The Moon Pool, by Abraham Merritt

Table of Contents

  1. The Thing on the Moon Path
  2. “Dead! All Dead!”
  3. The Moon Rock
  4. The First Vanishings
  5. Into the Moon Pool
  6. “The Shining Devil Took Them!”
  7. Larry O’Keefe
  8. Olaf’s Story
  9. A Lost Page of Earth
  10. The Moon Pool
  11. The Flame–Tipped Shadows
  12. The End of the Journey
  13. Yolara, Priestess of the Shining One
  14. The Justice of Lora
  15. The Angry, Whispering Globe
  16. Yolara of Muria vs. the O’Keefe
  17. The Leprechaun
  18. The Amphitheatre of Jet
  19. The Madness of Olaf
  20. The Tempting of Larry
  21. Larry’s Defiance
  22. The Casting of the Shadow
  23. Dragon Worm and Moss Death
  24. The Crimson Sea
  25. The Three Silent Ones
  26. The Wooing of Lakla
  27. The Coming of Yolara
  28. In the Lair of the Dweller
  29. The Shaping of the Shining One
  30. The Building of the Moon Pool
  31. Larry and the Frog–Men
  32. “Your Love; Your Lives; Your Souls!”
  33. The Meeting of Titans
  34. The Coming of the Shining One
  35. “Larry — Farewell!”

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