The Ghost Ship, by Richard Middleton

Table of Contents

  1. The Ghost–Ship
  2. A Drama Of Youth
  3. The New Boy
  4. On the Brighton Road
  5. A Tragedy In Little
  6. Shepherd’s Boy
  7. The Passing of Edward
  8. The Story Of A Book
  9. The Bird In The Garden
  10. Children Of The Moon
  11. The Coffin Merchant
  12. The Soul Of A Policeman
  13. The Conjurer
  14. The Poet’s Allegory
  15. And Who Shall Say ——?
  16. The Biography Of A Superman
  17. Blue Blood
  18. Fate And The Artist
  19. The Great Man
  20. A Wet Day

Thanks are due to the Editors of The Century, English Review, Vanity Fair, and The Academy, for permission to reproduce most of the stories in this volume.

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