of the Divine Ordinances
  32. That We are to Avoid Pleasures, Even at the Expense of Life
  33. That Fortune is Oftentimes Observed to Act by the Rule of Reason
  34. Of One Defect in Our Government
  35. Of the Custom of Wearing Clothes
  36. Of Cato the Younger
  37. That We Laugh and Cry for the Same Thing
  38. Of Solitude
  39. A Consideration Upon Cicero
  40. That the Relish for Good and Evil Depends in Great Measure Upon the Opinion We have of Them
  41. Not to Communicate a Man’s Honour
  42. Of the Inequality Amoungst Us.
  43. Of Sumptuary Laws
  44. Of Sleep
  45. Of the Battle of Dreux
  46. Of Names
  47. Of the Uncertainty of Our Judgment
  48. Of War Horses, or Destriers
  49. Of Ancient Customs
  50. Of Democritus and Heraclitus
  51. Of the Vanity of Words
  52. Of the Parsimony of the Ancients
  53. Of a Saying of Caesar
  54. Of Vain Subtleties
  55. Of Smells
  56. Of Prayers
  57. Of Age

Book the Second

  1. Of the Inconstancy of Our Actions
  2. Of Drunkenness
  3. A Custom of the Isle of Cea
  4. To-Morrow’s a New Day
  5. Of Conscience
  6. Use Makes Perfect
  7. Of Recompenses of Honour
  8. Of the Affection of Fathers to their Children
  9. Of the Arms of the Parthians
  10. Of Books
  11. Of Cruelty
  12. Apology for Raimond Sebond.
  13. Of Judging of the Death of Another
  14. That Our Mind Hinders Itself
  15. That Our Desires are Augmented by Difficulty
  16. Of Glory
  17. Of Presumption
  18. Of Giving the Lie
  19. Of Liberty of Conscience
  20. That We Taste Nothing Pure
  21. Against Idleness
  22. Of Posting
  23. Of ILL Means Employed to a Good End
  24. Of the Roman Grandeur
  25. Not to Counterfeit Being Sick
  26. Of Thumbs
  27. Cowardice the Mother of Cruelty
  28. All Things have their Season
  29. Of Virtue
  30. Of a Monstrous Child
  31. Of Anger
  32. Defence of Seneca and Plutarch
  33. The Story of Spurina
  34. Observation on the Means to Carry on a War According to Julius Caesar
  35. Of Three Good Women
  36. Of the Most Excellent Men
  37. Of the Resemblance of Children to their Fathers

Book the Third

  1. Of Profit and Honesty
  2. Of Repentance
  3. Of Three Commerces
  4. Of Diversion
  5. Upon Some Verses of Virgil
  6. Of Coaches
  7. Of the Inconvenience of Greatness
  8. Of the Art of Conference
  9. Of Vanity
  10. Of Managing the Will
  11. Of Cripples
  12. Of Physiognomy
  13. Of Experience

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